The Best Daily Kindle Book Deals

If you are looking for the best daily Kindle deals, I have you covered. This ebook deals page will be updated daily with the best book picks of the day. Be sure to bookmark this page to check back daily. I try to only share the best Amazon Kindle book offerings for you and your family!

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The Best Daily Kindle  Book Deals

Friday Steals

The Good Neighbors, $2.99

Life of Pi, free with Prime!!

This Won’t End Well, $3.99 (pre-order- I gave it 5-stars!!)

A Happy Catastrophe, $4.99 (pre-order)

Cleo McDougall Regrets Nothing, $3.99 (pre-order)

You Can’t Catch Me, $4.99 (pre-order)

Brave Girl, Quiet Girl, $4.99 (pre-order)

The Keepers of the House, free with Prime!!

Annabel, $1.99 (this one is incredible!!)

This Lovely Life, $1.99

Every Heart Has a Doorway, FREE!!

Down Among Sticks & Bones, $2.99

Under Rose-Tainted Skies, $2.99

The Defender, $2.99

The Problem With Forever, $4.99

The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, $3.49 (love, love, love!!)

Dorothy Must Die, $1.99

A Madness So Discreet, $1.99

The Kiss Quotient, $1.99

Thursday Steals

The Chalk Artist, $1.99

The Super Easy Vegan, $.99

Fatigue, free with Prime!!

Everything You Are, $1.99

Under the Water, $1.99

Snow, Glass, Apples, $2.99

Chase Darkness With Me, $1.99

Brilliant Burnout, $.99

Enchante, $2.99

The Storyteller’s Secret, $1.99 (made my top ten list!)

Honor Among Thieves, $1.99

Dear Diary Boy, $1.99

As You Wish, $1.99

The Annotated Little Women, $2.99

Light of Paris, $4.99

With Love From the Inside, $4.99

Smitten Kitchen Every Day, $.99

The Weight of Lies, $1.99

Wednesday Steals

I Can Be a Better You, $3.99

Mission Flats, $1.99

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, $1.99

The Turquoise Table, $2.99

Keto Slow Cooker & One Pot Meals, $2.99

Alex & Eliza, $1.99

A Princess in Theory, $1.99

Two Steps Forward, $1.99

The Star Side of Bird Hill, $5.99

Eagle & Crane, $5.99

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, free with Prime!! (LOVED THIS ONE!)

The Paris Wedding, $1.99

Ramona Blue, $5.99

True Letters from a Fictional Life, $3.99

Modern Romance, $4.99

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?, $2.82

Tuesday Steals

Meet Me in Monaco, $2.99

The Twelve-Mile Straight, $1.99

Filter This, $.99

The Invisibles, $1.99

Girl in the Dark, $4.99

More Than Just Mom, $.99

The Animators, $4.99 (this one is AMAZING!)

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, $4.99

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, $4.99

The Paris Wife, $2.99

The Keeper of Lost Things, $1.99

Late Bloomers’ Club, $4.99

How to Stop Time, $4.99

Waiting for Eden, $4.99 (this one is incredibly powerful)

From the Corner of the Oval, $4.99

The Gone World, $4.99

Gateway to the Moon, $4.99

This is How You Lose Her, $4.99

Songs of Willow Frost, $1.99

Before She Knew Him, $1.99

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook, $1.99

Love & Other Consolation Prizes, $4.99

Monday Steals

The Invention of Wings, $1.99

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, $4.99 (I enjoyed this one!)

The Good Son, $4.99

The Last Time I Lied, $1.99

Upstream, $4.99

Other People’s Houses, $1.99 (this was really good!)

The Immortalists, $1.99 (I LOVED this one!)

I Let You Go, $1.99 (this one is incredible!)

The Sea of Tranquility, $3.99 (one of my faves!)

The Good Girl, free with Prime!! (SO good!!)

Hand to Mouth, $4.99

Sicker, Fatter, Poorer, $2.99

Women With Money, $1.99 (this one is great!)

The Girl Who Chased the Moon, $1.99

The House of the Spirits, $1.99

The Waiting Room, free with Prime!! (I thought this was so good!)

Where the Forest Meets the Stars, free with Prime!! (READ THIS!!)

The Great Pretender, $3.99 (can’t believe this is already on sale- I chose it for my Book of the Month)

The Wrong End of the Table, $1.99

When the Cypress Whispers, $1.99

The Beast Side, $1.99

Friday Steals

Right Next Door, $4.99

A Friend of the Family, $1.99

Taking the Work Out of Networking, $1.99

The Benefits of Being an Octopus, $1.99

The Elephant in the Room, $1.99

Kitty Genovese, $1.99

The Tubman Command, $1.99

Fear Less & Free, $3.99

Start Now, Get Perfect Later, $1.99

Distress Signals, $.99

My Coney Island Baby, $1.99

Still Me (Book 3), $1.99

Eye of the Needle, $1.99

Young Jane Young, $5.39

More Than Human, $2.99

Dinner In An Instant, $4.99

Wednesday Steals

They Both Die at the End, $2.99

Leaders Eat Last, $1.99

What If It’s Us, $2.99 (YES! SOOOO GOOD!)

The Incendiaries, $4.99

An American Marriage, $1.99 (this one is phenomenal)

The Dry, $2.99 (this one is good!)

Red White Blue, $5.99

Blood Orange, $2.99

The Hunting Party, $1.99

The Woman in the Dark, $1.99

One More Lie, $1.99

The Favorite Daughter, $2.99

Anatomy of an Illness, $1.99

Still Life, $2.99

Pride, $1.99

Dead Inside, $1.99

Party Girls Die in Pearls, $1.99

Tuesday Steals

The Happiness Project, $1.99

All I Know & Love, $1.99

My Drunk Kitchen, $2.99

The Perfect Couple, $4.99

Milk & Honey, $4.63

The Gone World, $4.99

Winter’s Bone, $2.99

Broad Band, $4.99

Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud, $4.99

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, $1.99

The Art of Doing, $4.99

Messy, $5.99

In My Father’s House, $4.99

In Other Words, $5.99

Our Stop, $1.99

The Nazis Next Door, $1.99 (just watched a documentary on this- it’s pretty unbelievable!)

Woman 99, $1.99

Drawing Lessons, free with Prime!!

The Disease Delusion, $1.99

Monday Steals

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, $2.99

My Thoughts Exactly, $5.43

Fight or Flight, $1.99

Good Luck Charm, $3.49

Uncommon Type, $4.99

A Vintage Affair, $2.99 (this is a fun one!)

Don’t You Forget About Me, $1.99

The Keeper of Lost Things, $1.99

The Kiss Quotient, $1.99 (hot, hot, hot!!)

Brotopia, $4.99 (dying to read this one!)

Tiny Little Thing, $1.99 (this one is so good!)

Fitness Junkie, $4.99

The Borrower, $4.99

#Girlboss, $4.99 (I loved this one!)

American Girls, $5.99

Three-Martini Lunch, $4.99

Weeknights With Giada, $2.99

I Quit Sugar, $1.99

The Small Backs of Children, $1.99

Modern Romance, $4.99

The World As It Is, $1.99

Truly Devious, $2.99

This is Where it Ends, $1.99

The Story of Beautiful Girl, $2.99 (BUY THIS- SOOOO GOOD!)

When She Returned, $1.99

A Room Full of Night, $1.99

I Am, I Am, $4.99

Welcome to Braggsville, $1.99

Alex & Eliza, $1.99

The Princess Diarist, $1.99



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