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Be Fire Smart This Year

libertymutual‘Tis the season for warming our homes with our fireplaces or space heaters and lighting beautiful candles to add warmth and life to our homes. ‘Tis also the season for heart wrenching stories of loss of homes and families due to fires.It is scary to think of what could happen if such an emergency occurred and how you would handle it.

Liberty Mutual has setup a great little website for parents called “Be Fire Smart” to get some very important information about fire safety for both children and their parents. There are lots of great resources including a wonderful downloads page with a list of hazards, a downloadable fire escape plan, and even a fire safety coloring sheet for your child. All of these resources are free and so important during this season of the year, in particular. It is a different and unique approach towards educating because the site is a very interactive way to learn about fire safety.

We will be focusing this next month on family safety and giving away tools that will help with family safety so be checking back in January for more safety advice and resources to keep your homes safe.

Thank you to Mom Central for letting us be a part of this great blog tour to raise awareness about fire safety and please visit Be Fire Smart and brush up on your fire safety for your family.