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Canopy Living Bedding & Bath

I was first introduced to the Canopy Living brand while visiting for my Eleven Moms trip. I came into my hotel room and stroked all the pretty bedding and towels that were in my room, never realizing that Walmart had arranged for us to get to enjoy their new line while we were staying there.

When I came into my room in the evening and curled into the silky sheets and warm comforter I read that Walmart was going to let us pick accessories and bedding from their new line to take home with us. I will admit that I had to resist the urge to crawl out of bed to look up my choices because I was that excited.

We received our boxes of goodies this week and I can’t begin to tell you how incredible the Canopy Living stuff is. It is very high quality and has the look of every higher price brand out there, but comes at a more affordable price. While I wasn’t able to sample a couch or any of the amazing furniture that they had in their catalog, they did set us up with a room where we could snack and gab on their new furniture at the hotel. This was not the put-it-together-yourself variety that you find in the store. This was high quality, well-made furniture that could have rivaled the looks of Pottery Barn.

I will admit a weird thing about myself and say that I am a sucker for well-made sheets. I have a pillow top mattress and I have difficulties finding sheets that have a generous enough pocket on them to accommodate my mattress. I washed these sheets as soon as I received them and they did not shrink up at all. In fact, the sizing is so generous that I can put the sheets on with great ease. The fabric is wrinkle resistant so no balled up sheets in the dryer. Instead, the sheets lay nicely and even seem to dry at a quicker rate than some of the other sheets on the market.

Everything that they sent is beautiful and we have been enjoying our nice warm comforter on these cooler nights. The accessories for our bathroom have been put to good use and we love the generous sizes of the towels and bath mats that Canopy carries.

Suggested Retail Price: Pricing Varies On Items

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