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Roku Digital Video Player

roku1When I was contacted by Roku to see if I would be interested in trying their player I was immediately intrigued. I can admit it. I am a total gadget nut and this sounded like a very cool gadget for a family like ours.

This little box hooks up to your television and allows you to play the movies on Netflix on your television. Many times people are streaming shows on to their computers which is not always convenient or comfortable. Instead, this little player can hook up to your home entertainment system and give your entire family the opportunity to watch something together on the couch.

With this player, Roku is providing families with a fun and affordable alternative to home entertainment.  The company has teamed up with Netflix to offer customers the ability to instantly watch more than 12,000 movies and TV episodes, including new releases and hundreds of options in HD, streamed directly to your TV. The best part, if you are like most Netflix customers and on a Netflix Unlimited plan (any plan that costs $8.99 a month or more); there are no limits to how much you can watch instantly.

The only downfall with the product is that you really do need to have a high speed internet connection. We only have a DSL connection so the viewing can be a little bit like watching something on You Tube. It is also not necessarily for families who have a computer hooked up to their television and are already streaming movies. (Raising Hand) Yup, that would be my family! My husband enjoys having the world’s largest web browser.

All joking aside, the Roku Player is surprisingly easy to use and simple to integrate into any home entertainment system. The interface is extremely clear and hook up took literally a couple of minutes. For homes with wireless Internet connectivity, the player is Wi-Fi enabled and offers the ultimate in placement flexibility. With the player’s accompanying remote control, members can browse and make selections right on the TV screen and also have the option to pause, rewind or play anytime just like a DVD.

If Netflix doesn’t offer enough movie options for you or you are looking for a movie that is not available online, Roku will soon be partnering up with Amazon Video on Demand where customers can download¬† movies (cost ranging from $.99-$3.99 per download) and can watch that movie for 24 hours on their Roku box.

With the economic downturn, many families are looking for affordable ways to be entertained at home. Roku offers a fun and innovative way to offer a little movie varation to that family night!

Suggested Retail Price: $99.99

Website for More Information: Roku