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The Best Daily Kindle Book Deals

If you are looking for the best daily Kindle deals, I have you covered. This ebook deals page will be updated daily with the best book picks of the day. Be sure to bookmark this page to check back daily. I try to only share the best Amazon Kindle book offerings for you and your family!

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Sunday Steals

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Maid, $3.99

Winter Sisters, $1.99

How Not to Die, $2.99

The War on Normal People, $3.99

Grant, $1.99

Prairie Fires, $3.99

The Beautiful No, $2.99

How to Forget, $3.99

No Happy Endings, $2.99

Milleneagram, $2.99

Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, $2.99

The Telomere Effect, $2.99

Rise of the Rocket Girls, $2.99

Fighting for My Life, $3.99

The Last Whalers, $2.99

Comedy Sex God, $2.99

All the Lights, free with Prime!!

The Curse of Crow Hollow, $3.49

The Art of Gathering, $1.99

Girl With a Pearl Earring, $1.99

Death by the River, $.99

The Nectar of Pain, $1.99

Confessions of a Domestic Failure, $2.99

The Sober Diaries, $3.99

Heartbroken, $1.99

Pulp, $3.99

Girls of Paper & Fire, $2.99

The Darkest Corners, $1.99

Last Christmas in Paris, $1.99

Thursday Steals

My Everything, $.99

Watch Us Rise, $2.99

If You Go Down to the Woods, $2.99

Clover Blue, $2.99

One Summer, $1.99

The Tiger’s Wife, $4.99

Wicked River, $2.51

Seating Arrangements, $4.99

Campaign Widows, $2.99

I Know You Know, $1.99

Worry Free Money, $1.99

The Happiness Advantage, $2.99

Exit West, $1.99

The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves, free with Prime!!

A Wilder Time, $3.99

Renegades, $2.99

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, $1.99

Make Your Home Among Strangers, $2.99

The Fighters, $3.99

Tin Can Titans, $3.99

If We Had Known, $1.99

One of Us, $2.99

Sabriel, free with Prime!!

Drink, $1.99


Wednesday Steals

Before I Let You Go, $3.49

Pearl, $.99

See What I Have Done, $3.99 (I liked this one a lot- a great Halloween pick too!)

Three Martini Lunch, $4.99

Lady Be Good, $4.99

The Shark Club, $1.99

The Very Marrow of Our Bones, $4.99

Invincible Summer, $4.99

The Affairs of the Falcons, $1.99

Toward a Secret Sky, $2.99

Milk & Honey, $1.99

Nine Women, One Dress, $2.99 (this one is ADORABLE. I highly recommend!)

How to Love a Jamaican, $4.99

Here Comes the Sun, $4.25

Feel Free, $3.99

What Blooms From Dust, $3.99

Influencer, $2.99

White Chrysanthemum, $4.99

The Bookshop Book, $3.99

Lights on the Sea, $.99

Rise & Shine, Benedict Stone, $3.99

I’m Still Here, $4.99

Shadow Child, $2.99

The Strays, $3.99

Smaller & Smaller Circles, $1.99

Girl on a Wire, $.99

Girl in the Shadows, free with Prime!!

While the World is Still Asleep, $.99

The Battle for Room 314, $2.99

Sweetgirl, $1.99

Disturbed in Their Nests, $4.99

Devil Sent the Rain, $1.99

Out of Orange, $1.99

2 States, $.99

The Broken Girls, $1.99

The Next Right Thing, $1.99

The Quintland Sisters, $1.99

Tuesday Steals

Temper, $1.99

A Bridge Across the Ocean, $4.99

It All Falls Down, $1.99

Providence, $1.99

Last Christmas in Paris, $1.99

I Can Be a Better You, $1.99

Forever is the Worst Long Time, $1.99

American Princess, $1.99

The Friday Night Knitting Club, $1.99

The Confusion of Languages, $4.99

The Inferno (new translation), $1.99

Nappily Ever After, $1.99

I’ll Be Watching You, $1.99

The Assistant, $4.99

Alex, $4.99

Monday Steals

Verity, $4.99

The Calculating Stars, $2.99

Perfectly Good Crime, $1.99

The Haunting of Tram Car 015, $3.99

Mapping the Interior, $3.99

The Test, $3.99

The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind, $4.99

The Border Keeper, $3.99

With Malice, $2.99

Prince of Monkeys, $1.99

These Rebel Waves, $1.99

The Teenage Brain, $1.99

Girls of Paper & Fire, $2.99

Between Before & After, $3.99

The Summer Guest, $4.99

Fortune’s Daughter, $1.99

White as Silence, Red as Song, $3.99

The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One, $1.99

Let Us Dream, $2.99

The Secrets of Roscarbury Hall, $2.99

The Girls of Mischief Bay, $2.99

On Beauty, $1.99

Hearts of Resistance, free with Prime!!

Vincent & Theo, $2.99

A Single Man, $2.99

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, $1.99

Knucklehead, $2.99

The Wangs vs the World, $2.99

Driven, $2.99

The Murders of Molly Southbourne, $3.99

The Black God’s Drum, $3.99

Gods, Monsters, & the Lucky Peach, $3.99



Sunday Steals

Nevermoor, $1.99

Next Girl to Die, $1.99

Light From Other Stars, $1.99

The Other Rules of Magic, $1.99

Timeless, $1.99

The Murmur of Bees, $1.99

American Princess, $1.99

Winter Sisters, $1.99

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, $2.99

The German Midwife, $3.99

Don Quixote, $1.99

Me Before You, $1.99

Severance, $3.99

Animal Farm, $2.99

Love science fiction? Shop all of today’s deals!

Friday Steals

The Seven Rules of Elvira Carr, $2.99

We Are All Made of Stars, $4.99

The Brightest Sun, $4.99

The Day We Met, $4.99

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, free with Prime!!

Labor Day, $1.99

Something in Between, $2.99

Be Frank With Me, free with Prime!!

Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See, $2.99

Among the Lesser Gods, $1.99

The Comedown, $2.99

Before You Leap, $1.99

Five Unforgivable Things, $3.99

The Seventh Book of Wonders, $2.99

 A Lily in the Light, $1.99

The Hundred  Wells of Salaga, $1.99

Crenshaw, $2.99

Where the Desert Meets the Sea, $1.99

Honeybee, $2.99

Exit West, $1.99

Blue Nights, $2.99

Thursday Steals

Salt to the Sea, $2.99

The Quintland Sisters, $1.99

American Princess, $1.99

The Silent Ones, $.99

Lily of the Nile, $4.99

The Marriage Betrayal, $3.99

The Bookshop of Yesterdays, $5.49

When We Believed in Mermaids, free with Prime!!

The City of Ember, $1.99

The End of Miracles, $.99

Unclean Jobs for Women & Girls, $1.99

Where the Red Fern Grows, $1.99

Escape from Lemoncello’s Library, $1.99

The Secret Garden, $.10

Jane Doe, $4.99

Hoot, $1.99

Stargirl, $1.99

The Cay, $1.99

Go Dairy Free, $3.99

Wednesday Deals

The Secrets of Lost Stones, $4.99

Emily, Gone, $1.99

Sold on a Monday, $1.99

Only Ever Her, $1.99

The Orchid Sister, $1.99

The Warner Boys, $.99

West With the Night, $1.99

Drift, $2.99

The Confusion of Languages, $4.99

Falling Together, $1.99

I’m Judging You, $2.99

The Sea of Tranquility, $3.99

The Hypnotist’s Love Story, $1.99

Four Friends, $1.99

A Study in Charlotte, $1.99

Tuesday Deals

What We Lose, $4.99

The Favorite Daughter, $1.99

The City of Brass, $2.99

The Secret of Magic, $4.99

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., $3.99

Ill Will, $4.99

The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster, $1.99

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir, $4.99

Our Last Goodbye, $3.99

Sleeping Giants, $4.99

A Curse So Dark & Lonely, $1.99

The City of Lost Fortunes, $2.99

My Lovely Wife, $1.99

The Good Lord Bird, $1.99

The Idiot, $1.99

Sweetgirl, $1.99

Gone Girl, $2.99

Renegades, $2.99

The Odyssey of Homer, $1.99

Brief Encounters With Che Guevara, $1.99

The Wangs vs The World, $2.99

Alice in Zombieland, $2.99

An Uncomplicated Life, $.99

Meander, Spiral, Explode, $1.99

Just After Midnight, $1.99

How to Build a Girl, $1.99

Love Wins, $2.99

The Sober Diaries, $.99

The Parisians, $1.99

The Talent Code, $2.99


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The Whisper Man by Alex North

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

The Reckless Oath We Made by Bryn Greenwood

Dominicana by Angie Cruz

Well Met by Jen DeLuca

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