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I shared in an entry last week, my true love for the new cookbook, “Deceptively Delicious” by Jessica Seinfeld. You may have doubted my opinion on how awesome it really is, but now Oprah has given her golden seal of approval and this little seal gives Mrs. Seinfeld an instant hit on the bestseller list. Jessica appeared yesterday on Oprah’s show and discussed her recipes and ideas for getting her children to eat healthy.

Last week, I had discussed interviewing Jessica with her publisher, Harper Collins. When I saw she was on the show yesterday, I was really worried that she might become too busy to share with me her experience with writing the book. Who can compete with a successful interview on Oprah?Lucky for me, Jessica is truly a class act and had emailed me the answers to all my questions this morning. I was so incredibly excited and I hope that you will enjoy this interview with her as much as I enjoyed asking all of my questions.

Question & Answers with Jessica Seinfeld

Pardon if I gush a bit, but I adore your new book! Is this something that you have wanted to do for a long time? What/who inspired you to create this book?

I wish I could say there was a thoughtful and grand plan behind this book! The truth is that it came from desperation. Hiding vegetables in my children’s food was the only way I could get through mealtimes without arguments and stress. My children were certainly the motivation – their refusal to eat vegetables was the problem that had to be solved – but my inspiration was my own mother and grandmother. They were both working mothers who managed to put home cooked meals on the table every night. They taught me how to cut corners, prepare efficient and healthy meals in under 20 minutes, which is now the model I replicate in my own home. Now it’s a way of life.

Has healthy eating always been important to you or was this a new lifestyle change since children?

I grew up with a very health conscious mother, who has shopped at farm stands and food co-ops since I can remember. Eating healthy foods has always been second nature to me – it’s how I was raised. But I’m also desperately concerned about what I read about child obesity and related diseases and illnesses in this country. I became determined not only to not take care of my own kids, but to try to be part of a broader solution to a growing problem.

What is your biggest challenge with getting your children to eat healthy? How did you overcome this challenge?

The biggest problem I face daily is the prevalence of junk food that seems to follow all kids everywhere they go. I have to be vigilant and firm, but it’s hard to compete sometimes. Even if you can manage to avoid fast food and get to the grocery store, many supermarkets try to rope you into buying foods that have no nutritional value.

There’s a few things I do to try to cope.

- I won’t bring home food I don’t want my children to eat – chips, candy, sugared drinks. It sounds obvious, but the habits I set at home tend to get followed by my kids when they’re at school or playing with friends.

- I bake healthy treats. I’m not anti-treats; in fact, I have a sweet-tooth. But there’s no reason why great tasting cookies and brownies can’t be laden with things that are good for kids.

- I try to be smarter than the supermarket marketing executives. I shop carefully, read labels, and look for whole grains and non-processed food.

- Puree, puree, puree.

As a mom who is on the go a lot, what are some of your suggestions for getting your kids to eat healthy when you are running from activity to activity?

I try to always keep my purse stocked with food that’s healthy and balanced and never get stuck with hungry kids and limited options. That’s when bad food decisions get made. Being a mobile health-food store has it’s down side, of course – the crushed-up oat bran pretzels and string cheese wrappers at the bottom of my purse don’t exactly make me so fabulous – but at least I know my kids are getting a good snack.

If you could pick one thing that you want moms to walk away with, from reading your book, what would it be?

What you feed your kids matters. Don’t give up on yourself or them. You can have peaceful, healthy and delicious meals, and you can also never say, “eat your vegetables” again. With an ounce of preparation and the will to change, anyone can do it.



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    I just bought the book and i think it is great! I spent an hour yesterday making purees (it was very easy) and plan to make a few of the recipes this week.

    I also have a little girl crush on Jessica. She is just darling!

    It makes me sad that people are tearing her apart on the boards at Oprah.


  2. 2

    Amy – what a fantastic interview! I’m so glad you were able to “host” her on your blog. I think it’s wonderful that she was featured on Oprah. It’s so difficult getting children to eat healthy and any tips that assist in that goal is so helpful.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Duckabush Blog


  3. 3

    We just tried the Blueberry Oatmeal bars and I am pleasantly surprised. They’re not very sweet, but still yummy… chewy and moist. I like it that you can taste the oatmeal without the butter/brown sugar after taste. And.. you can’t tell they have 1/2 cup of pureed spinach AT ALL :) My DH and both my sons gave them a thumbs up too.


  4. 4

    Yes, there is another great book out there called, “The Sneaky Chef” that came out this past spring and included recipes for the same ideas as Jessica has come out with. Of course, there are hundreds of slow cooker recipe books and low-fat cooking cookbooks out there so I don’t think she was trying to steal someone else’s thunder, but I believe there can be room on our bookshelves for more than one cookbook of the same type.

    The thing I appreciated about the book was the great design and how heartfelt she seemed about getting her children to eat well.

    I did some reading on the boards and I was a little dismayed at how mean some of the people are about her cookbook. They aren’t just attacking the book, they are attacking her character as a person and the type of mother she is. It really saddens me that people can be so cruel and get so much joy from ripping someone to shreds.

    I hope that The Sneaky Chef will also get some great coverage in the process and any other cookbook that encourages our children to eat a healthy diet.

    Thanks for bringing it up, Pam!!


  5. 5

    Her appearance and comments were ripped apart on Oprah’s webiste…(by hundreds of viewers)apparently there is an almost ident. cookbook that has been out for a few years…the fact was also mentioned that for example putting 1/3 of a cup of pureed carrots in a cake offers little if any nutrients especially after the veggies are steamed/strained/baked and then divided into such small quanities????? I don’t believe in forcing kids to eat food they don’t like….bringing them to tears in the process…I still gag when trying to eat peas…..I do think that if foods are consistantly introduced and eaten by parents in front of the kids they will develope a taste for most vegetables…..however I don’t believe in offering snacks that are unhealthy….as a substitute for real food. Pam, South Bend


  6. 6

    Wow, excellent! Kudos to you and the interview. Next thing you know you’ll be interviewing the O herself! :)


  7. 7

    Great interview Amy!! I watched her on Oprah as well. I bought her book last night. I can’t to try some of the recipes.


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  9. 9

    Great interview. I saw her on Oprah and was impressed how down to earth she seemed. I felt like I could sit down with her for a cup of coffee and feel at ease.


  10. 10

    Thanks for sharing this Amy :) Oprah’s website has a few of the recipes from her book, so I downloaded a few to try. If we like them, I’ll buy the book. I have the Blueberry Oatmeal Bars with Spinach cooling as I type. I’ll let you know how we like them.

    I’m glad I didn’t see the negative comments on Oprah’s site. Why would anyone discourage a mother from trying to feed her kids more healthy food? I’m sure her recipes aren’t as nutritious as eating raw veggies, but they have to be better than store bought foods with tons of additives and what a lot of mother’s cook for convenience. I love it that her recipes don’t just include the pureed veggies, but also use more healthy ingredients like ground turkey, and low fat dairy.

    Thanks again for sharing and working so hard! Your blog just gets better and better every time I visit :)


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