Amy’s Notebook 02.04.15

crochet lace cowl via More Stomach

Source: More Stomach


Oh, how I wish I could crochet this Broomstick Lace Infinity Cowl– beautiful!

Perfectly styled lob tutorial.

Read great books literature challenge– are you in?

The meteorology of Little House on the Prairie is fascinating stuff!

Love these perfectly simple printable gluten free pantry labels.

How to simplify your life in 5 minutes a day.

Broiled Salmon With Vegetable Quinoa looks like a healthy weeknight meal.

Inspiring article: how 2014 finally made me a minimalist.

100 sq.ft living room via West Elm Blog

Source: West Elm Blog


A 100 sq.ft. living room– this is fantastic small space design.

This breakfast sandwich looks so good!

Such great travel wardrobe inspiration.

A trick for choosing wine.

Facts about awards shows you’d only know if you were invited.

A 20-minute bedroom refresh.

I want a birthday talent show next year!

6 lies that keep our homes & lives cluttered. Best quote: “You can’t organize excess.”

When you are a cozy minimalist.


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