Amy’s Notebook 02.11.15

spring classics

Source: Kendi Everyday

10 spring wardrobe must-haves.

Amazon’s 100 books to read in a lifetime – how many have you read?

The state of the capsule wardrobe– love this update.

We’ve become so rich that we have forgotten something that is well within living memory: Americans used to have much, much less.

Yes, that’s just the pet lion in the swimming pool.

Braverman forever.

Recommendations for Serial’s next case.

YA writers on their favorite book for adults.

The secrets of highly efficient napping.

15 apps everyone should have in their phone.

Bring on ALL the ballerinas.

Tortilla pizza

Source: Serious Eats


Cast Iron + Tortilla equals pizza magic.

Vidal for President.

Just a little reminder what your kids really want– hat tip to Centsational Girl!

33 things to eliminate from your closet.

3 noticeable results from getting rid of stuff.

30-Day Minimalism Challenge– anyone want to try this?

Can’t wait to participate in Dine & Dish’s traveling book club!

The internet and television have finally converged.

A photographer makes the most of a small studio at the Sundance Film Festival.


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