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I have no idea how I ended up with such a messy kid, but my daughter is the messiest eater ever. She has grown accustomed to dumping a plate of pasta on her head and throwing dishes in protest. Her main protest is that she wants to be removed from her high chair. When this kid wants out of her high chair…She. Means.. Right. This. Second. Not a moment less than that!

Every day I bust out my Shark Cordless Sweeper and go to town cleaning up the mess. That sweeper has been a Godsend to a mother who doesn’t have the energy (or inclination) to whip out her sweeper four times a day.

Imagine my dismay when my two year-old Shark decided to stop working. I figured it might need to recharge so we plugged it in. For two days. Nothing happened…and so I began the quest to find a replacement.

I love cordless sweepers, but the fact is, very few are made very well. If you look on Amazon, you will usually find a bunch of unhappy reviews about cordless sweepers. It just doesn’t seem like anyone can get it right.

Determined to replace our old sweeper, I headed over to Target and pulled every single sweeper down. I pushed it around through the aisle (Yes, I do know this is weird) to test the weight of them and the design. I read through all of the descriptions on the boxes and aisle tags. After careful reading and buzzing through the aisle like a maniac, I made my choice. My mind settled upon the Dirt Devil Vibe Cordless Sweeper.

It needed to charge overnight and I couldn’t wait until I could test run this. Lucky for me, my daughter is a willing participant and she just let me have at it today. She threw her plate and tossed crumbs, her mashed sandwich, and a hundred Cheerios all over the floor.

This sweeper has two settings- the carpet or the hardwood setting. To be perfectly honest, I find the carpet setting worked best in both location so I just used that setting rather than switching back and forth.

I zoomed over to Emily’s high chair and watched in amazement as it scooped everything up. I have included before and after pictures (please ignore the fact that my hardwood is in need of a good cleaning!) of what the results were.

All in all, I am really happy with this purchase and I am hoping that this sweeper lasts me a little longer than the last one. The cost on it (currently) at Target was $49.99.

If you are thinking about purchasing a cordless sweeper, I have a couple of suggestions for you:

1. You will be much happier with whatever you are purchasing if you can test drive it. Borrow one from a friend or just take them through a spin in the aisle. It would be ideal if you could use it, but if you can’t just try pushing it around to see if it glides easily.

2. Pick a store that has a good return policy. I knew that Target is pretty good about returns, so I picked that store. In the case of the Shark, I read a story of one lady who had went through three in a month so it is good that the return policy would allow her to do that.

3. Online stores are great and might have more affordable pricing on these, but the pure and simple fact is, if it is defective or you just plain hate it, you have to ship that back. Who wants to be running a sweeper over to the post office? Physical stores are better in this case.

4. Sometimes extras (which cost extra) aren’t worth it. Stick to the basic functions and look for ones that offer the best sweeper for your money.

5. Just like all things, the highest price does not make it the best. Some of the higher priced models had a lot less power than the one I purchased.

Do you have a cordless sweeper? What has been your experience with these?



  1. 1

    I have a shark and I love it! I don’t know what I did before it. My daughter is a very messy eater, too. My Mom says she gets it from me. LOL!

    Here from the Carnival of Family Life.


  2. 2

    Ha- I don’t think I would ever have a sweeper called Dirt Devil Vile. Vile is what we were already dealing with ;)

    Heather- Emily is just a little over one and is not walking or talking yet. I don’t know if she would understand this concept just yet, as I think if I leaned her down to pick them up, she would just eat them :) I will definitely try this technique though in a few months. :)

    Laura- I will let you know if this sweeper quits on me like the Shark did. I think it would be a great temporary solution, in your case! The only thing I have found is that with larger chunks of items, it just pushes it away instead of sucking it up. You have to lift it a little over the larger pieces to get it to pick up. That is a minor thing with me right now though :)


  3. 3

    Well, I know this advice is unsolicited…but have you thought about having your daughter get down and pick up the mess? We try to sit with baby boy (now 19 months old) when he eats and at the first chuck of food off the high chair tray–he is calmly taken out of his chair and told to pick up the offending bit of food. Also a little ‘flick’ on the hand and a firm “no” accompanies the training.

    Okay, unsolicited advice over… :)


  4. 4

    i have a black & decker dustbuster. a homemaker’s best friend. my 3 yr. old calls it “mommy’s toy”. :)


  5. 5

    This is too much. I was looking at these today at Target. Since we are living in a temporary apartment, our vacuums are packed away in storage and the freecycle vacuum I found, well, just doesn’t suck. Let me know if you continue to have success with your new find


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