The Best Daily Kindle Book Deals

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The Best Daily Kindle  Book Deals

Check out the August Book of the Month Club Selections:

Friday Steals

Full List of Limited-Time Deals


The Cabin Below, $3.99

What Only We Know, $3.99

The Best Yes, $2.99

One Little Lie, $1.99

Be Not Far From Me, free with Prime!!

Fix Her Up, free with Prime!!

#IMOMSOHARD, free with Prime!!

Before She Knew Him, free with Prime!!

The Last Romantics, free with Prime!! (this is so good)

I Think You’re Wrong But I’m Listening, free with Prime!!  (PLEASE READ THIS)

The Color of Life, free with Prime!!

Between Before & After, free with Prime!!

Sober Curious, free with Prime!! 

Secrets of a Serial Killer, $.99

The Floor is Lava, $2.99

The Warehouse, $1.99 (you will LOVE this!)

The Peach Keeper, $1.99

The Magnolia Sisters, $1.99

The Hazel Wood, $2.99 (sooo good!! )

The Green Road, $2.99

Summer of Salt, $1.99

A Spark of Light, $2.99

My Notorious Life, $2.99 (this is phenomenal!!)

Travels With Epicurus, $4.99

Fight or Flight, $2.99

Freedom is a Constant Struggle, $1.99

Tuesday Steals


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter, $2.99

The Quiet Child, $1.99

Night Theater, $1.99

The Naturalist’s Daughter, $.99

Ayesha at Last, $4.99

Officer Clemmons, $2.24

The Deep, $1.99

The Keepers of the House, $1.99

The Good Pig, $1.99

Love on Beach Avenue, $1.99

The Italian Villa, $1.99

The Master’s Apprentice, $1.99 

The Wedding War, $1.99 (I’m snagging this one today!)

The Red Address Book, $2.99

Never Caught, $3.99

The Girl Who Wasn’t There, $1.99

The English Wife, $.99

The Perfect Couple, $1.99

The Restaurant, $.99

A Happy Catastrophe, $1.99

The Shadow System, $3.99

Mighty Justice, $1.99

The Seven Longest Yards, $1.99

The Me I Meant to Be, $2.99

Juniper, $5.99

When Katie Met Cassidy, $1.99 (adored this one!)

No Country for Old Men, $1.99

The Secret of Chimneys, $1.99

Left Neglected, $1.99 (sooo good!)

A Ladder to the Sky, $1.99 (GET THIS!!)

Regretting You, $1.99

Sweet Black Waves, $2.99

Blow Me Down, $4.99

Best Kept Secret, $1.99

The Distance Between Us, $4.99 (super sweet, clean YA book!)

The Year of Less, $1.99 (really inspiring)

The Rosie Project, $2.99

Monday Steals



Tears of Salt, $2.99

In a Pickle, $.99

The Distant Hours, $2.99

When Elephants Fly, $3.99

The Secret Life of Violet Gray, $1.99

The Fallen Architect, $2.99

American Royals, $1.99

Horrorstor, $2.99

The Summer I Turned Pretty, $1.99

The 57 Bus, $2.99

Nine Perfect Strangers, $2.99

The Wanderers, $2.99

Get Out of Your Own Way, $3.99

The Mysterious Benedict Society, $1.99

Let the People Pick the President, $2.99

Anne Boleyn, $1.99

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, $1.99

The War that Saved My Life, $1.99

Before the Broken Star, $1.99 (the entire series is on sale- look for the others below)

How to Raise an Adult, $2.99

Undercover Bromance (book 2), $2.99

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, $1.99

The Garden of Small Beginnings, $2.99

The Poet X, $5.99

The Storyteller’s Secret, $1.99 (this one is incredible)

She Left Me the Gun, $5.99

Stay With Me, $3.49 (really sad and really gorgeous)

After I Do, $2.99 (a great summer read!)

Lawn Boy, $4.16 (this is such a sweet read)

The Book of Speculation, $2.99 (this is such a great read)

Where the Forest Meets the Stars, $1.99 (scoop this one up- so good)

Can You Keep a Secret, $1.99 (this is great chick lit!)

If We Were Villains, $2.99 (this was a MomAdvice Book Club pick)

The Summer Deal, $3.99

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, FREE with PRIME!

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, $2.99

Ban This Book, $2.99

Anna K, $3.99

Life of Pi, FREE with PRIME!

Snowflakes, FREE with PRIME!

Be Not Far From Me, FREE with PRIME!

Women of Means, FREE with PRIME!

The Core 4, FREE with PRIME!

The Ingredients of Us, FREE with PRIME!


Saturday Steals


Almond, FREE with PRIME!!

Dangerous Alliance, FREE with PRIME!!

Little House in the Big Woods, $4.99

One Summer in Italy, $1.99

Secrets from a Happy Marriage, $2.99

We Set the Dark on Fire, $2.99

Dapper Dan, $1.99

Mrs. Everything, $4.99

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, $1.99 (this one is amazing)

The Money Hackers, $2.99

Did You Ever Have a Family, $1.99 (this is sooo good)

OMG WTF Does the Constitution Say, $2.99

Antigone Rising, $3.99

Stop Missing Your Life, $2.99

The Woman in the Dark, $2.99

Prairie Fires, $2.99

The Last Painting of Sara de Vos, $2.99

All the Good Girls, $.99

Girl, $2.99 (I’m snagging this)

The Lost for Words Bookshop, $2.99

Unfinished Business, $2.99

The Book Jumper, $2.99

Framed, $2.99

The Edge of Anything, $1.99

Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness, $2.99

The Wangs vs. The World, $2.99

The View from Penthouse B, $2.99

The Kind Worth Killing, $4.99 (this is SO good!)

Don Quixote, $2.99

The Pearl that Broke Its Shell, $3.99

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, $3.99

Nothing Wasted, $2.99

One More Croissant for the Road, $2.99

Love & Other Mistakes, $1.99

Come Away With Me, $2.99

The Last Book Party, $2.99 (a lovely little summer read)

Blue Asylum, $2.99 (this is EXCELLENT)

Too Bright to Hear, Too Loud to See, $2.99

The Other Bennet Sister, $2.99

The Last September, $1.99

The Library of Lost & Found, $2.99

Before She Knew Him, FREE with PRIME!

Friday Steals


Crier’s War, $1.99

How to Find Love in a Bookshop, $1.99

Quiet Please, $4.99

Our Stop, $4.99

The City in the Middle of the Night, $2.99

Fantasticland, $1.99

The Wedding Party (book 3), $4.99

Bone Gap, $5.49 (if you like magical realism, this is a fun one)

Playlist for the Dead, $5.99

Little Mercies, $3.99

Running the Rift, $1.99

Young Jane Young, $4.60 (this is excellent)

Annabel, $1.99 (this is beautiful)

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy, $5.99

Genius Recipes, $4.99

Sawkill Girls, $1.99

The Pursuit of William Abbey, $2.99

She’s Come Undone, $1.99

The Last Romantics, free with Prime!! (omg- can’t believe this is free, it’s a good one!)

One Crazy Summer, free with Prime!!

100 Days to Brave, free with Prime!!

The Cactus League, $2.99

Girl Last Seen, $1.99

The Gravedigger’s Son, $1.99

Visible Empire, $2.99

Inspired, $2.99

Escape to the Riviera, $1.99

Oil & Marble, $1.99


Thursday Steals

GET TWO FREE KINDLE FIRST READS THIS MONTH (be sure to do this before 07/31)

Queen of the Conquered, $1.99

This Won’t End Well, $3.99 (this was so cute)

I’m Still Here, free!!

Radio Silence, $1.99

The Impossible Girl, $4.99 (loved this- very Dickens)

How to Save a Life, $3.99 (adored this one)

The Kitchen House, $1.99 (this one is really good)

Woman Last Seen In Her Thirties, $1.99

Hurricane Season, free with Prime!!

Only One Life, free with Prime!!

Mayflower, $1.99

A Memory Called Empire, $2.99

The Victory Garden, free with Prime!!

The Other Einstein, free with Prime!!

The Selection, free with Prime!!

A Court of Thorns & Roses, $3.99

And Then There Were None, $1.99

The Keeper of Lost Things, free with Prime!!

Ginny Moon, $3.49 (get this- it is adorable)

The Kiss Quotient, $1.99 (perfectly steamy)

The Perfect Marriage, $3.49

The Lost Girls of Paris, $2.99

Jacked Up, $1.99

In An Absent Dream (book 4), $2.99

The Hired Girl, $5.93

Avocado Bliss, $4.99

Just One Look, $1.99

How to Grill Everything, $2.99

Fermented Vegetables, $2.99


Wednesday Steals

GET TWO FREE KINDLE FIRST READS THIS MONTH (be sure to do this before 07/31)

Binti, $1.99

The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind, $2.99

Dear Lily, $3.99

Hold Your Breath, $2.99

The Murmur of Bees, $1.99

A Happy Catastrophe, $4.99

The Bright Side of Going Dark, $3.99

Euphoria, $1.99

Blood Orange, $2.99

Middlegame, $2.99

The Craftsman, $1.99

The Benefits of Being an Octopus, $1.99

The Tattooist of Auschwitz, $3.99

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library, $3.99

Vita Nostra, $2.99

When We Were Worthy, $1.99 (this was a good one)

Just One Damned Thing After Another (book 1), $4.99

A Symphony of Echoes (book 2),  $.99

Little Voices, free with Prime!!

The Waiting Room, $1.99 (this was really good!)

The Changeling, $2.99

Asymmetry, $2.99

James Baldwin, $1.99

The City of Lost Fortunes, $2.99

Under Pressure, $4.99

Family Tree, $4.49

What is Visible, $1.99

Tuesday Steals

The Rosie Project, $2.99 (this is a sweet story)

The Widower’s Tale, $1.99

Young Jane Young, $4.70 (loved it!!)

The Overnight Socialite, $3.99

Are U OK?, $3.99

The Party Is Over, $5.99

A Doubter’s Almanac, $5.99

Royal Holiday, $2.99

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society, $2.99 (this is the sweetest)

Only Child, $4.99

Very Nice, $5.99 (this is a steamy little beach read)

Red Rising, $2.99

What She Left Behind, $1.99

White Like Her, $1.99

After I Do, $2.99 (LOVE this one)

The Gifted School, $1.99 (LOVED this one too- good for Big Little Lies fans)

The Other Mrs. Miller, $1.99

The White Album, $3.99

The Life She Was Given, $1.99

When We Found Home, $2.99

When We Left Cuba, $1.99

My Daddy is a Hero, $3.99

The Perfect Family, $.99

Animal Dreams, $2.99

Monday Steals


The French Girl, $1.99

Dead Inside, $2.99

Putting Food By, $1.99

Devotions, $1.99

Heavy, $2.99

The Wife, $1.99

A Thousand Splendid Suns, $1.99

Astray, $1.99

The Poison Thread, $5.99

If You Tell, $1.99

Once More We Saw Stars, $4.99

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, $3.99

A Boy & His Dog at the End of the World, $4.99

The Book of Dust, $1.99

The Illustrated Man, $2.99

The Woods, $1.99

All Systems Red, $1.99

I’m Traveling Alone, $1.99

The Calculating Stars, $2.99

Regretting You, $5.99

Caucasia, $4.99

The Will & The Wilds, $4.99

How to Save a Life, $3.99

The Caretakers, $1.99

I Am Dust, $3.74

I’m Fine & Neither Are You, $1.99

The Story Prize, $1.99

Far From the Tree, $1.99



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