Amy’s Notebook 01.06.16

Read more this year via Modern Mrs. Darcy

Source: Modern Mrs. Darcy


Seven simple ways to read more this year.

Oh, this cowl is gorgeous!

The joy of experiences over things. YES.

The joy of choosing one word for the year. Do you have one?

The best pieces of culture we watched, read and listened to in 2015. Be sure to read the comments for more ideas!

Don’t forget to give thanks.

A big bow DIY with no sewing required!

2016 Goals via Elise Blaha

Source: Elise Blaha


Inspiring goals for a new year.

How to read an entire book in a single day.

Have a plain brown paper package? Here’s a few ideas how to dress it up!

Why not try a 30-day shop your closet challenge to try out a capsule wardrobe? So smart!

13 best Google Chrome life hacks.

Snowfall crochet mittens – what a cozy design!

Top 10 mistakes we make when grocery shopping – and how to fix them.

10 ways your freezer can make everyday cooking easier.

I hope you enjoyed our notebook, a collection of gathered links to DIY crafts, food projects, thrifty ways to spruce up your home, and thoughtful reads. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration!

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