A Round-Up of Homemade Hostess Gifts

I love to give hostess gifts because they don’t cost very much at all, but can say a lot about who you are and the person you are giving it to. In my opinion, giving a homemade gift shows that you care enough about that person that you would devote time towards making something special just for them. The best part about the homemade gift is that you can make it very inexpensively, but leave a lasting message for your recipient.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite hostess gifts to give for the holiday season from our website…

A jar of pumpkin butter with some buttery bread machine rolls.

A snowflake knitted dishcloth with a personalized family tag.

A coffee cup or waffle-weave dishcloth with a bottle of hand soap tied with a little raffia.

A knitted or no-sew scarf with a repurposed container housing some homemade vanilla chai tea or other great drink mix.

A batch of ready-to-bake homemade cinnamon rolls to make your host’s morning brighter.

A set of bubbly magnets in a creatively wrapped Altoid tin.

A fresh batch of Oreo Biscotti in a pretty coffee mug.

A mix of your favorite holiday music wrapped creatively in your family holiday picture.

A can of sugar & spice nuts– the perfect holiday treat.

A batch of vanilla scented granola in a thrifted jar.

Easy and delicious quick breads pulled from your freezer.

A small box filled with Christmas goodies– don’t forget some holiday-esque sugar cookies!

A jar of homemade hot cocoa mix tied with some festive ribbon.

A jar of fancy candy cane bath salts tied with a candy-cane striped bow.

What will you be giving as a hostess gift this holiday season? Feel free to share your links to recipes and ideas!

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