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Review: Lands’ End Sport Squall Parka & How You Can Help the Homeless!

Lands' End Sport Squall ParkaWe received a fantastic Lands’ End Sport Squall Parka coat to review and once again, I am impressed with the products that Lands’ End offers. I had bought a bulky winter coat for my son, but we were dealing with the same issues every single day that he wore it. Any mother, I am sure,  knows what I am talking about. With bulky coats there were always two difficulties- the difficulties with fitting the seat belt around the giant coat and booster seat, the other issue being that it was difficult to fit a backpack nicely over the girth of the coat. These two issues plague us in the winter, and I think that is why this coat is such a hit in our house.

The coat feels like a windbreaker with none of the heaviness of a typical winter coat. Despite how lightweight it is, the temperature rating is -10°/35° Fahrenheit which is perfect for these harsh Indiana winters. It also is windproof, the arms cinch to your child’s sizing to keep out the elements, and it has a fitted hood that is attached so your kid’s won’t lose it.

My son loves his new coat and I love the fact that there are no more tears of frustration trying to get our seat belts on and backpacks on. I love this coat so much that I am planning to get one for my daughter and thankfully, I have the opportunity to do that with a 20% discount.

More than the coat, I am most excited about Lands’ End and their new initiative to keep those less fortunate warm this winter. Just think about how hard winter would be if you did not have a coat. There are so many people who are without one this winter while many of us have extras tucked away in our closets that are gathering dust. Imagine if you could give that coat to someone in need to keep them warm this winter. Well, I have the perfect way you can help!

Lands’ End has joined forces with the National Coalition for the Homeless for the Big Warm-up.  The Big Warm-up provides an opportunity for people across the nation to donate a gently used coat that will then go on to warm one of more than 3.5 million homeless women, men and children in the United States right now – each facing a cold winter.

Beginning October 29 until November 30, Lands’ End is hosting Big Warm-up coat donation sites at its 252 Lands’ End Shops at Sears and 13 Lands’ End Inlets®.  Donated coats will be distributed via the National Coalition for the Homeless in communities nearby.  AND… Lands’ End is giving 20 percent off the purchase of a new coat for each one donated.

Visit WWW.BIGWARMUP.COM to see how each coat can warm a heart, track donations, find donation sites, watch an inspiring video and spread the word.

Go through your closets TODAY and get a great discount in the process!

Website for More Details: Lands’ End

Suggested Retail Price: $69.50, but currently on sale for $52.00

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