Amy’s Notebook 01.06.10

My daughter would love these magnetic paper dolls (@ One Pearl Button)

These cheddar puffs look delicious (@ The Pioneer Woman)

I love this tip for washing baseball caps in the dishwasher (@ Daily Danny)

These homemade McDonald’s McSnack Wraps look like a yummy snack (@ Cooking During Stolen Moments)

I am bookmarking this eggnog cheesecake with Oreo crust for next year (@ Cookie Madness)

I love ideas for creatively recycling those Christmas cards (@ the long thread)

This broccoli & three cheese lasagna looks like a delicious weeknight supper (@ Feels Like Home)

This magnet board is so cute (@ Twice Remembered)

These Italian Chicken Melts look yummy (@ eat at home)

I want to try this recipe for baked potato soup (@ goodLife {eats})

This baked oatmeal sounds like a delicious breakfast (@ Serious Eats)

This stacked wood fireplace is genius (@ Small Notebook)

This idea for how to declutter your home is a fantastic way to approach home organization (@ The Finer Things in Life)

This DIY coffee stencil would definitely make my hubby’s morning…if only he drank coffee! (@ How about orange, hat tip to Frugal Upstate for this one)

I love this DIY burlap wreath as a way to decorate the house (@ Where the Heart Is)

I have always wanted to try making my own laundry soap (@ Pepper Paints)

This is a great tutorial on how to make your own fire starters (@ Wisdom of the Moon)

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