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Giveaway Results: Hoover Bagged Upright Vacuum


Sorry- this contest is closed! Thank you to everyone who entered! We would like to congratulate Commenter #384 (Helen) on winning this great vacuum! Please check back each Tuesday for a brand new giveaway!

Our giveaway with Hoover just got an upgrade. The warehouse accidentally shipped an extra one of these upright vacuums and I am so excited that they are letting me keep it and give it to you! If you have already entered, there is no need to enter again. Just know that your entry got an amazing upgrade and you can read our thoughts about this amazing vacuum here!

I may be in the minority, but I think a brand new cleaning tool is a fun and practical Mother’s Day gift that would keep on giving and giving in our family. That is why I am so excited about this fun new giveaway that we are offering up for a brand new Hoover Bagged Upright Vacuum valued at $449.99!

Removing more dirt in a single pass than other lightweight bagged uprights, this powerful vacuum cleaner combines direct air-flow technology with patented Windtunnel Technology for fast, efficient results. Weighing less than 12 pounds, the cleaner moves effortlessly from room to room and up and down stairs. It also provides illuminated fingertip controls for easily turning the power on and off or switching between high and low speeds. The upright vacuum cleaner uses a dust bag with a HEPA filter, which traps 99.97 percent of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns for better indoor air quality. The quick-release, self-sealing bag prevents dirt puffs from escaping, and the cleaner’s check-bag indicator illuminates when the bag needs to be changed.

Other highlights include a 12 amp motor, a 14-inch-wide nozzle, automatic height adjustment, and edge-cleaning brushes, as well as a lifetime LED headlight, a comfortable D-shaped handle, and a 35-foot power cord. Even more, the unit comes with a canister vacuum for above-the-floor cleaning and for bare-floor surfaces. Simply attach the included bare-floor brush, dusting/furniture brush, or crevice tool to the end of the telescoping extension wand for thorough, detailed cleaning throughout the house. A detachable shoulder strap for conveniently transporting the canister vacuum comes included, along with a Type Q upright HEPA bag, a Type I portable canister HEPA bag, and a user manual for both the upright and the canister. The upright vacuum cleaner measures approximately 15-1/2 by 13 by 45 inches and carries a six-year limited warranty.

To enter to win this fantastic prize, please leave a comment and tell me what is your biggest cleaning dilemma in your house? Please leave your entry by Tuesday (05/12) at 8PM EST in order to qualify to win. Only one entry per person please! All entries that do not follow these guidelines will be omitted from the drawing and winners will be chosen at random. Good luck to each of you!

Bissell Versus Cordless Bare Floor Vacuum

bissellI am a huge fan of Bissell products and everything that I have ever bought from the company has been a roaring success in our house. We have the Bissell Quick Steamer and the Bissell Steam Mop. Both of these little vacuums get a workout in our house, but I have yet to find a cordless vacuum that I am happy with. We bought a Shark which I absolutely loved until it burned out two years later. The next investment was our Dirt Devil Vibe. The suction was great for about a month and then it just stopped picking up. Since then I have been making do with a good old-fashioned broom and pan, but I always keep my eyes peeled for a cordless vacuum that works.

Bissell sent over their new Bissell Versus Cordless Bare Floor Vacuum and I couldn’t wait to open it up. As with all cordless vacuums it requires a good charging before it will work so I had to wait until the next day to use it. Upon it charging, I was ready to roll and I had two willing and messy children to help me break it in. After a morning breakfast of cornflakes (for Ethan) and Cheerios (for Emily), we had the perfect scenario for testing out this vacuum.

The first thing you will notice about this vacuum is that it is an unusual shape. The design might not make sense at first, but when you are trying to get in those crevices around your furniture, it makes complete sense. It is a V-shape design that allows you to get right against your kitchen table and chairs without having to manuever around it. It does require a little manuevering though when you are trying to get around the outer perimeters of your room, but you just line it up against the wall and push around that way.

This vacuum has great suction and within minutes, I could see that it had picked up every last little cornflake bit and Cheerio.  Again, the design factor comes into play on this model because the V-shaped design helps so that you aren’t scooting stuff around (as I had experienced with other cordless models) and actually suctions it into the center.

While intended for bare floors, you could also use this vacuum on low pile carpeting. The vacuum is brushless so you aren’t having to deal with trapped hairs and threads underneath. Best of all, it is bagless and has any easy to release cup where you can dump out what you catch…like Cheerios or cornflakes!

I would highly recommend this vacuum and can’t wait to put it to the Clark test and see if it can survive a few years of hard work in our house.

Here are a few easy tips for picking a cordless vacuum that will be a good fit for your family:

1. You will be much happier with whatever you are purchasing if you can test drive it. Borrow one from a friend or just take them through a spin in the aisle. It would be ideal if you could use it, but if you can’t just try pushing it around to see if it glides easily.

2. Pick a store that has a good return policy. Many times, picking a good quality cordless vacuum is a game of trial in error. In the case of the Shark, I read a story of one lady who had went through three in a month so it is good that the return policy would allow her to do that.

3. Online stores are great and might have more affordable pricing on these, but the pure and simple fact is, if it is defective or you just plain hate it, you have to ship that back. Who wants to be running a sweeper over to the post office? Physical stores are better in this case.

4. Sometimes extras (which cost extra) aren’t worth it. Stick to the basic functions and look for ones that offer the best sweeper for your money.

5. Just like all things, the highest price does not make it the best. Some of the higher priced models had a lot less power than this one so make sure you read the box carefully before buying.

A big thanks to the Bissell company for letting us take their product for a test drive!

Suggested Retail Price: $59.99

Website for More Details: Bissell Versus Corldess Bare Floor Vacuum

What has been your experience with cordless vacuums?  Please feel free to share by leaving a comment!