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LeapFrog Benefits My Community

leapfrogDo you ever feel like you won the lottery in life? Running this website has lead to so many amazing opportunities and I get so excited when these opportunities can have a direct impact on my community.

I was recently contacted by LeapFrog to assist in a new program they had started and act as a Summer Reading Ambassador. In this role, I could contact our local library and ask if they would like a donation from LeapFrog to be used to promote reading and literacy in children. The libraries needed only to say how many kits they would need and LeapFrog could send out a kit to each and every branch in our community. Each kit contained 5 Tag readers with 10 books and 3 Tag Junior pals with 6 books.

If I could have gotten the donation on my Flip, I could have secured the entire LeapFrog collection of books. I think the librarian was a little camera shy, but she still was very excited about implementing these new books into the libraries.

While the LeapFrog readers won’t be going into circulation, they are hoping that the kids will be able to enjoy them while spending time at the library. If you are ever visiting one of the Mishawaka, Indiana libraries, I hope that your children can enjoy some of these fun treats from LeapFrog.

A huge thank you to LeapFrog for letting me be an official Summer Reading Ambassador and aid in the promotion of literacy in children.


leapfrog-tag-readerInterested in more information about the LeapFrog Tag?

This system is intended for children between the ages of four and eight, and is made to help your child learn to read. Unlike their previous systems though, the TAG reader is not a bulky system, but instead a simple electronic pen that reads the books that go along with this system.

The reader works through a small and sophisticated infared camera at the tip of the reader and “reads” the letters, words, and symbols printed on the special dot-patterned pages of the books.

To use the system, you simply turn the TAG reader on (powered with two AAA batteries that are not included) and then point to the words in the book to read it. There are different types of modes that you can read the book in, adding to your learning experience and making the book come to life for the reader.

Unlike other systems, this TAG reader immediately seems to pick up what book it is reading and doesn’t require constant hovering over icons to make it do what you want. I appreciate the sleek design of the pen, making this a great item to use when traveling or just going on long rides in the car.

Even though this product is intended for children between the ages of four and eight, my daughter (who is three) loves this just as much as my son! I do really appreciate the size of this system versus the other products that we have bought too.

Suggested Retail Price- $34.40 for TAG Reading System, $9.99 and up for books.

Website for More Details- LeapFrog

Giveaway Results: Huge Prize Package from LeapFrog!


Thank you to all who entered our contest with LeapFrog. We would like to congratulate Commenter #433, Ginger Stark, on winning this for herself AND her local library! We couldn’t be happier to see everyone making the pledge to read. Thank you and happy reading!

LeapFrog has launched 1 Million Reading Hours in conjunction with the NEA’s National Reading Month, to bring attention to literacy and to encourage families to make time to read together. By pledging to set aside at least 10 minutes a day, parents can contribute to the national goal of 1 million reading hours committed. More important, they can reinforce the importance of shared reading time in their own family.  All participants will receive special rewards and offers.

In conjunction with this campaign, LeapFrog is doing a wonderful giveaway with us to inspire your commitment to family reading.

One lucky winner will receive:

1 Green LeapFrog Tag Reader + 5 books (chosen by LeapFrog) for personal use,

An expanded-memory LeapFrog School Tag reader + 10 books (chosen by LeapFrog) to donate to your local library.

To enter, please tell us how much time you have pledged in the LeapFrog 1 Million Reading Hours Campaign. Please leave your comment by Tuesday (03/17) at 8PM EST to be entered to win. Good luck to each of you and happy reading!

If you are thinking about purchasing a LeapFrog Tag Reader, please be sure to read our review with the product!