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I got the opportunity to try a newer product from General Mills called Fruity Cheerios. Yup, it is the same old favorite that you grew up with as a kid, but now with a fruity kick! I was so excited to try these because one of my favorite cereals is Fruit Loops and I was hoping that these would be a similar (but healthier) version of this.

These are absolutely delicious! They still have the original Cheerios flavor, but have a fruity coating on the outside. I would eat these every day of the week if I could!

The children loved these too, but I hid them away and was stingy with them because as a mom, there are few things in life that are just for me. I now see why my mom was always hiding food around our house for herself because nothing is just for you when you have little ones constantly wanting whatever you are eating.

I would highly recommend this cereal to anyone who is a Cheerios lover, or a Fruit Loops lover. They are sweet, but not too sweet. They are still healthy, but a bit more sugary then their original version.

Your kids will love these, so be sure to hide a box for yourself!

As a side note: Modern Mom is currently running a Fruity Cheerios photo contest and they have picked their ten finalists. The winner is chosen based on the number of votes, so please head over there and help to pick the winning picture.

Many thanks to General Mills for this product review opportunity!

Sound Off: What was your favorite cereal growing up? Are you currently hiding anything in your cupboards or fridge? Shhhhh…we won’t tell!



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    Cap’n Crunch by far was my favorite cereal growing up, there were three of boys growing up and we would put down a box a day.


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    These might taste good, but the fact is they don’t look good for kids, or anyone, IMO. They are full of dyes and chemical preservatives, BHT and Sodium Benzoate. Yuck. Read the ingredients list. The only fruit I see in it is the orange juice concentrate. I’m not an ingredient list expert, but do you see any other fruit??

    Then you have the “red 40, yellow 6, blue 1, and other color added.”

    “Yellow Dye #6, Red #40, Blue #2, and Blue #1. Artificial food colorings are in the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) category. This means that no one really knows for sure how safe they are. In fact, they may be harmful to children who are food-coloring sensitive.Learning

    Then, you have all these additives in our food. With the recent poisonings from Wheat gluten from China in Dog food, did you realize that China produces all these additives that are going in our food? Check this out. It really is scary to me.

    I think we need to start demanding these companies who make our food, especially when marketed towards small children, to cut out the unnecessary dyes and additives. They can use vegetable colorings that are natural.

    Our government is letting these companies poison our kids in the name of money. Don’t be a part of it. Eat organic and healthy.

    My suggestion? This is delicious and nutritious and I bet your kids will love it. Add some real fresh fruit to it too.

    Yes, it may cost more to buy the food, but in the long run-it may be the best money you ever spent on your kids.


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    I bought some of these when they were on sale. The kids love having them for a fun treat. Our box has lasted quite a long time b/c I pour a nice size bowl of regular Cheerios then mix in a handful of the fruity ones. The kids don’t know the difference! It’s healthier and cheaper and the kids are getting a fun treat.


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