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I was able to get my hands on an advance copy of the new cookbook, “Deceptively Delicious” and I would recommend either checking this book out from the library or buying a copy when the book is released (set release date of October 5th).

If you haven’t heard the buzz about this book, author Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld’s better half) shares smart ways to sneak veggies and fruit into your children’s diet. As a mother of three children, she knows how difficult it is to get your kids to eat their fruits & veggies so she shares a technique for pureeing these foods and mixing them into fun recipes. Everything from dip to breads to donuts…all of her dishes contain an element of healthy eating with sneak attacks from the four food groups.
It is smartly written and beautifully designed. Included are tips for creating all of your purees, how to stock a healthy pantry, and easy nutritional guidelines for children. She even shares her family’s opinion on the dishes with cute little retro pictures of each of them (even Jerry!)

The idea is very simple- fill your children’s foods with the good things in life so that they can live a long and healthy life!

I am looking forward to adding some of her recipes to my next menu planner and am looking forward to trying some of her puree techniques on my children. My kids are pretty smart, but maybe I can fool them! If the pictures are any indication of how good these dishes taste, I know they will enjoy them throughly.
Many thanks to Harper Collins and Jessica for giving us this sneak peek into such a cool cookbook! We wish Mrs. Sienfeld much luck with the launch of her book and look forward to trying her dishes in our kitchen!



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    My husband and I purchased another book a while back with the same idea.(the sneaky chef). It’s funny, our family now plays a game at mealtime called “the food guessing game” where we all take turns with a different receipe a couple nights a week. We’re looking forward to Jessica’s book and what new receipes she may have.



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    This is not intended to be overly picky, but you spelled Jessica Seinfeld’s last name wrong (Sienfeld v. Seinfeld). Figured since you gave the book such rave reviews, someone googling for reviews of this book might miss it based on the last name misspelling.




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    Along these same line I once found an article in a vegetarian cooking magazine about how to “sneak” tofu into your kids food. I thought, if this will fool kids then it will fool me and hubby too. If I can find that I will post a few recipes on my blog. I love “sneaky” cooking.




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