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Music has always been very important to me and I am trying to make it important to my children too. On Sundays, I have made a jazz playlist of music to listen to, on Fridays we listen to music that you would hear in coffee shops, and when I am cleaning I have fun & fast paced music on. Wherever we go, I try to always have good music on in our car and we often use the music stations that are available through our satellite television station.

My children also have some musical heroes of their own which include Laurie Berkner, anything from the Disney films, and Raffi. We often listen to the Kid Tunes available through Yahoo Launch (commercial free for folks that use their internet service and with commercials for those who don’t).

My children’s favorite shows right now are Yo Gabba Gabba (Nick Jr) and Jack’s Big Music Show (Noggin Network), two shows that teach children about musics (although they are each very different). These shows focus on all types of musical appreciation and my kids sing right along with the words. It brings me a lot of joy to hear their sweet voices.

We recently were sent a new CD to review entitled, “Rockstar Princess” from a band called Aunty E. This group has earned great notoriety in their native Texas and they are now gaining a fan base in other areas of the country.

If your children love the more recent styles of children’s music that have come out, they will really love this disc. The tracks incorporate many different variations of music including pop, soul, country, and blues. The music is targeted to the age group of four through eight, but even my (almost) two year old was dancing right along.

Despite the name containing princess (and the pretty pink cover!) the disc is not mean to aim at just girls, it is meant for all children. Aunty E sings along with Grammy award wining artists like Joe Blondell & Floyd Domino, encouraging children through her lyrical stories.

Her music can be found on Apple iTunes, Napster, MSN Music and more information can be found on their website.

And since everyone loves a freebie, they offer free ringtones for wireless carriers.

What are your children’s favorite artists? Any music that you can recommend to us?



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    Dan Zanes is also a very good kid’s musician and has a lot of fun and different songs from all cultures. We also love Laurie Berkner as she has a lot of fun songs. Ralph’s World is also a very good one!


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    My kids are 9 and love the Kidz Bop cds. They also love High School Musical. When they were toddlers, they loved to listen to Christmas music year round! They still play Christmass cds at night when they are going to bed. Books Are Fun has a lot of great Children’s cd sets that you may also enjoy.


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    My son Thade loves Yo Gabba Gabba and Jack’s Big Music Show too.

    My husband and I were both musicians so we have lots of musical instruments in the house. Thade has lots of fun “playing” the guitars, bass, or the bongos.

    Both hubby and Thade have been asking for a drum set, but I don’t know about that one ;)


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    OK, feel free to laugh, but Princess and Buddy LOVE my “Mama-Mia” broadway soundtrack.

    There is just something so funny about hearing a 4 year old singing “Money Money Money. . . “

    But seriously, although you might want to check out some of the lyrics first, Abba songs are very fun and upbeat. . . .


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