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TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection Review

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Today I am partnering with Walmart to share about a new line of hair products, from TRESemme,  that are now available on their shelves. I am a bit of a beauty product junkie so I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough to try out a new line of hair products.

Hello, dream job!

You see, I have been a longtime fan of TRESemme, particularly their dry shampoo, and volunteered to give their Beauty-Full Volume Collection a spin.

What’s Different About These Products?

The difference in routines with this shampoo and conditioner, compared to my usual routine of hair washing, is that you pre-condition your hair and then wash it. The idea behind the method is that by rinsing out the conditioner and then applying shampoo secondary, you will end up with more volume in your hair because it won’t be weighed down by the conditioner.

What Were the Results After One Week?

My hair is thick, coarse, and dry. I typically shampoo only two or three times a week and rely on dry shampoos for freshening. Because I do not have fine hair, I am not really the target market for this one. My hair really requires a load of conditioner so I was unable to achieve good results with this. I require a lot of conditioning to get my wild hair under control, unfortunately. While I had volume, my hair didn’t feel as nourished with conditioning first and shampooing second.

My daughter, however, has thinner hair with a glossier texture that leans more towards greasy than dry. I am constantly nagging her about washing her hair because it doesn’t appear as clean due to the greasiness. She washes it, but we tend to get a little ambitious with our conditioning (ahem!).  Her results with this set have cut down the greasiness and have added a lot of volume to her hair. I am not seeing the greasiness and her hair just looks fresher and cleaner. If your child really struggles with rinsing all that conditioner out, this seems like a really great solution since the shampoo is secondary in this process.

What Else is Included in the Line?

The line also includes a maximizer, mousse, and hairspray. Of the three products, I really loved the hairspray for the hold it provided while still feeling soft and natural. I have paid a lot more for my hairspray and I can honestly say, I will be switching to this one. We went out for our 16th anniversary dinner (can’t believe that one!!) and the hairspray helped to keep my locks in place all evening long.

What If I’m Looking For Hair Products Focused on Nourishing?

Along with this new line,  TRESemme also launched a Botanique Collection. This collection is perfect for my dry locks because it is more focused on nourishing weak and damaged cuticles through ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk, and aloe vera extract.  Best of all, it does not include parabens or dyes, but at an affordable price point.

Oh, and it smells AMAZING!

Overall, I was really impressed with these new offerings. As someone who color treats her hair, I am also thrilled that these are all safe for my color treated locks. For my friends with thick hair, be sure to snag the TRESemme Botanique line. And for my friends with thinner locks, you are going to love their Beauty-Full Volume collection, I just know it! 

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