The Best Daily Kindle Book Deals

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The Best Daily Kindle  Book Deals

Check out the May Book of the Month Club Selections:

The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd
Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin
A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight
The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon
The Knockout Queen by Rufi Thorpe
May Coupon Codes:

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Personally, I snagged The Knockout Queen this month- Rupi Thorpe is one of my faves! 

Wednesday Steals

Get Your MAY Kindle First Read- completely FREE for Prime Members!!



Help Thanks Wow, $2.99

Night Theater, $1.99

The Idiot, $1.99

The Sea of Tranquility, $3.99 (a YA must-read)

Prairie Fever, $1.99

All of the Flowers in Paris, $2.99

In a Field of Blue, $1.99

How to Stay Human in a F*cked Up World, $1.99

Otherwise Engaged, $1.99

Uncommon Type, $1.99

The Henna Artist, $4.99

A Happy Catastrophe, $4.99

A Brightness Long Ago, $2.99

Wunderland, $4.99

Seraphina, $1.99 (this is a great middle grade book- my daughter loved it!)

This Must Be the Place, $1.99

Barkskins, $2.99

Love Wins, $2.99

The Floating Feldmans, $2.99 (I adored this- great for Arrested Development fans!)

Love Lettering, $2.99

The Water Cure, $1.99

Tuesday Steals

Get Your MAY Kindle First Read- completely FREE for Prime Members!!



Blue Asylum, $2.99 (written by the author of The Book of Polly- it is so good!)

Call Your Daughter Home, $3.99

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, $1.99

The Confessions of Frannie Langton, $3.99 (I loved this one)

Nothing to See Here, $4.99 (this is our book club book so be sure to snag it!)

Jack of Hearts (and other parts), $1.99

Like a Love Story, $2.99

On the Come Up, $3.99 (I really liked this one!)

Get Out of Your Own Way, $4.99

The Lost Vintage, $3.99

No Bad Deed, $3.99

The Book of Koli, $4.99 (from the author of The Girl With All the Gifts)

Crown of Coral & Pearl, $2.99

The Nest, $3.99 (loved this dysfunctional family story)

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, $1.99

The German House, $3.99

The Shape of Family, $3.99

Be Not Far From Me, $2.99

My Mother a Serial Killer, $2.99

Lost Girls, $3.99

The Third Death, $3.99

One Perfect Summer, $2.99

Valentine, $4.99

A Good Marriage, $4.99

Lot, $4.99

The Great Believers, $1.99 (recommended for fans of The Heart’s Invisible Furies)

The Child Finder, $3.99 (this is dark and phenomenal)

The German Heiress, $3.99

The Heirloom Garden, $2.99

A Visit from the Goon Squad, $1.99

The Queen of Hearts, $2.99

You and Me and Us, $4.99

Rules for Being a Girl, $2.99

My Dark Vanessa, $4.99

She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, $4.99

Good Luck With That, $2.99

Hitting a Straight Lick With A Crooked Stick, $4.99

See What I Have Done, $3.99

Uninvited, $3.99

My Lovely Wife, $2.99 (this was a 5-star thriller for me!)

House of Salt & Sorrow, $2.99

The Poet X, $2.99

The One, $2.99 (this is an AMAZING read- perfect for summer!)

All That You Leave Behind, $4.99

Stronger, Faster, More Beautiful, $1.99

The Marriage Lie, $2.99

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue, free with Prime!!

Odd One Out, $1.99

New Boy, $4.99

All the Names They Used for God, $4.99


Sunday Steals

Today ONLY $.99 and up on NYT Bestsellers




The Beach, $2.99

The Lager Queen of Minnesota, $2.99 (a 5-star one, for me!)

Love Walked In, $1.99

All I Ask, $4.99

The Room on Rue Amelie, $2.99

The Things We Cannot Say, $3.99 (this is an INCREDIBLE read!)

The Only Woman In the Room, $2.99

The Boy From The Woods, $3.99

The Power, $3.99

Less, $3.99

The Kennedy Debutante, $4.99

A People’s History of Heaven, $1.99

The Friend Zone, $2.99

The Education of an Idealist, $3.99

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna, $2.99

Two by Two, $2.99

The Happiness Project, $1.99

Matchmaking for Beginners, $1.99 (a perfect summer read!)

The Edge of Lost, $2.99

The Paris Orphan, $2.99

Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts, $2.99

Beautiful Boy, $2.99

The Miniaturist, $1.99

We Hunt the Flame, $2.99

Greenhouse Castle, $2.99

Antoni in the Kitchen, $4.99

Ali, $2.99

Big Sky (book 5), $3.99

Out of the Dark, $2.99

Circe, $4.99

The Bell Jar, $1.99

You Are a Badass, $2.99

The Best Yes, $2.99

The Chain, $3.99 (this is one of those can’t-flip-the-pages-fast-enough thrillers)

The Art Forger, $1.99

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, $2.99

Saturday Steals




Once We Were Sisters, $1.99

Summer’s Child, $4.49

Poor Your Soul, $2.51

Hot Milk, $1.99

Water for Elephants, $1.99

Pretty Baby, $5.49 (I really liked this one!)

Miss Burma, $2.99

Struck By Genius, $2.99

Kingdom of the Blind, $2.99

I Will Find You, $1.99

The Lightest Object in the Universe, $1.99

Mischling, $2.99 (heavy, poetic, & haunting)

The Other Wes Moore, $1.99

Contagion, $1.99

LIFEL1K3, $2.99

The Second Mrs. Hockaday, $2.99

The Throne of the Five Winds, $2.99

The God of Small Things, $1.99

How To, $2.99

The Last Madam, $2.99

All That Man Is, $2.99

The Nix, $1.99 (gosh, I loved this one so much!)

The Au Pair, $2.99

Mindf*ck, $2.99

Friday Steals




The Bright Side of Going Dark, $3.99

A History of Loneliness, $2.99

Final Girls, $1.99

Celine, $1.99

The Worst Best Man, $1.99

Sober Curious, $1.99

Kickdown, $1.99

The Pearl, $1.99

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, $2.99 (this is an incredible 5-star read!)

Death is in the Details, FREE!!

Every Other Weekend, $1.99

Ginny Moon, $2.99 (the sweetest- recommended for fans of Be Frank With Me!)

Then & Always, $4.99

Rise & Shine Benedict Stone, $5.49

Cruel Beautiful World, $1.99 (fascinating 5-star read)

The Bookshop of Yesterdays, $5.49

Southernmost, $1.99

The Problem With Forever, $4.99

The Drowning Girls, $2.99

Here We Lie, $3.49

Best Friends Forever, $5.49

Missing Pieces, $2.99

Between Shades of Grey, $1.99

Tuesday Steals


Cravings, $5.99

Bossypants, $3.99

2AM at the Cat’s Pajamas, $4.99

The Latecomers, $2.99

The Office, $4.99

The Water Cure, $1.99

The Line That Held Us, $4.99

The Orphan Mother, $1.99

The Neighbors, $2.99

Woven in the Moonlight, $2.99

The Girl in Green, $2.99

The Paris Wife, $2.99

Year of Wonders, $1.99

The Nanny, $3.99

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, $1.99 (this is adorable)

The Secret of Hummingbird Cake, $1.99

The Shadow of the Wind, $2.99

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, $1.99

Cork Dork, $2.99

The Last Runaway, $2.99

The Last Girl, $1.99

Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties, $1.99 (I really liked this one)

Resistant, $.99

Monday Steals

Beloved, $2.99
Wise Guy, $4.99
The River, $3.99
Apeirogon, $3.99
The Lagar Queen of Minnesota, $2.99 (don’t miss this- it is AMAZING!)
Into the Water, $1.99 (I wasn’t a fan, but some people were- fyi!)
Saints for All Occasions, $1.99 (this one is PHENOMENAL- read it!)
Never Tell, $2.99
Sharp Objects, $2.99 (this was so good)
The Expats, $1.99 (I really liked this one!)
The Body, $4.99
The Good Life for Less, $4.99 (hey, that’s me!)
Uprooted, $2.99
The Great Believers, $1.99 (this is a 5-star read, perfect for fans of The Heart’s Invisible Furies)

Sunday Steals

Start a new series with selections starting at $.99 (today only)

Little Beach Street Bakery, $2.99

The Dressmaker’s Gift, $1.99

The Broken Girls, $1.99

The Secret Life of the American Musical, $2.99

Aurora Rising, $1.99

Freckled, $.99

The Language of Cherries, $4.49

Sold on a Monday, $1.99

The Women in Black, $2.99

The Beholder, $1.99

The Way You Make Me Feel, $2.99

The Electric Woman, $2.99 (this memoir is FANTASTIC!)

Beyond the Moon, $3.99

She Would Be King, $1.99

Lost Children Archive, $5.49

The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows, $2.99

The Queen of Tearling, $2.99

Inspection, $4.99

Stop Doing That Sh*t, $2.99

The Island Affair, $.99

What Lies Between Us, $3.99

Love Lettering, $2.99

The Secret Place (book 5), $2.99

Friday Steals

Shop the full sale list of books under $1.99 (limited time)

Get Your MAY Kindle First Read- completely FREE for Prime Members!!

The Happiness Advantage, $1.99

Reasons to Stay Alive, $2.99

Deceit & Other Possibilities, $1.99

Washington, $2.99 (from the author of Alexander Hamilton)

All Systems Red, $1.99

American Kingpin, $2.99

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, $1.99

The Other Woman, $2.99

Timebound, $4.99

The Casquette Girls, $3.99

Pearl, $2.99

If You Tell, $4.99

The Tenth Island, $4.99

Hiding With Nietzsche, $3.99

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now, $3.99

History of Violence, $2.99

Ghosted, $2.99

The Will & the Wilds, $4.99

Pines, $4.99

American Princess, $1.99

Small Country, $4.99

Quackery, $1.99

Sewing Happiness, $1.99

Women Talking, $1.99

Daring Greatly, $1.99

Wild Game, $2.99 (one of the best memoirs I’ve read)

Thursday Steals

Love Lettering, $2.99

Stay, $4.99

The Murmur of Bees, $4.99

Love Walked In, $1.99

The Housekeeper, $3.99

Hope in the Dark, $1.99

The Invisible Library, $2.99

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, $1.99 (don’t miss this one- it is incredible!)

Code Girls, $3.99

The Help, $1.99

Unfollow, $2.99

Sourdough, $3.99 (would be great for your YA reader too!)

Life & Other Near-Death Experiences, $1.99

All Manner of Things, free with Prime!!

The Theory of Happily Ever After, free with Prime!!

The Beantown Girls, free with Prime!!

Themes & Variations, free with Prime!! (includes Sedaris on audiobook- fyi!)

Storm & Fury, $1.99

Hemingway’s Girl, $4.99

A Study in Charlotte, $1.99

The Lost Book of the Holy Grail, $4.99

A Deeper Darkness, $1.99

Bloodleaf, $2.99

Brightly Burning, $2.99

The Beginning of Everything, free with Prime!!

Wednesday Steals

The Magicians, $1.99

Let’s Pretend That Never Happened, $1.99

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, $1.99

The Phantom Tollbooth, $1.99

Thief River Falls, $1.99

Beautiful Boards, $2.99

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, $2.99

Anything is Possible (book 2), $1.99

Ruthless River, $1.99

Give Us This Day, $.99

Three Days Missing, $2.99

She Would Be King, $1.99

Girls Like Us, $2.99

Those Who Knew, $5.99

The Little Stranger, $1.99

The Passenger, $2.99

The End of Loneliness, $4.99

The Map Thief, $4.99

The Lost Daughter, $2.99

Spinster, $4.99

Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing (pre-order), $4.99

Above the Bay of Angels, $1.99

The German Midwife, $.99

Her Last Move, $.99

The Price of Time, $.99

Dear Mrs. Bird, $2.99 (this is adorable!)

Verity, $.99

Tuesday Steals

Bitter, $4.99

The Darkling Bride, $1.99

Dragonfly, $2.99

The Suspect (book 3), $1.99

Adult Conversation, $.99

The Broken Child, $1.99

The Royal We, $2.99 (read it before the sequel comes out- yay!)

One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow, $1.99

Attachments, $4.99

Spin the Dawn, $2.99

The Dollhouse, $2.99

H is for Hawk, $4.96

The Water is Wide, $1.99

Financial Freedom, $2.99 (this one really caught my eye today!)

The Hands-On Home, $2.99

The Other Woman, $2.99 (such a solid thriller)

Ghosted, $2.99

The Song of the Jade Lily, $2.99 

Home Fire, $2.99

A Study in Scarlet Women, $2.99

The Chaperone, $1.99

A Treacherous Curse (book 3), $2.99

Park Avenue Summer, $1.99

American Princess, $1.99

Kitchens of the Great Midwest, $1.99

On Turpentine Lane, $2.99

The Silent Companions, $1.99

A History of Loneliness, $2.99

Love at First Like, $1.99

Vanishing in the Haight, $1.99

Eat Joy, $3.99

Our Endless Numbered Days, $2.99

The Library Book, $2.99 (this was a MomAdvice Book Club pick- a little dry, but fascinating too!)

Cooking for Jeffrey, $4.99

Everything is Horrible & Wonderful, $2.51

Contagion, $1.99

Fierce Kingdom, $5.99

A Boy & His Dog at the End of the World, $4.99

The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell, $5.99

My Life With the Walter Boys, $1.99

More Than Enough, $4.99

From the Corner of the Oval, $4.99

The Girl of Fire & Thorns, $3.99

The Story of Arthur Truluv, $2.99

Sutton, $1.99

The Weight of Blood, $5.99

Outlander Kitchen, $2.99

Words in Deep Blue, $1.99 (a past book club book and it is the PERFECT ESCAPE- great for a mother & daughter book club too!)

Watching Edie, $4.99

Re Jane, $4.99

The Thing With Feathers, $1.99

The Roanoke Girls, $4.99 (HIGHLY recommend for V.C. Andrews fans!)

You Can’t Touch My Hair, $5.99

The Luminaries, $3.99

Monday Steals

Full List of Best Sellers for $1.99 or Less!!! 

Little, $4.99 (this was a prior MomAdvice Book Club pick)

The Borrower, $5.99

The Secret Place (book 5), $2.99

Verity, $1.99

The Expatriates, $5.99

Golden Child, $5.99

Big Little Lies, $1.99

The Boy in Striped Pajamas, $2.99

The Secret of the Nightingale Palace, $1.99

I Remember Nothing, $1.99

The Kennedy Debutante, $2.99

The Golden House, $5.99

I Owe You One, $2.99 (this one is so cute!)

The Stranger Beside Me, $.99

Piecing Me Together, $1.99

See Her Run, free with Prime!!

When Elephants Fly, $4.49

Love Lettering, $2.99

Behold the Dreamers, $1.99

More Than Words, $4.99

Say Nothing, $2.99

Homegoing, $2.99 (this is a beautiful read)

Perennial Seller,  $1.99

Lord of the Flies, $1.99

The Priory of the Orange Tree, $1.99

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, $1.99 (soooo good!)

Bonfire, $5.99 (this is a fantastic thriller)



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