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Fashion Forward Birkenstocks? Believe It!

spring-birkenstocksI won’t lie, I haven’t been a big fan of Birkenstock shoes in the past just because they weren’t my style. I wouldn’t say I am fashion-forward necessarily, but I do like to wear trendy shoes and shoes in fun colors. I have been a Payless girl for many years now, even if the shoes sometimes aren’t the best support of my feet, but I like to stay with the latest shoe trends. Basically, I like to look cute on a tight budget.

When an email came to me about the new spring look for Birkenstock, I almost didn’t open it. For some reason, I decided to take a peek though and was surprised by their new look and colors. Instead of their traditional style, the cuts were more modern and had a shiny patent on them in fun spring colors like plum purple, red, and chocolate. Even with all the updates to the style, they remained true to their green efforts and the functionality of a good shoe. I was definitely intrigued and decided to give the shoes a try.

I took their cute new Madrid and Gizeh shoes for a test run!

I love the Madrid because it is easy to slip on, like my favorite flip flops, but it offers a huggable support for my foot. I have back pain and am on my feet all day and these shoes offered a lot of arch support to my foot, but looked really cute. They remind me a lot of the Dr. Scholl’s shoe that my mom had in ever color of the rainbow and are now the style I gravitate towards as an adult. I can imagine wearing these shoes a lot to the park with my children or even as house shoes to give my foot support while I am working on the house all day. These will definitely be my new favorite sandals and would be a great investment for a mom on-the-go.

birkenstock-gizeh-sandalThe Gizeh is a thong style shoe that comes in the same great spring colors like a striking purple, peridot green, and even a bright white. I love that this shoe stays on and offers the same great support in the arch. It would be a great shoe to wear with a fun t-shirt and some jean shorts. With all the fun colors they offer, you will still look trendy, but have the maximum foot support that you need when running after your toddler all day.

Best of all, Birkenstock was green before it was trendy to be green. Here are some examples of some green efforts that the company is involved with in the production of these shoes:

  • The spring lineup maintains the proud Birkenstock tradition of craftsmanship using premium quality, natural, renewable, recyclable and naturally insulating material.
  • Birkenstocks are made¬†from durable cork, no trees are cut or destroyed – the bark is simply peeled away and then¬†allowed to re-grow.
  • All Birkenstock footwear is completely repairable and renewable, increasing the life of your shoes and decreasing the amount of waste entering our landfills.

For more on their green steps please visit their website.

Birkenstock, you have come a long way and I am so excited to share that you can be fashionable and comfortable this summer!

Suggested Retail Price: Madrid ($49.95) and the Gizeh ($79.95)

Website For More Details: Birkenstock