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30 Days to Natural Blog Tour

I am a big fan of the new Greenworks cleaning products from Clorox. I have tried a few of the cleaners and have found that while I enjoy making my own cleaners for my counter tops and bathroom surfaces, I prefer the convience of a store-bought toilet bowl cleaner rather than making a witch’s brew of vinegar & baking soda in my toilet.

I was attracted to these products because they were sold in my regular grocery store and were very close in pricing to the hazardous chemicals on the shelf. Cheap & green- Score! I have found that they work just as well as the other cleaners I use so I am pleased with my past purchases from this line of products. I feel more and more satisfaction with our life as we make more & more green choices. Anyone else feel this way?

I am participating this month in a 30 Days to Natural Blog Tour partnered through Mom Central & the Clorox company. This tour is intended to help our readers know about the new 30 Days to Natural website and what you can do with it.

Through this website you can sign up for daily email or get tips sent to your phone, providing a new idea each day for ways that you can begin living a greener life. They also offer a downloadable kitchen checklist with a few tips on it for ways that you can green up that kitchen routine. If you ask me though, save the paper and read the list online- after all, keep your routine as green as you can!

What green changes have you made in your home? What green products do you buy regularly?