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Review: Oneida Chef’s Table Dinnerware

I can openly admit that I have an obsession with dishes. I think it began shortly after seeing a picture of Martha Stewart’s kitchen, open shelving filled to the brim with hundreds of beautiful white dishes. It was then that I decided that every good home should have oodles of white dishes and I began my white dish collecting shortly thereafter. Of course, my shelves were filled with an inexpensive set of Gibson dishes that were on the clearance shelves at Target.

To my delight, I got the opportunity to try out the new offerings from Oneida and sample a set of their dinnerware in a service for four. Of all the beautiful color selections, I went to my favorite standby and selected another set of beautiful white dishes. What can I say except that I love the practicality and simplicity of a good white set!

The Chef’s Table set caught my eye because it looked like restaurant-quality china with its square edges and sharp lines.  The contemporary sleekness is not something that I had expected from the company and I was excited to display these dishes along with my other sets.

After using these for a couple of weeks now, I can honestly say that I am impressed with the quality of the dishes and our family has been using these daily since they came into our possession. My poor Gibson sets have moved down in the white dish rotation and I am in love with the simple design of these dishes.

Here are my thoughts on this set:


  • The dishes are very heavy and have a porcelain coating that makes them easy to clean and rinse. They are dishwasher safe, but seem to come clean very easily with just a quick rinse under the sink, even with stuck on foods like eggs and oatmeal. I love a dish that comes clean without any scrubbing!
  • The dishes are microwavable safe, but as I have discovered from buying inexpensive dishes in the past, these dishes actually almost stay cool to the touch when heated in the microwave.  This is a big plus with me since we reheat a lot of leftovers in our house.
  • The design of the dishes is very sleek and contemporary.  Despite its sharp edges, it seems to hold up well despite the dinging and fork banging that can happen in our house with two children.
  • This set would complement any other dishes that you might like to mix it with, making it a versatile choice for any family.
  • The mugs that it comes with are actual mugs, not dinky little tea cups that no one really would ever drink out of. I love that all of the pieces can be used, instead of trying to figure out what to do with dainty or impractical pieces. The other pieces within the set are equally as practical and would get a lot of use in your home.


  • The only con I have found with these is that the mugs are made too thinly and get very hot when you pour coffee into them. It takes awhile for them to cool down on the outside so you definitely can’t cup your hands around the mug until your coffee cools. Bummer to that, but not enough of a bummer to dissuade me from buying another set to match!

Lucky for you all, stay tuned for a fantastic giveaway from the company for your very own set!

Thank you to Oneida for giving us the chance to sample the collection and we look forward to using these a lot in our house!

Suggested Retail Price: $84.99 for a service for four (current sale price)

Website for More Information: Oneida Chef’s Table

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