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Review: Webkinz Jr

webkinz jrI will admit that our family is a late bloomer when it comes to the Webkinz products. My son received a Webkinz Zebra and we have been saving his activation code for the last six months as something for him to do for one of those snow days… or a day when I have completely lost my mind. Despite not having activated his pet, he loved and slept with it every single night and only recently has learned of its online virtual zebra world. Yes, the holidays can make a mom lose her mind!

When Webkinz asked if they could send us a sample of their new Webkinz Jr products, I jumped on it…mainly, to activate their codes at the same time so I could tackle some of those holiday chores.  Just imagine sweet silence while getting the chores done and knowing that your kids were getting something educational out of it to boot. You gotta love that! We received the Plush Tan Puppy from the line which includes everything from puppies to monkeys!

The Webkinz Jr line is targeted specifically at children who are between the ages of three to six. The games are age-appropriate for this age and a fun way to keep your child entertained. How do I know that they are age-appropriate? Unlike other online sites where there have been tears of frustration over not being able to understand the games, there is simply sweet silence as she plays with her virtual puppy online.

To top it off, the Webkinz Jr line is extremely plush and cozy. Our new puppy feels like a soft Gund toy that is perfect for your little one to snuggle up with at night and enjoy IRL (You know, In Real Life.)

Parents can monitor their child’s activity online with their own login, but further information does require a special paid membership. I prefer to monitor my child for free though and have her play her games next to me. Too bad that the Webkinz virtual world expires after one year and requires another purchase with a fresh activation code to start playing again. Regardless, a year of playtime and a plush toy that will last until she is tired of it for $24.95 still seems like a great deal to me!

Overall, I am really pleased and my daughter is loving her, “Daisy the Dog,” as she promptly named her… and then petted her both virtually and in real life. Ah, the power of technology!

Suggested Retail Price: $24.95

Website for More Details: Webkinz Jr Plush Tan Stuffed Dog

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