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Review: Hoover Platinum Bagged Upright Vacuum

hoover-bagged-uprightHoover gave us the opportunity to test run any of their vacuums from their Platinum series product line and share our experience with one of their products. I was in need of replacing my old vacuum so I took a review challenge to review the new Hoover Platinum Bagged Upright.

I used the vacuum today on my floors and I swear I would not lie to you… this is the best vacuum I have ever personally used. There is nothing that has not been thought out about this vacuum and I want to highlight what I think are the best features about this vacuum.

  • Weight- This vacuum is extremely lightweight for a standard upright vacuum. It is less than twelve pounds which makes it also one of the lightest vacuums I have ever used. Since our home is a tri-level, hauling a vacuum up and down the stairs can be a challenge so I appreciate this lighter design.
  • Movement- This vacuum moves like a dream! Once you hit the power button, it easily pushes itself into motion. In fact, I feel like you have to exert more muscle power to move the vacuum backward rather than forward.
  • Picking Up- Movement is great, but does it pick anything up? My kids left plenty under our kitchen table to clean up and it picked it all up within the first swipe. It even picked up Cheerios and larger food pieces without spitting it out behind it. Crafting had been done and we had glitter on our carpet and it picked the pieces of glitter up with no problem. Other vacuums spit things back out behind it, this one sucked it up and I never saw it again.
  • Design- There is a small handle on the back of the vacuum to make cleaning the steps of your home much easier. You barely need to touch the power button and it begins. It has a high and low carpet function so you can use whichever setting depending on where you are operating the vacuum. On this model, the cleaner’s check-bag indicator illuminates when the bag needs to be changed so your vacuum can preform at its optimal performance.
  • Bagged Vacuum- I do not like the bagless vacuums at all. I have allergies and trying to get the vacuum cleaned out for the next use can stir up my allergies for the rest of the day. This vacuum does have a large bag, and the bags are an added expense, but I feel it is worth it in our family’s case. The upright vacuum cleaner uses a dust bag with a HEPA filter, which traps 99.97 percent of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns for better indoor air quality. The quick-release, self-sealing bag prevents dirt puffs from escaping into the air as well.
  • Smart Tools- To help keep this vacuum light, this comes with a separate machine that contains all of the tools you need to reach high and low in the corners of your home. This is one thing that I definitely feel was missing on the Halo UV Vacuum because you absolutely need these tools when you have children.  This portable canister comes with a long wand that can extend to catch all of those corners in your ceilings and dust light fixtures. There is even a hardware floor tool that you can use, although I found the upright vacuum itself did an excellent job of sweeping the floors.

The only negative thing that I could even say about this is that this vacuum is definitely not inexpensive, but compared to the Dyson vacuums this is FAR more affordable. I also realize that there will be an expense with the vacuum bags. Both the portable canister and the upright vacuum require a bag so you will need to factor that in. With my allergies though and the way it contains the dust in our home, it is an expense I am willing to pay.

This is a fantastic product that has made cleaning…dare I say it? Well, maybe not fun, but it has made cleaning my home a lot easier and I look forward to using this often in my home!

Suggested Retail Price: Currently listed at $387.07 on Amazon

Website for More Details: Hoover Platinum Bagged Upright