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Kirby Super Star Ultra

Up on the block this time is another great Nintendo DS game for kids called Kirby Super Star Ultra. Yeah, I think it needs some more adjectives on the end of it too, but I digress. This is actually an old game that’s been made new again with some new things thrown in just for the DS. The game is pretty straightforward. You’re this pink ball with red shoes that can jump and fly. That’s not very exciting, but there’s one more thing you can do that makes this game so interesting.

You see, Kirby has some serious lung power because he can suck up various creatures in his way and assume whatever special powers they have. That’s where the real action lies. Kirby can go from an unassuming huggable balloon to a sword-wielding, fire blowing, yo-yo throwing beast of destruction.

To make things even more fun, you can spit that creature back out. When you do, they’ve apparently had a change of heart while hanging out inside Kirby because they now follow you and help you out on your adventures. This is a great thing for beginners or younger kids because they can always have a little helper tagging along to make things a little easier on them.

And easy this game is. It’s not one long challenge that takes a 20-hour-straight marathon to complete. Instead, it takes a much more approachable path by splitting the game into 6 different adventures. The first is a gentle intro to help you learn the controls that can be finished in about 10 minutes. From there on, the difficultly and length of the games ramp up. There’s several unrelated mini-games that are mixed in for variety where you compete against yourself to continue to improve your best score.

From a parent’s point of view, this is a great game. All the characters are more cute than scary. There’s no graphic violence and the controls are pretty straightforward, though younger ones may need some help at first. If you have more than one DS, you can even join in and team up with them.

After daddy gave the game a test drive we handed it to our 6-year-old for his opinion before we wrote a review. That was over a week ago and we’ve been unable to tear him away from it since. He declared yesterday “this is my favorite game EVER“. That’s pretty impressive for a kid who’s the product of two gamer parents and has 7 video game systems at his disposal. Kids these days!

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99

Website For More Details: Kirby Super Star Ultra