Amy’s Notebook 03.13.19


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Who knew you could achieve this stone texture with just a can of spray paint!

I think we should be talking about this more.

I needed a reminder to add this ingredient back into my laundry routine.

There is so much eye-candy in this Airstream tour.

Are you addicted to doing?

A perfect shirt for Spring.

We also need to be talking about this.

What a fun kid’s bedroom makeover. I’m wowed!

How I ditched my phone and unbroke my brain. This was compelling!

What a beautiful story. Gosh, we never know how we will touch people in our life.


I love seeing clever design and this smart dining table design wowed me. You’ll love the tiny house tour!

Oh, I love cheap beauty hacks like these.

Why self-checkout has always been and always will be the worst.

Halfway through this book and loving it!

These are such clever ways to customize a bookcase.

I’m all over this recipe idea.

Using Botox or considering it? Be sure to read this piece.

I‘m reading this with my husband this month. We know we can do better!


How adorable are these St. Patrick’s Day cupcake toppers?

10 habits of people who never have clutter. And these people…would not be me so I needed that.

The people who eat the same thing every day.

I’m going to have to try this unusual coffee brewing technique.

How to be less annoyed by the little things. I *may* have needed that reminder.

This system is really broken.

This is on my diy bucket list.

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