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Money & Finances
Articles: Money & Finances

Articles: Money & Finances

  • Smart Strategies for Saving Time & Money When Flying

    A few tips to help you save time and money on your next flight. These are my tried and true strategies that I employ each time I fly and I hope they will help you on your next trip.

  • Planning a Staycation

    Planning a truly great staycation takes a lot of creativity and enthusiasm. We have enjoyed many wonderful staycations and I would love to share with you some of the ways our family vacations on a budget.

  • The No-Spend Experiment

    The first step towards financial security is to reduce your expenses. Have you ever thought of trying to eliminate all unnecessary spending? We’re giving it a try and have some tips on those who want to join us.

  • Goodbye, Old Friend: Asking Jealousy to Leave

    I pull into the parking lot and park my beat-up car between a Hummer & a Mercedes. I let out a sigh and turn behind me to find him sitting in the backseat between my two children. “You can leave now. You aren’t wanted here,” I say.

  • Budget-Minded Easter Celebrations

    Easter is one of the holidays where you just don’t need to spend a bundle to have a memorable celebration. Take a few hints from us and learn how to have a budget-minded Easter celebration, while celebrating the holiday in style.

  • Scary Deals on Halloween Costumes

    Halloween strikes a fearful chord in a frugal mom’s heart. Here are a few tips for saving cash on all of your Halloween finery, while still looking like you spent a scary amount of cash.

  • Happy Homemaking the Homemade Way

    Making cleaners does not mean that you need to purchase a ton of items; in fact, most cleaners can be made from things you already have in your house. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Milking the Milk Budget

    As if we weren’t gouged enough by the rising gas prices, we are now enduring a huge hike in our milk prices too. With some minor changes, you can free up money in your grocery budget and still have plenty of milk to drink in your house.

  • The Amazing Dishwasher

    There is an urban legend out there that says that washing dishes by hand is cheaper than washing them in the dishwasher. You actually waste less water by using your dishwasher, which makes the dishwasher a great addition to a frugal house.

  • The Benefits of Line Drying Your Clothing

    With a simple clothesline and some clothespins, you can save your family money and achieve the scent that every detergent company is trying to capture.

  • Frugal Valentine's Day

    What is not to love about Valentine's Day? It’s a time to show people how much we love them by throwing expensive gifts at them. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a few ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget.

  • Winterizing Your Home

    For a frugal person, the important thing during winter is figuring out how to prepare your home for the cool season and keep the most money in your pocket. Here's a few ways to prepare your home for winter

  • Driving to Savings

    Guest author, Jeffrey Strain, shares his ideas for savings when purchasing your car and also how to keep the savings low when you are on the road with it.

  • Say Bah, Humbug! To Holiday Debt

    Avoid the post holiday blues by learning tips and tricks to reign in your holiday spending. Get smart advice directly from the Vice President of American Credit Foundation.

  • The Prescription Lowdown

    Prescription medication is an expense that many families cannot afford. If you do not have an insurance plan that will cover your prescriptions and are a low-income family, then you are not alone. Fortunately there are programs available to assist you.

  • Going Without Health Insurance

    You never realize the importance of your health insurance until you have lost it. Learn what steps you can take to insure yourself when you suffer from the loss of health insurance.

  • Hosting a Successful Garage Sale

    Hosting a garage sale is a great solution for ridding yourself of clutter and making some extra money. To have an effective, efficient, and successful garage sale, it takes some preparation and basic know-how. We'll cover the basics for a successful sale.

  • Escaping the Two-Income Trap

    Guest author, Greg Moore, explains how we can escape the trap that is being set for us in his article on escaping the two-income trap. Greg explains the reason why mom does not have to work and how to create a safety net for your family and your finances.

  • Budgeting Basics

    We all know the key to good financial planning starts with creating a budget. In this article, certified accountant Beth Miller shows us how easy it can be.

  • Wholesale Club Shopping

    If you buy in bigger quantities, are you getting a better deal? And which wholesale club offers the best deals on the items you need? Take a glimpse into the world of wholesale club shopping.

  • Memoirs of a Born Again Bargain Shopper

    Guest author, Teri Murray, has learned a whole new style of shopping since she is now a woman on a budget. Read her humorous and informative article on shopping on a budget.

  • Getting Out of Debt

    Thousands of people are swallowed up by their debts. This helpful article dishes up ideas for ways to recover from debt and helpful pointers on how to avoid the pitfalls in the future.

  • Decorating on a Budget

    Don't skimp on style just because you are on a budget. There are loads of television shows out there to cater to the budget-minded and our article offers even more ideas for accomplishing a beautiful home with very little money.

  • Saving on Utilities

    It is hard to believe that you can save money on your utilities, but with a few of our money-saving tips, you can cut down on your utility bills with very little effort and put that money towards something more fun.

  • Making Your Own Cleaners

    Grocery shopping is one of the easiest ways to cut down on your budget. In fact, many people don't even budget for grocery shopping. Learn how to cut coupons and use them, menu-plan, and other secrets to saving money at the grocery store.

  • Grocery Shopping

    Grocery shopping is one of the easiest ways to cut down on your budget. In fact, many people don't even budget for grocery shopping. Learn how to cut coupons and use them, menu-plan, and other secrets to saving money at the grocery store.