The Best Daily Kindle Book Deals

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The Best Daily Kindle  Book Deals

Check out the October Book of the Month Club Selections:

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

Magic Lessons by Alice Hoffman

The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle

Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

Friday Steals

The Keepers of the House, $2.99

Once We Were Sisters, $4.99

Becoming Nicole, $2.99

The American Plague,  $2.99

Phenomenal Woman, $4.99

The Expatriates, $5.99

How to Cook Everything Christmas, $1.99

The Women in the Castle, $2.99

When You Disappeared, $1.99

The Lone Ranger & Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, $2.99

Hallelujah Anyway, $4.99

The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, $4.49 (get this one- so good!)

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, FREE with Prime!! (perfect for an escape right now)

The Midwife’s Confession, $2.99  (I enjoyed this one a lot)

American Fire, $2.99 (we read this for the MomAdvice Book Club!)

The Girls in the Garden, $1.99

Chances Are, $1.99

All That Remains, $1.99

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Thursday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

This Secret Thing, $4.99

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, $1.99 (adored this one!)

Bear Necessity, $1.99

The Plague, $1.99

The Modern Organic Home, $1.99

Seed to Harvest (entire series), $2.99

Mr. Fox, $1.99

The Children, $1.99

Rocket Boys, $2.99

All Things Cease to Appear, $4.99 (this is really good- perfect for Halloween)

The White Album, $2.99

Coraline, $2.99

Tidy the F- Up, $1.99

Minor Drama & Other Catastrophes, $2.99

Mirror Work, $1.99

Before the Crown, $.99

Lost Souls at the Neptune Inn, $2.99

Opium & Absinthe, $2.99

What You Need to Know About Voting & Why, $2.99

Unfollow Me, $1.99

Daughter from the Dark, $2.99

Tuesday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

Romance Deal Day

Regretting You, FREE with Prime!

The Bonesetter’s Daughter, $1.99

Inspection, $2.99

Rooms, $1.99 (this was a good one)

I Thought It Was Just Me (But it Isn’t), $5.99

The Great Believers, $4.99

Problem Child, $1.99

Small Wonder, $5.99

Night Film, $2.99 (absolutely loved this- it’s a fun one on your iPad)

Moriarty, $4.99

Everything Here is Beautiful, $4.99 (this was so good)

The Editor, $1.99

Horror Stories, $4.99

The Bright Lands, $2.99 (just finished this- fyi, it is graphic)

The Princess Diarist, $1.99

My Dear Hamilton, $2.99

Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M., $1.99

The Summer Wives, $3.99

Monday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

The Case of the Missing Marquess, $2.99

Bangkok Wakes to Rain, $1.99

The Guinevere Deception, $1.99

One Night Gone, $1.99

A Boy & His Dog at the End of the World, $4.99

The Obsidian Tower, $2.99

Idaho, $1.99

The Trauma Cleaner, $2.99

Fake Like Me, $2.99

House of Spines, $.99

The Wild Robot, $1.99

Beautiful Day, $3.99

Bluebird Bluebird, $4.99

Me & Patsy, $3.99

Healing Back Pain, $2.99 (I have heard such good things about this book!)

Ghost Boys, $1.99

The Invitation, $2.99

Cook Like a Pro, $4.99

The Bean Trees, $1.99

If the Creek Don’t Rise, $1.99

Creatures, $1.99

The Selection, FREE with Prime!!

The Butterfly Garden, FREE with Prime!!

I See You, FREE with Prime!!

Sunday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

Broken People, $2.99

The Lending Library, $1.99

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, $3.99

Mexican Gothic, $2.99 (amazing-perfect for Halloween. get this!)

Minor Drama & Other Catastrophes, $2.99

Not Forgetting the Whale, $1.99

The Editor, $1.99

Fake Like Me, $2.99

Playing Nice, $2.99

Utopia Avenue, $2.99

The Book of Lost Friends, $2.99

Dear Edward, $2.99 (this is the sweetest)

Pretty Things, $2.99

The Most Fun We Ever Had, $4.99

Lock Every Door, $1.99

The Great Believers, $4.99 (this is phenomenal)

The Water Dancer, $3.99

The Girl With The Louding Voice, $2.99

Apeirogon, $2.99

The Light We Lost, $2.99 (this is gorgeous)

The Immortalists, $1.99 (loved this one)

Don’t Let It Go, $1.99

The Kite Runner, $1.99

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, $1.99

Women, Race, & Class, $2.99

The Absolutist, $4.99

This Little Family, $4.99


Saturday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

Girl, Woman, Other, $2.24

The Kingdom of Back, $2.99

The Boatman’s Daughter, $2.99

How to Save a Life, $1.99 (loved this one)

The Last Year of the War, $1.99

Everything Here is Under Control, $1.99

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, $1.99

Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing, $4.99

Verity, $4.99

Outlander, $5.99

Some Luck, $1.99

Heartless, $2.99

The Testaments, $2.99

A Kind of Freedom, $1.99

The Color of Air, $2.99

When We Were Brave, $3.99

Don’t Overthink It, $1.99

Toil & Trouble, $2.99

The Wicker King, $2.99

Adequate Yearly Progress, $1.99

True Crime Addict, $2.99

Friday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

The Girl With No Names, $2.99

The Life She Was Given, $1.99

Not My Father’s Son, $2.99

The Hidden People, $2.99

The Editor, $1.99

The Minimalist Home, $1.99

The Life-Changing Manga Magic of Tidying Up, $1.99

The Imperfects, $2.99

The One-in-a-Million Boy, $2.99

The Black Witch, $2.99

Rebecca, $4.99

The Hunger, $2.99

The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs, $2.99

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, FREE with Prime!! (get this one!!)

The Murmur of Bees, $1.99

Seven Days of Us, $5.99

Mindy Kaling Short Stories Series, FREE with Prime!!

No Ashes in the Fire, $2.99

Mother of Black Hollywood, $1.99

The Lost History of Dreams, $1.99 (I am reading this right now and it is perfect for Halloween- spooky not scary!)

Thursday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

How to Do Nothing, $1.99

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, $4.99

Long Bright River, $4.99

City of Girls, $4.99

Everything I Never Told You, $4.99 (this one is so good)

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, $2.99

An Untamed State, $2.99

In Cold Blood, $1.99

Evvie Drake Starts Over, $4.99

Pretty Little Things, $4.99

It’s Not All Downhill From Here, $4.99

Jesus Land, $2.99

What Lies Between Us, $3.99

The Water Dancer, $4.99

Daisy Jones & the Six, $4.99 (loved this one!!)

The Unwinding of the Miracle, $5.49

Next Year in Havana, $4.99

Fleishman is in Trouble, $4.99

Code Name Helene, $4.99

The Proposal, $3.99

The Last Flight, $1.99

The Book of Lost & Found, $1.99

The Girl in White Gloves, $1.99

The Invitation, $1.99

Lock Every Door, $1.99

Tuesday Steals

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NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

The Silent Patient, $4.99

Where the Forest Meets the Stars, FREE with Prime!! (get this- it is beautiful)

The Only Woman in the World, $2.24

My Dear Hamilton, $3.99

The Last Flight, $2.99 (this thriller is phenomenal!!)

The Summer Wives, $3.99

A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians, $3.99

Lady Clementine, $2.24

The Storyteller’s Secret, $1.99 (this is amazing)

Me & White Supremacy, FREE with Prime!!

Chasing Cupcakes, $1.99

Hidden Figures, $3.99

Instant Loss, $3.99

Lilac Girls, $4.99

Evvie Drake Starts Over, $4.99

Present Over Perfect, $2.99

Long Way Gone, $2.99

The Joy of Missing Out, $1.99

Jane Steele, $4.99

The Last Year of the War, $1.99

Moti on the Water, $3.99

Notorious RBG, $2.99

How Could She, $5.49

Wild, $3.99

Very Nice, $5.99 (I liked this one)

The Most Fun We Ever Had, $4.99

Pretty Things, $4.99

The Editor, $1.99

The Churchill Woman, $2.99

Faith, $2.99 (this is a beautiful read)

The Ensemble, $1.99

Thursday Steals

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A Simple Favor, $2.99

I’m Fine & Neither Are You, $1.99

The Fresh & Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook, $4.99

Golden State, $2.99

Annihilation, $2.99

Delicate Edible Birds, $2.99

Love for Imperfect Things, $4.99

Hoda, $1.99

The Master, $1.99

Universal Harvester, $2.99

Edibles, $2.99

Loving Vs. Virgina,$2.99

Quicksand, $3.99

Three Floors Up, $3.99

The Hotel Neversink, $2.99

The Lonesome Bodybuilder, $1.99

When You Find Me, $1.99

The Menendez Murders, $2.99

Regretting You (Paperback!!), $6.99

The Pursuit of William Abbey, $2.99

The Ballad of Black Tom,$2.99

The Clockwork Boys, $1.99

Before the Crown, $.99

The Psychology of Time Travel, $1.99

In Pillness & In Health, $1.99

Orphan X, $2.99

Wednesday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

Minor Drama & Other Catastrophes, $2.99 (I liked this one!)

Chosen Ones, $3.99

Carnegie’s Maid, $2.99

Girl, Woman, Other, $2.99

A Woman Alone, $2.99

The Murmur of Bees, $1.99

How to Save a Life, $1.99 (this is really cute)

How to Be a Happier Parent, $4.99

The Wicker King, $2.99

The Boatman’s Daughter, $2.99

The Pull of the Stars, $3.99 (this is excellent about a past pandemic)

Beheld, $1.99

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, $5.99

The Year of Cozy, $4.99

Where’d You Go, Bernadette, $2.99

Unfollow Me, $1.99 (I got this one)

Broken People, $3.99

The Driver, $1.99

Sway, $1.99

Faith Taking Flight, $1.99

Wildland, $1.99 (I got this one too)

Tuesday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

A Boy & His Dog at the End of the World, $4.99

Down & Across, $3.49

Boomtown, $2.99

Where the Forest Meets the Stars, FREE with Prime!! (this is soooo good)

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, FREE with Prime!! (I loved this one!)

The Selection, FREE with Prime!!

I’m Not Dying With You Tonight, FREE with Prime!!

Regretting You, FREE with Prime!!

If You Tell, FREE with Prime!!

In Order to Live, $1.99

The Myth of the American Dream, $1.99

I Like to Watch, $4.99

Why Not Me, $2.99

The Most Fun We Ever Had, $4.99

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, $1.99

Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, $4.99

The Poison Thread, $4.99

Fellside, $1.99

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, $1.99

The Toll, $2.99

The Matchmaker’s List, $5.99

Astonish Me, $5.99 (I loved this one)

Girl Underwater, $4.99

Take Me Apart, $2.99

One Mountain Away, $1.99

The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon, $.99

Monday Steals

NEW- Get TWO free Kindle First Reads for October

Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes, $2.99

Time After Time, $1.99

Wunderland, $1.99 (I bought this)

The Book of Koli, $4.99

The Last Wife, $1.99

The One-in-a-Million Boy, $2.99 (this is excellent)

Lies, Lies, Lies, $3.99

The Bone Ships, $2.99

Adrift, $1.99

Crushing It, $1.99 (I bought this)

Joy at Work, $2.99

The Borrowers, $1.99

Greenglass House, $1.99

The Miniaturist, $3.99

The Iron King, $2.99

In the Valley of the Sun, $1.99

Dinner With Edward, $1.99

Jo & Laurie, $2.99

Adequate Yearly Progress, $1.99 

The Lost History of Dreams, $1.99

Fake Like Me, $2.99

Lost Souls at the Neptune Inn, $2.99

Orphan X, $2.99

The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs, $2.99

Toll & Trouble, $2.99

The Mere Wife, $2.99

The Wicker King, $2.99

True Crime Addict, $2.99

The Trauma Cleaner, $2.99

Good Me Bad Me, $2.99

The Family Plot, $2.99

Halloween Party, $2.99

The Grown-Ups Guide to Teenage Humans, $2.99

Thanks, Obama, $3.99

Driving Miss Norma, $2.99

Queen of the North, $.99

The Other Slavery, $2.99

Black Sunday, $1.99

Seven Days of Us, $5.99 (loved this- it is about a family that has to quarantine together)

The Rules Do Not Apply, $5.99

Too Much is Not Enough, $1.99

The Wilder Life, $4.99

Golden Child, $5.99

Lights All Night Long, $4.99 (this is exquisite) 

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, $2.99

The Ensemble, $1.99 (I got this one)

The Girls in the Picture, $5.99

Lock Every Door, $1.99

The Princess Diarist, $1.99

The Testaments, $2.99

Let Me Lie, $1.99

In Cold Blood, $1.99

The Editor, $1.99

Heartless, $2.99

The Proposal, $4.99

Girl, Woman, Other, $2.99

The Wicked Deep, $1.99

Pumpkinheads, $2.99

The Last Year of the War, $1.99

The Imperfects, $2.99

Trust Exercise, $2.99 (I thought this one was just okay)

Bitter Orange, $2.99

War Girls, $2.99

The Lost Girls of Paris, $2.99

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes, $2.99

Troublemaker, $1.99

Everything Here is Under Control, $1.99

Harry’s Trees, $2.99

The Hunger, $2.99 (we read this for our book club- it would be a good Halloween pick)

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