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Unfortunately, Sarah Jessica Parker and her PR crew have not emailed me yet, but I am doing a free plug for this awesome clothing line.

I had mentioned that I was excited to actually see the new Bitten line from Sarah Jessica Parker (carried at Steve & Barry’s). I had been meaning to head over there, but it is on the other side of town and life had gotten in the way.

Fast forward to my last mom’s group meeting, when one of the gal’s walks in looking like a true fashionista with the cutest shoes, jean capris and a cute tank. I told her how cute she looked and she says two words, that makes me head on the other side of town the very next day: Cheap & Bitten.

I headed there and got myself some of the cutest clothes. I got four shirts, a pair of ballet flats, and a pair of jeans for a little less than sixty bucks. While it is more than I typically spend over at my local Goodwill, the pieces could be used with the things I already had in my closet and I had gotten some money from a recent sale of my hair bows.

Here are the positives AND the negatives of this line of clothes. Note: Keep in mind that I am not all that fashionable. I am just a mom who likes to look a little bit current, but am also very traditional in my style choices:


- It is cheap as heck! The clothing is cheaper than Old Navy and even cheaper than H&M (which we don’t have in our area, but I have shopped the Ft Wayne, IN location). The shoe prices rival Payless Shoes too!

- They carry a broad range of sizes, all the way up to size 22. More importantly, they carry jeans for the petite girl. I have a long torso and really short legs. It is nearly impossible for me to get a pair of pants that do not require altering. They did carry the shorter lengths though and they also carried long lengths for you leggy gals (whom I secretly envy!)

- The store was clean and nice in our area. I am sure they maintain the same type of store all over, but I was actually really impressed with the style of the store and the staff at our location. It reminded me a lot of The Gap (but more affordable).


- I did not realize until I got the jeans home, and bought the size that fit justright (and I know you know what I am talking about when I say justright) and discovered that the jeans were made from 98% cotton. That was a big bummer, as I realized that I will have to care very well for these or have to forfeit them to the thrift store.

- The clothes are made about as good as any other deep discount line. I saw some strings coming loose on the sides of the seam of the jeans. The shirts seem to be better made than the pair of jeans I purchased, but you can tell that you are getting what you pay for. I have high hopes that these will last me until the clothing is no longer trendy, and I would feel comfortable donating them if I got a year or two out of them, due to the low cost of the clothing line.

There you have it! Hope this helps in making another fashion decision!

Sound Off: What brands are you willing to splurge for? If someone gave you a huge gift card (with no strings attached, of course!) what store would you pick?

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  1. 1

    so cute! I will have to look that up in my area!

    It has been forever since I actually paid much attention to what stores I like to shop at! right now, I guess I’d say Buckle, even though I never shop there due to prices being too high, but I look nonetheless.


  2. 2

    First let me say that I love SJP…my friend “forced” me to watch every episode of Sex And The City and now I’m in love. Well, at least with Carrie Bradshaw. Anyway, I was shocked to see how different our Steve & Barry’s looked compared to the one on campus at Michigan State University! It used to just be the place to go for cheap team shirts and hats. But now! It’s like The Gap and Old Navy combined…tossed with a few university bits here and there. LOVE IT!
    I appreciate your negative comments about the Bitten line. While the price is really great, and the FASHION is accessable (I have no fashion sense, so it’s nice to just have it handed to me at the door), I’ve noticed a few minor flaws in the clotes as well. I bought a really gauzey top that’s ADORABLE with a tank underneath. But I noticed some fraying and a place that actually looked damaged. And the capris that I bought did some fraying after I washed them. But you know…you do get what you pay for.
    Needless to say, I’m heading back tonight after work for MORE!! The positives outweight the negatives for me. If you meet her, I sure hope you have a garden party so that all of us “little people” can meet her, too!!


  3. 3

    Well… I actually LOVE Maurice’s jeans! My rule is, if you find a pair of jeans you LOVE by 2 of them. Maurice’s has lots of discounts and an incentive program, so it pays off! I also love Gap t-shirts. My current favorite place to shop is B.Moss. If I could splurge on any one place, I would also pick Ann Taylor! I have never been disappointed in my purchases there! I am really blessed, though. My mom still buys my clothes like I’m in High School… truly, she just blesses me with cute things all the time!
    By the way… like you I must have jeans in short lengths! That can be fustrating at times.


  4. 4

    Splurge being the operative word here… anything from Ann Taylor.

    There is a brand called three dots that makes all sorts of T-shirts and knit wear that I LOVE but can never justify.

    Also, Tse Say cashmere. $1000 for a sweater set, why not? (actually I find it at a certain high end resale shop in my area, but I’ll always pretend I actually bought it at Nieman Marcus (or Needlass Markup as I like to call it)).


  5. 5

    I dont’ think we have that store out here. Bummer.

    I love Gap for basics like Ts and chinos. I like the quality and the fit is a bit more modern. If I go to the Gap outlet stores the prices are better.
    For jeans, Express is my favorite, but I can’t afford them anymore!


  6. 6

    i’m totally in love with bitten right now. i agree with caron – they’re great for my post-pregnancy belly… and they’re SO CHEAP!

    i also love h&m, but am sad they are so far from me….


  7. 7

    j. crew pants last a lifetime! i’d buy their chinos any ole time.

    i got a SJP bitten shirt & i love it! it’s perfect for my post-pregnancy transition. and also, i really liked her t-shirts.

    i really, really would LOVE to get free stuff from anthropologie…hehe…but i’ll settle for H&M. i love that place!


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