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Giveaway Results: Giving Away Holiday Goodies from Lands’ End

A big thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to commenter #29 (Sunny) on winning the contest with this entry:

Sleeping bag set.

Q: How do you find time to blog so much, so regularly???

How do I find the time? Well, I actually only blog on the weekends and schedule everything for my week. I do all my blogging on Friday-Sunday and just work on maintenance and time-sensitive stuff (like the contests) throughout the week. Since people seem to be primarily curious about my blogging routine, I will have to work on some posts for that. Thank you for asking and congrats on winning!

We are excited to be offering our readers another giveaway that would be perfect for wrapping beneath your tree this year!

Lands’ End wants to share with one of our readers the chance to choose one of the following of items from their holiday line:

For Her: Women’s Regular Long Sleeve Cashmere Tee Sweater (Retail Value of $89.50)

For Him: Men’s Regular Down Vest (Retail Value of $29.50)

For KidsKid’s Sleeping Bag Set (Retail Value of $59.50)

To win you need to leave a comment here by Tuesday (11/25) at 8PM (EST) and tell me which item you would pick and ask me one question that you have always wanted to ask me. We will be highlighting reader questions on our site and I am compiling these for the new year. It can be personal (but not too personal) or it can be something about home management, a recipe/cooking question, or any questions on money-management.

Only entries that answer the two questions will be entered into our drawing. Our winner will be chosen at random and I look forward to your questions! Good luck, everyone and be sure to check Lands’ End for all of your holiday needs. As you can see in the examples above, they offer a wide-range of prices perfect for any budget!

Giveaway Results: $50 Walmart Gift Card

Wow, I can’t believe we had this many entries, but I just want to thank each of you for taking the time to leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see covered here. I pulled one of the hot topics out of the hat and covered a holiday gift guide for men (all gifts under $20) that was requested by you. I will continue working through this extensive list and I hope you will continue visiting our site!

I want to congratulate commenter #812, Pam B., on winning this gift card. She was chosen at random and had this idea for our site:

“What a blessing a $50 Walmart card would be for holiday shopping! I would love to read more information about organizing my coupons. I have been couponing and refunding for over 30 years, but no matter what I have tried, the paper overwhelms me! There are so many coupons to sort through and file. So far, the best way for me has been to file my coupons in a recipe box divided by tabs (example: Paper Products) then into mini categories (example: Toilet Tissue/Kleenex, Paper Towels/Napkins, Plates/Cups, Wrap/Bags). But I am looking for a better way. I need to save every penny I can, but sometimes I don’t even feel like bothering with my coupons anymore. They really do save me a lot of money, but there has to be a better, easier way!”

We look forward to answering these and many more questions this year. Thank you all for participating and check back each and every Tuesday for fun giveaways!

Sorry- this giveaway has ended!

Walmart wants our readers to have the best holiday season with the lowest prices so they are offering to our readers (in conjunction with my job as an Eleven Mom) the opportunity to win a $50 gift card that will be put towards your holiday shopping/grocery shopping this year.

Just think what you could do with $50 to put towards your holiday shopping? I can already picture myself loading up on goodies for all my cookie trays this year. Unfortunately, I can’t win, but you can!

Please leave a comment by Tuesday (11/18) at 8PM with one topic you would like to see covered on our site/blog. Only entries that follow the guidelines will be entered and I thank you for giving me some content to cover in the new year! Good luck to each of you and may your holiday season be truly blessed!

Animal Paradise for Nintendo DS

Is your little princess demanding a pony? Are the kids going on a hunger strike until you buy them their own circus elephant? Well, you and I both know that’s never going to happen. However, you might want to pacify their rioting with a much less expensive and smelly alternative, Animal Paradise for the Nintendo DS.

The game is simple. You have to care for a pet by doing many of the things you’d have to do in real life: feed them, walk them, pet them, give them a bath, etc. By doing so, you increase the animal’s affection towards you. As their love goes up, you’ll earn ridiculously cute photos of the animal and unlock new animals to play with.

There’s 18 animals in all and range from a variety of cats and dogs to some more interesting choices like a chicken, squirrel, miniature pig, and Jangalian hamster. Your kids will need to keep up with each animal, which is a great way to introduce them to the responsibilities of owning a pet. The controls are extremely easy with the DS touch screen. If you need to pet a dog for example, you just scratch the screen. They animal will react to whatever you’re doing, so it’s great positive feedback for the kids. There are also several “mini-games” to break up the action and serves as a nice way of sharpening their puzzle solving skills.

Unfortunately, that’s about it. Once you unlock all the animals and photos, the game doesn’t offer much more past that point. You can continue maintaining the animal’s undying affection towards you, but there’s nothing new to satisfy you beyond that.

This is a really good game for young kids and our 6-year-old was over the moon about it. Appropriately, it’s recommended for kids 3 and up. The game will be available on September 23rd for just under $20.

Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

Website For More Details: Animal Paradise