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Review: Better Homes & Gardens Wax Warmers & Fragrance Cubes

If there is one thing I love it is a house that smells delicious. I absolutely love candles in my home, but I still feel very nervous about them around my children. Lucky for me, Walmart has a great alternative for moms like me who love a wonderful smelling home, but worry about candle safety.

Better Homes & Gardens offer a wonderful line of affordable wax warmers and a variety of fragrance cubes that you can enjoy all year long. While other warmers can cost $30 or more for just the warmers, these little beauties cost a mere $15 and a six pack of fragrance cubes will only cost $2 per pack (for a 2.5 ounce size).

The number one question that people asked when they came to visit our family over the holidays is, “What is that delicious smell?” With yummy fragrances like apple pie, butterscotch maple cream, blueberry muffin, and warm vanilla creme, there is truly a scent for every occasion.

Simply plug in the wax warmer and a  low-wattage light bulb (25w) provides just enough heat to melt your cubes, releasing the fragrance within minutes. You can melt up to two cubes at a time, which creates the opportunity to mix and match fragrances to create your own unique combination.

Scents can be reused simply by pouring your wax right back into the clamshell fragrance container and allowing it to harden back up. You can reuse the scent until it runs out of fragrance, but each fragrance cube lasts for several hours.

You can find these wax warmers & fragrance cubes in all Walmart stores nationwide, over by the candles & Home Decor section of your local store.

I know I am thoroughly enjoying my wax warmer and it is an inexpensive way to bring wonderful scents into my home safely and beautifully.