100 days of summer: homemade fudgesicles & key lime ice cream

It was another fun week of summer fun at the Clark house, although we didn’t get to many of our planned activities this week. The kids finished up their last week of swim lessons and we did a fun pirate-themed VBS at our church. Our children are so blessed to have such a fun church and VBS was stellar this year with tons of crafts and activities for the kids to do. We collapsed every night after swim lessons and a jam-packed evening of VBS activities.

I managed to squeeze in a Father’s Day date with my hubby, two birthday parties, a trip to a bounce house, attended a musical, had a slurpee celebration for finishing our swim lessons, two days at the pool, and one ice cream excursion. No wonder we didn’t have time for crafting this week!

For a fun Friday night treat this week, I made homemade fudgesicles for a fun way to finish off our pizza night together. These fudgesicles, from Smitten Kitchen,  were so creamy, rich, and delicious made with such a seemingly small amount of cocoa and chocolate chips, that you really can’t believe how rich the flavor is.  I doubled the recipe, but quickly realized that I did not need to double this for the amount of popsicle holders that we had. This makes a ton of popsicles and we still have another tray in the freezer for another weeknight treat.  My husband said they were just as good as the store-bought variety and I loved them even more.

Proving that I will gain a million pounds over the summer, I made this key lime ice cream from goodLife{eats}, guest posted by Jamie from My Baking Addiction and let me tell you,… it is perhaps one of the best bowls of homemade ice cream I have ever eaten. I decided to play with the recipe a little and used fat-free sweetened condensed milk, the zest from a lime, and regular lime juice since key lime juice proves to not be plentiful in my Midwestern store.  I find my father-in-law is the kind of guy that I want to work really hard to impress and I think our dinner, this dessert, and my present this year offered a triple wow factor that I will never be able to replicate again!


Stumped for ideas this summer? Have no fear! I have you covered this year with our 100 Days of Summer Pinterest Board.  There are 100 ideas for crafting, eating, and creating with your children of all ages.  We promise to keep it carefree on Tuesdays and share what we tackle through our mobile uploads and you can even follow our adventures in real time through Instagram or on Twitter(my name is momadvice).

Our family is on the move and we want you to be on the move too.

Do something cool together this week.

Your kids will love you for it.

What did you tackle this week from your summer list?

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