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Giveaway Results: Lush Color Me Christmas Gift Set

color me christmas

Sorry! This giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate Commenter #106 (DeeDee) on winning this prize pack. Thanks so much for your entries and happy holidays!

We are continuing our giveaway extravaganza with a fantastic gift that would be a wonderful addition under your Christmas tree this year.

In this prize pack is a cute little house-shaped box is left blank to colour in. Like any good gingerbread house, it’s full of decadent treats. Five tempting treats are all huddled under one roof to convince children once and for all that bathing is fun. The bonus is, the box is meant to be colored in so that ought to keep them busy for a while. They add in a pot of Strawberry Santa, it’s our wobbly Shower Jelly that lathers up and gets you clean. Grown-ups may not admit it, but we love to have fun in the bath too… and maybe enjoy a bit of coloring now and again. This one’s best for kids and the young at heart.

The Color Me Christmas set comes in a cute reusable box that is ready for your children to color. Inside the box, it contains a Mr. Butterball 4.5 oz, Satsumo Santa 6.3 oz, Strawberry Santa 3.5 oz, Li’l LUSH Pud 3.1oz, Candy Cane 3.5 oz.

To enter to win, head over to our review and read more about our thoughts on the Lush Color Me Christmas Gift Set. Then just come back HERE to enter and tell me why you deserve this gift set as  a special holiday treat. Entries will be taken through Tuesday (11/24) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!

Drugstore Dish: The DivaCup

diva-cupToday I wanted to switch things up a bit and share a way that you can save on feminine products at the drugstore by buying something that is not available at the drugstore. Confused yet? If you are male, you will definitely want to move on to another review. Might I recommend Excitebots Trick Racing or a Roku Digital Video Player instead of a feminine product discussion?

I had heard about the DivaCup a few years ago, but only recently decided to try this alternative to disposable feminine products. I have always tried other alternatives though and used Instead for many years, but did not like that the product was disposable. I am really kicking myself for not trying this DivaCup alternative sooner and I couldn’t wait to share it with my readers.

The DivaCup is made of soft medical grade silicone, which is latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic and odorless. It is a cup with a tip at the end that can be grasped for removal and is used instead of disposable products like disposable pads and tampons.

This cup is sturdy, but can be folded together for insertion. The package comes with instructions which offer a step-by-step process for insertion. What I have discovered is that it takes awhile to master how it should be inserted for it to work properly. After a few missteps along the way, I am seeing how unbelievably awesome this product is.

Once the cup is inserted, it catches everything eliminating the need for pads or tampons. Until you get the hang of it though, a pantyliner is a must because if it is not properly inserted, there can be some leakage. Even people who have heavy periods no longer have to worry about running to the bathroom all of the time because this lasts so much longer with effective results.

To clean the cup, you dump out what is inside and give it a rinse with hot water and mild soap. My worry was that I would be somewhere that this would not be convenient, but the beauty of this product is that it can be worn for (up to) 12 hours before you need to remove it. It can be worn to bed, it can be exercised in, you can even swim in it with no issues at all or bulky pads to wear or change.

Cleaning the DivaCup is very easy.  After each use, you should rinse it with mild soap and water. The company also recommends at the end of each cycle ,  to submerge the Diva Cup in an open pan of boiling water (continuous rolling boil) for twenty (20) minutes. Do not leave the boiling pot unattended and use enough water so that the pan does not boil dry. That’s it! You then store it in a small cloth bag that it comes with.

Here is who could benefit from this product:

- Anyone who has heavy periods. You may not be able to go twelve hours at a time, but I guarantee that you will go much longer than you would if you were wearing a pad or tampon.

- Anyone who is sensitive to feminine products. This product is latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic and odorless.

- Anyone who is trying to make an effort to be more green. This is so much better on the environment because there is nothing to throw away.

- Anyone who wants to save money. This small investment will recoup itself within a few months. They do recommend replacing this item once a year, due to government standards, but that is entirely up to you.

Have you tried any feminine product alternatives? Please share!



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