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Review: Dutch Boy Refresh Paint

dutch-boy-refreshI was so excited to get an opportunity to review the new Dutch Boy Refresh Paint and share my thoughts on this product with you. Dutch Boy came out with this new paint that will add a nice fresh coat of paint to your walls and the paint additionally contains baking soda to help eliminate household odors.

We chose our living room as our room to paint because it was a spot in my house that I have been wanting to paint over. It is the room that you see when you first enter our house and countless fingerprints, smudges, and gashes in our wall made that spot in my house a true eye sore.

On painting day, the first thing that I noticed about this paint is that it is very easy to pour.  I am usually struggling with pouring paint, but these jugs have an easy pour spout and a handle that makes it a lot easier to pour out your paint with a lot less mess.

Our color was Honey Bear, a nice yellow neutral, that would brighten our space. It was a light color so I was anxious to see if it would cover well. This paint went on so well that we had very little touching-up that we had to do because it covered so nicely. I love a paint that creates less work for me!

The real question though is if the baking soda made a difference in our room? To be honest, this paint investment might be better served in a room where there might be more odors (the nursery or your kitchen, perhaps?) but I still felt like the room smelled a lot fresher. What was better than the fresh smell though was the lack of paint fumes. I can feel queasy for days after we paint and this paint hardly smelled at all. All that I smelled was a nice neutral smell when I woke up the morning after painting.

The fact that this paint has 0 VOC’s makes this paint a more eco-friendly choice. If you are not familiar with VOC’s this means the “Volatile organic compounds” which are vapors released from paint as it dries and are thought to contribute to smog and ozone. RefreshTM paint is formulated without VOCs, which is one step closer to having less impact on our environment.

I can’t say how long this fresh smell will last although the company says that these odor-eliminating effects could last as long as a year. I am sure my family will put that theory to the test, but in the meantime we are absolutely loving our fresh new room! Need some inspiration for your space? Be sure to visit the Inspiration Gallery for some great ideas to update your look.

Next week, we will be unveiling our room and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Website for More Details: Dutch Boy