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Review: The Vtech V.Reader

My family has become  a huge fan of the electronic book craze. Since I do a lot of traveling with my work, my husband purchased a Kindle for me to reduce my baggage load on my flights. I am one of those people that is always afraid that she won’t have enough reading material and would tote around six hundred books on each trip for fear I would run out of enough to read. The Kindle has definitely made my luggage considerably lighter!

Lucky for me, my children seem plagued with the “not enough reading material” philosophy. Our last trip forced us to make choices between clothing or books. Don’t you love when you pass on your own weird quirks to your children?

Introducing the new V.Reader to our family library has been a great way to carry around several books with many interactive reading tools for my children. I would say that it is like a child’s size version of an adult e-book reader that offers loads of tools and games to make reading fun for your child.

The picture quality is impressive and one of the best that I have seen from the company to date. In the past, I have been disappointed with the eighties-style graphics and tools. This product is more on standard with what I would expect and the pricing on it is comparable to other reading tools, but offers a lot more punch with games and fun ways to interact with your books.

The age bracket is intended for ages three to seven. My seven year old could easily navigate games like the syllable game or selecting words from the text that described what was happening. Admittedly, my four year-old was stumped with the games and could only seem to navigate the one game that came already built into the reader. Because of this reason, I would say that the reader is more ideal for a child between the 5-7 range because they will have a firmer grasp on those beginning reader skills.That is not to say that the reader is not great for listening to and reading words on the screen for a child that is younger, but the game portions are geared towards a child who has a bit of knowledge on word recognition.

Things That Parents Will Love About this Reader:

  • The V.Reader system comes with a book cartridge to get your collection started. The beginner game will keep your child entertained with eight games and a story that they can interact with. This is a great bonus considering most tools come with a horribly basic cartridge that forces parents to immediately start making a cartridge investment.
  • The V.Reader comes with a USB cable that you can use to connect your reader to the computer to download more stories. To date, I am not able to see the library of stories, but the site boasts that many of these will be available for free.
  • The V.Reader does have a headphone jack so your child can insert headphones to listen to the stories and play games without involving the whole family. This makes it a real winner, in my book, and perfect for family trips and a way to keep your child entertained on errand-running or appointment-waiting.
  • The system is kid-tough. It reminds me of the durable equipment made by Fisher Price including a see-through cover that can be shut to protect the reader. The buttons are big, sturdy, and colorful perfect for parents who have kids that like to abuse their toys!
  • The V.Reader is a great reading tool for beginning reading and teaches them the basic fundamentals for reading in a fun new way. They offer reading cartridges with all of your child’s favorite characters including Toy Story, Dora, Olivia, & even the Mr. Men & Little Miss, Shrek, and Mickey Mouse. They currently have licensed eleven lovable characters with, I am sure, more to come in the future!

There are few downfalls with this system other than the fact that it does take four AA batteries (an investment for this reader would be a good set of rechargeable batteries), that the reader has a stylus pen that smaller children will quickly lose (Best Bet- take it out before you give it to them and let them use their little fingers), and that each cartridge is around $19.99 to reload your system. Hopefully, the library of reading material will be cheaper and offer a lot of free reads to keep the cost of loading the reader down for families.

The V.Reader is currently available at Target  and will be available nationwide at all retailers in August!

To learn more about the reader, visit the V.Reader website.

Price: $59.99, additional cartridges are $19.99 each

Website for More Information: V.Reader

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