The Best Daily Kindle Book Deals

If you are looking for the best daily Kindle deals, I have you covered. This ebook deals page will be updated daily with the best book picks of the day. Be sure to bookmark this page to check back daily. I try to only share the best Amazon Kindle book offerings for you and your family!

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Monday Steals

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, $4.99

VB6, $4.99

A Hundred Summers, $1.99

The Changeling, $5.99

One of Us, $4.99

Rosewater, $4.99

The Art of Social Media, $4.99

Loving Day, $5.99

The Left Hand of Darkness, $4.99

Sister Pie, $1.99

How Music Got Free, $1.99

Belgravia, $3.99

The Education of Dixie Dupree, $2.99

Cravings, $5.99

My Sunshine Away, $4.99

The Glass Ocean, $1.99

Quicksand, $1.99

The Weight of Blood, $5.99

The Clan of the Cave Bear, $1.99

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea, $2.99

Going Clear, $2.99

Tuesday Steals

Playing With Fire, $2.99

Slade House, $4.99

The Lost Letter, $1.99

The School of Greatness, $4.99

A River of Stars, $5.99 (this one is incredible!)

Results May Vary, $1.99

Maine, $1.99

Mary & O’Neil, $4.99

The Rules Do Not Apply, $5.99

Good Morning, Midnight, $4.99

Fruit of the Drunken Tree, $4.99 (this one is AMAZING!)

Not a Sound, $2.99

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, $4.99

The Gift of Our Wounds, $2.99

The Warmest December, $1.99

Overkill, $.99

Don’t Try to Find Me, $1.99

The Radium Girls, $2.99 (this one still haunts me)

The Flock, $2.99


Monday Steals

The Shadowland, $4.99

In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It, $4.99

Into the Water, $4.99

The Mothers, $5.99

Me, Myself, & Pie, $2.99

Fingersmith, $4.99 (one of my top ten favorite reads!!)

Lincoln in the Bardo, $4.99

The Ensemble, $4.99

The Gown, $2.99

The Queen of Hearts, $1.99

Waking Gods (Book 2), $5.99

Feminist Fight Club, $2.99

The Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book, $1.99

The Orphan of Salt Winds, $1.99

Choose Wonder Over Worry, $2.99

In Sunlight & Shadows, $2.99

Friday Steals

Before We Met, $1.99

If You Could Tell, free Kindle First Reads (with incredible reviews!)

The Chef’s Secret, $2.99

Dark of the West, $2.99

A Curse So Dark & Lonely, $1.99

Vox, $1.99

Dinner in a Dash, $2.99

The Deepest Roots, $1.99

The Man I Never Met, $2.99

Dodging Energy Vampires, $1.99

An Unwanted Guest, $1.99

An Untamed State, $1.99

Thursday Steals

The Five, $2.99

How to Raise Successful People, $2.99

Prairie Fires, $2.99

5 Ingredients, $2.99

The Great Successor, $3.99

Breaking Busy, $1.99

One Thousand Gifts, $3.99

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, $5.99

The Actor’s Life, $2.99

Love, Loss, & What We Ate, $1.99

The Honey Bus, $1.99

Shrill, $2.99

The Secret Lives of Introverts, $1.99

Blue Asylum, $1.99

Mrs. Caliban, free with Prime!!

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, $1.99

Wednesday Steals

Miss Burma, $2.99

Mary Poppins, free with Prime!!

Attachments, $1.99 (I thought this was adorable)

Under the Wide & Starry Sky, $2.99

Where the Light Falls, $5.99

Still Alice, $1.99 (this one is SO good)

A Thousand Splendid Suns, $1.99

Circling the Sun, $2.99

The Shape of Water, $2.99

The Assistants, $5.99 (one of my favorite lighter reads)

Invincible Summer, $4.99

This Must Be the Place, $5.99

The Forgotten Seamstress, $2.99

Girl Sleuth, free with Prime!!

The Jack Ryan Series

Notting Hill in the Snow, $.99

Tuesday Steals

The House of Impossible Beauties, $2.99

Reasons to Stay Alive, $5.99

Miss Emily, $4.99

Silver Sparrow, $4.27

Then We Came to the End, $5.99

Gun Love, $4.99

Hand Me Down, $4.99

Belle Cora, $1.99

The Story of a Brief Marriage, $2.99

Bitter is the New Black, $4.99

Water for Elephants, $1.99

Eagle & Crane, $4.99

Garment of Shadows, $2.99

Dark Matter, $5.99

Bearskin, $2.99

Silent Victim, $1.99

Untrue, $3.99

Monday Steals

The Snow Child, $3.99 (YOU MUST BUY THIS- IN MY TOP TEN!)

Hollow Kingdom, $3.99

Life After Life, $3.99

Arcadia, $2.99

American Housewife, $4.99

The Art Forger, $1.99

Trail of Broken Wings, $1.99 (I loved this!)

Imagine Me Gone, $2.99 

My Year of Rest & Relaxation, $1.99

The One-in-a-Million Boy, $2.99 (I loved this!)

The Leavers, $1.99

Flights, $4.99

The Beach, $1.99

Horrorstor, $2.99

The Gown, $2.99 (I loved this!!)

Ginny Moon, $3.49 (I loved this!!)

Devotion, $1.99

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, $1.99 (YOU MUST BUY THIS!!)

Call Your Daughter Home, $1.99

Stillhouse Lake, $1.99

Akin, $4.99

The Hamilton Affair, $1.99

A Door in the Earth, $3.99

Free Food for Millionaires, $2.99

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, $2.99

Far From a Distant Star, $1.99



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The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys

Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

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