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The OxiClean company sent to me a big box of their products to try. They included their detergent as well as several different types of stain removers. Most notably, in the box, was their new pocket-sized stain remover, OxiClean Spray-A-Way Instant Stain Remover. This product is intended for moms on the go. The stain remover would be perfect to stick in your purse or diaper bag for all of those emergency stains that seem to come up when your family is out and about.OxiClean also offers great products targeted towards moms who have to endure numerous baby stains. They offer Baby Stain Soaker and their Baby Stain Remover. A couple of my other favorite products are their Carpet Spot and Stain Remover and the Outdoor Professional Stain Remover.

I love all of the OxiClean products and have had great success using them on new and old stains alike. The price is a bit more than some of the other stain removers on the market, but I don’t have to use as much of the product to accomplish the tasks for cleaning items. I was most impressed with their Baby Stain Remover that they offer. I love to keep a bottle of this handy near our hampers so that I can spray items before they are thrown into the hamper for wash day. I also love to keep the small pocket-sized removers with my bibs and other feeding items for my daughter, so when a stain arises, I can get right to it and not waste any time letting the stain set in.

The only drawback I have found with the baby stain remover and laundry stain remover products is the trigger that is on these bottles. I love a spray that uses more of a spritzer action, rather than the soaker action that is on these bottles. It would be nice if you had the choice between a straight spray and a spritz.

These stain removers are great, but they are much more powerful than many of the traditional stain removers on the market. Make sure you read the directions carefully, to preserve the beauty of your clothing and the color in your items.

Many thanks to the OxiClean Family for sharing their products with me and giving us the opportunity to share our experience with our readers!

Sound Off: While we are on the subject of stain removers, what is your favorite stain removing product? Do you have your own secret formula for removing stains?

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    I usually put a small scoop of Oxi (or off-brand) in with loads of my son’s clothes–great at removing stains. For what it doesn’t remove, putting stained garments out in the sun works wonders. Cost and chemical free!

    Thanks for your mop suggestions. I received several ideas and am not sure what to try first!


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    I found a carpet stain remover at Wal-Mart called Folex. It words BEAUTIFULLY!!! Red Kool-Aid…no problem. Pet stains…no problem. The only thing it did not remove was an old ink stain in the carpet. I have not tried it on clothes, however, I did use it on my couch and in the car. Click here for a full review on my site.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me today.

    Angel Food Cake Isn’t a Candle


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    I just noticed a box of Oxiclean individual wipes at Big Lots for $4.

    I no longer carry a Tide pen because baby can take its top off and put it in her mouth.


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