Amy’s Notebook 01.13.16

Knitting Station via Whipperberry

Source: Whipperberry


What a cozy knitting station!

Easy homemade ramen– this looks so good.

Take a 30-day capsule wardrobe challenge!

A round-up of reading challenges for 2016.

3 ways to be more grateful in the new year.

The foolproof way to roast any vegetable.

I just joined this feminist book club. I can’t wait to see the selections!

Colorful Stairs via Design Mom

Source: Design Mom


I love a home with unexpected color.

5 steps to inspire kids to love books more than screens.

Why Making a Murderer is more important than church.

It doesn’t matter whether Steven Avery did it…compelling piece.

8 ways to wear a gingham button up.

Inspiring ways to develop a better morning routine.

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