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Giveaway Results: Select Comfort True Silver Sheets (Almost $300 Value)

silver sheetsSorry! This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to Commenter #124 (Gigi) on winning this fantastic set of sheets!

Today I have another great giveaway for you and I am so excited to share it with you! This giveaway is a hot one, particularly for my sweet and tired parent readers out there who would just love to get a good night’s sleep. Lucky for you, I bet you could get just that if you had some fancy temperature controlled sheets to help you achieve it.

Select Comfort offers True Silver Sheets that  are chemical free and offers anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-static benefits. All-natural 280-thread-count, 95% cotton with 5% X-STATIC®* silver fiber helps regulate your temperature while you sleep. These sheets can help you accomplish that great night’s sleep that you have been dying for and we want to give away a set to you.

What are some ways that you can help get that rest that your body has been craving? s. Sleep Expert and Director of Sleep Innovation and Clinical Research at Select Comfort, Pete Bils, has tips and tools to use improved sleep as a way to protect your immune health and ward off sickness.

1.     Make sleep a priority: Put sleep at the top of your to-do list.

2.     Consistency is key: Maintain a consistent bedtime routine and schedule sleep all week long – even on the weekends – since altering your sleep schedule can create jet-lag-like symptoms. Remember that sleep is not negotiable.

3.     Avoid anti-sleep activities: Don’t eat, exercise or consume caffeine late in the day.

4.     Pay attention to your environment: Go into a dim, quiet room one hour before you plan to go to bed, and turn off all screens so you start to relax.

5.     Check your bed: Take advantage of innovations in bedding that allow you to customize your comfort, like the Sleep Number bed and accessories.

You can read more great sleep tips here!

To enter to win, head over to our review and read more about the product. Then just come back here and tell me why you  need that perfect night’s sleep! Entries will be taken through Tuesday (11/17) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!

Review: Select Comfort True Silver Sheet Set

silver sheetsI received a set of True Silver Sheets to review from the Select Comfort company and I am looking forward to sharing a giveaway of the same sheet set with our readers tomorrow.

We began our relationship with Select Comfort by reviewing a set of their memory foam pillows. At that point, I can say that I really didn’t think the cost of these pillows was justifiable. I am a frugal girl and products like these seemed “too good to be true.” Having said that, the cost invested in a set of these would be totally worth it after discovering that I no longer need to visit the chiropractor weekly. My co-pay for those visits was really adding up, and since I have used their pillows, I haven’t had to visit the chiropractor since. Just throw me in an informercial for the company and I could spout off all the awesomeness that is my life since these pillows.

Justifying sheets that cost almost $300 is a bit trickier than the pillows though. Select Comfort offers True Silver Sheets that  are chemical free and offers anti-microbial, anti-odor and anti-static benefits. All-natural 280-thread-count, 95% cotton with 5% X-STATIC®* silver fiber helps regulate your temperature while you sleep.

After sleeping on these for this last week, I want to share with you our experience with the sheets and who we believe this product would be good for!


Generous Sizing- We have a pillow top mattress and it is difficult to get sheets that have generous enough pockets and that will fit nicely on our mattress. There have been many nights where we have somehow lost the corners of our sheets because of the improper fit. These sheets have a beautifully gathered pocket that is roomy enough for even the largest mattress. Just to make sure they never come loose, there is an elastic band that goes underneath to anchor the corners further so you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

No Smell- For family’s that suffer from allergies or sensitivities to fabrics, these sheets are absolutely ideal. Even after a spin in the washer and dryer, the sheets had zero scent. After a week of sleeping on them, they remained odor-free. The fact that they are anti-microbial is great for anyone who suffers from allergies and has difficulties with the allergens that are trapped in other sheets and bedding.

Temperature Control Extraordinaire- The real question to these sheets for me was if they actually are temperature controlled? I am constantly freezing at night and my husband is hot at night. We both agree that we were both comfortable and have slept great in these sheets. I can tell that they are working because if I get up at night, the sheets stay nice and toasty when I slide back in my spot. It is quite extraordinary that they do this and so effectively too. Because of their temperature control, they are perfect for couples like us that run at two different temperatures and would be ideal for women that are suffering from hot flashes or hormonal changes to help them sleep more comfortably at night.


Wrinkly & Loud-  When I got the sheets, I threw them immediately in the washer to freshen them up and take the packaging creases out of them. After a quick run through the dryer, they looked like a wrinkly ball. The packaging says that they can run through the dryer on low, but they did not wash up very nice for me. That being said, I need to experiment to see if fabric softener or white vinegar would have made a difference on the wrinkling, but did not want to deaden whatever properties were in the sheets that keep them temperature controlled.

Because of the fabric being anti-static and the silver blend, climbing into bed is a little…loud. It almost sounds like a package being ripped open when we climb in bed. I can hear my husband climb into bed and the sounds of wrinkled tissue paper as he settles in. Once we are settled though, the sound doesn’t bother me as much.

No Smell- It depends on what side of the smell fence you are on, but having a freshly washed scent is exactly why I love washing my sheets. I love the smell of sheets that have been hanging on the line or the smell of my fabric softener. Without the smell, things just feel less homey, but the fact that I am toasty seems to make up for it!

Price- Not many people would be able to afford these sheet sets. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to review them and share them with my readers though because of this very reason! That being said, if you are someone suffering from allergies, hot flashes, body odor, or are severely freezing all of the time, this would totally be worth the cost so you can get a comfortable night’s sleep!

Suggested Retail Price- $279.99 – $329.99

Website for More Details- Select Comfort

This product was received as a review sample. The thoughts and opinions expressed will always be honest and heartfelt and no reflection on receiving a sample copy.  We promise to always do our best to also give away each of these products to our readers because it is always better to give than to receive!  Want to know more about how things are handled here at MomAdvice? Be sure to read our Disclaimer which clearly states how things work and know that we will always offer only the best reviews to our readers.