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Drugstore Dish: Schick Intuition Razors

schick-intuition-razorI am so excited to kick of this new fun feature for all of my fellow drugstore junkies! Each Tuesday, I will be providing a review of a drugstore product and giving you a spot to link up to your own reviews to drive traffic back to your blog. How fun is that? I hope you will feel encouraged to participate and share about your experiences with commonly found drugstore items to save us all some cash & time when hunting at our stores.

Today I want to share my thoughts on the Schick Intuition Razor because I currently have about sixteen of them in my stockpile since they run killer coupons for this razor in the paper. I couple these coupons with the current CVS deals and can usually score these normally expensive razors for about two bucks a piece. I, of course, stockpiled them before really trying them out so now I will be using them whether I like them or not. This is the life of a drugstore junkie so please take pity on me!

If you haven’t tried the Schick Intuition Razor, it is a fantastic concept for a razor because it has the shaving cream built into the razor so you don’t have to mess with doing anything other than wetting your legs and gliding the razor over your legs to shave. The head on the razor is intended to swivel a bit to get around the tricky areas on your legs like your knees and ankles. The head also adjusts to the level of the soap that you can ensure getting an even shave every time.

I have really wanted to love this razor, but there are a few shortcomings with the design execution. For one, when beginning to use this razor to shave the shaving soap is actually taller than the razor. What happens when I first shave with this product is that it actually glides easily over the leg, but only shaves off the very top of the hairs, rather than giving a close shave. It takes me two applications to get the soap to a point where I can use it and actually get a good shave.

The soap on these shavers lasts for only six applications so it does require a new refill more often if you want to be able to have the shaving soap built in. For me, when it gets too far down, I just go back to using the shaving cream until the blade is too dull.

Once you have officially dulled up that blade (or dulled it beyond the point of recognition like me) you will need to buy refills for it. And this is where you really start to hemorrhage the money because these refills are very expensive. The scenario reminds me a lot of buying a cheap printer and then discovering that the ink cartridges are more than the printer themselves. Be sure to utilize every coupon scenario and deal known to man or be prepared to pay the cost. Six refills cost $19.99 and 3 refills will run you $10.99 at CVS.

That being said, these little razors are so handy to take when you are traveling and help to cut down on what you need to carry on. With all of the airline standards, anything that makes getting through security easier is a great product for me!

What is your favorite razor? Have you tried this product? Please feel free to share!



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