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I love this creative hack for an essential oil diffuser for your car.

Speaking of those, this is my new favorite oil roller for bedtime.

10 podcasts to help you go after your 2019 goals.

Here are a few thoughtful tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets.

These are the buzziest wellness trends predicted for 2019. I can get behind a few of these, for sure!


I’m digging these organizing hacks for your home.

This was really good organizing advice too.

I always like taking a peek at everyone’s favorite book lists. Did you catch mine too?

Speaking of books, this one looks like a good one to start the new year with.


This spinach and white bean meatball soup looks like a winning soup combo to me.

This is one shopping event I try to peek at every year. You can’t beat an additional 40% off for gifts.

I’m adoring this audiobook right now while I have been taking down our holiday decorations.

I had not thought of how these cashless systems will impact people of color.

The reason the ultrarich are unsatisfied with their wealth. REALLY insightful!

30 things to read and watch this year. Bookmarking this list for myself!

I love working out at home so I’m bookmarking these workout streaming options.

Here is what a Dry January can do for you.


This is on my cleaning to-do list and I had never thought of using one of these for that purpose!

10 ingredients to always have on hand in your kitchen. Such a great little arsenal for weeknight meals.

4 foolproof ways to tame your inbox this year!

This hack for creating a woven piece for your wall is genius.

Love the home you live in– a beautiful reminder!

Wouldn’t a set of these make a sweet baby shower gift?

Detox your home with this printable calendar.

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