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Our entire household has been fans of the LEGO series of videos games. That is why we were so excited to be provided this opportunity to test out the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game for the Xbox through Walmart and share on our honest feedback on it.

This new series follows the same formula as prior LEGO games: You play through the story mode, switching between various characters at appropriate times to beat up bad guys, solve puzzles, and save the day. This all happens in a world built of LEGO bricks and occupied by LEGO mini-figures.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game Review

Playing through the story mode took only a couple of hours. The missions revolve around chasing Magneto, Dr. Doom, and Loki, who have teamed up to collect cosmic bricks in an effort to use them for their own nefarious intentions. The chapters you play through feel more like individual issues of different comics rather than a natural progression towards the end, but our kids didn’t seem to mind this lack of coherence.

It’s not surprising however because this isn’t called LEGO X-Men or Avengers, but the very broad Marvel Super Heroes. Rather than focus on one series from Marvel, this game is all-encompassing in its cast of characters. All told, you can unlock and play as over 100 different characters. This is a staggering amount and will be a joy for any comic book fan.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game Review

The heroes and villains you would expect are there but what really makes it great are some of the more obscure and silly characters. Sure, you might be able to name everyone in the Fantastic Four, but would you recognize Dormammu or M.O.D.O.K.? I can tell you we all had a good laugh after unlocking Howard the Duck (yes, he’s a Marvel character) as well as the corresponding Xbox achievement called “Really?”.

And that leads to one the main reasons why the LEGO games are such a hit: the humor. The sharp-witted dialog and physical comedy will appeal to players of all ages. While characters discuss plans in the foreground, The Hulk is vacuuming up the mess they just made (and some of the crew themselves) in the background. Ignoring the first mission’s focus on groan-worthy puns, the game quickly hits its stride. From Pulp Fiction and Snakes on a Plane, parents will enjoy the pop culture references and inside jokes that go right over your kids’ heads, making this a great game to play as a family.

Don’t worry about your kids completing the story mode in a day or two and never playing the game again. That represents just fraction of what there is to do. Most of their time will be spent exploring the expansive LEGO version of NYC, seeking out puzzles, mini-games, and side missions in order to unlock the majority of characters, vehicles, and modes this game has to offer.

While the game is a blast to play, the kids and I both grew frustrated with how the split-screen and camera work. As your characters often need to be in different areas of a room, your view splits so you both can see what you’re doing. This isn’t done by dividing the screen in a top & bottom or left & right fashion. The split rotates relative to the position of your characters. It also merges back together as you get close, then divides as you separate.

While this initially seemed like a good idea, in practice it gets really confusing because you can switch to a different member of your party instantly. While you were on the right side of the screen with one, the character you switch to may appear on the left, forcing everyone to hunt for where they need to be looking. Many times we’d be trying to figure out which character we were controlling and where they were, right in the midst of battle. Other times, we’d be trying to look at or aim at something but the movement of the other player would move our target out of view.

Despite this, both kids agreed this was one of their favorite games in recent memory. We certainly give it our approval and will now return to our desperate attempts to unlock Deadpool.

Suggested Retail Price- $49.96

Available At: Walmart

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