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For the first time ever, I got the opportunity to try making my own juice with the new Fusion Juicer. Walmart sent me the Fusion Juicer to review for my blog to share how this appliance can help a health-conscious cook in the kitchen. Since it is my first time trying a juicer, I am excited to share with you my review of the Fusion Juicer that is available at your local Walmart store.

Is Assembly Difficult?

This juicer is simple in construction and assembly for putting it together and taking it apart when making your juice. The lever on the front can be pulled up to pull everything in place, or pulled down to disassemble the juicer for cleaning. The back contains a receptacle for all of the pulp leftover after juicing and the front contains an extra large feeder for feeding your fruits and veggies into, a clear receptacle where you can see your juice actually being made, and a non-drip spout where you can comfortably rest a cup underneath for your juice.

How Do You Clean It?

All the pieces can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy washing unless you have a dishwasher that runs extremely hot and are concerned with warping, then you may want to wash these pieces by hand.

How Well Does It Blend?

I gave a new juice recipe a spin in this juicer and pictured here is exactly what I fed through my juicer. I did not peel my carrots or celery, but did peel my ginger and lemon, and cored the apples before putting them in the juicer, ¬†as was recommended within the manufacturer’s booklet. All of these items blended beautifully in the juicer. What was most surprising to me about this process was how quietly the juicer ran and how easy it was to feed these items into it.

The spinach was the only thing that did not, perhaps, all get blended in, but I think it is more of a trial and error user error, because it is recommended to chase these greens down with a juicier fruit or veggie to help the greens really juice well into your juices.

The booklet that comes with the juicer really helps to break down what order to place these items in as well as what is recommended for leaving the skin on or what you should cut before placing it into the juicer.

What About the Pulp?

After juicing all of my fruits and veggies, this is what was in the back of my juicer. For the frugal chef looking to really maximize her grocery budget, you can use the juice pulp to incorporate into other recipes. As someone who is always looking for ways to make her grocery dollars stretch, I love that you can use this pulp in a variety of other recipes.

How Does the Juice Taste?

I was able to get these two glasses of juice from my recipe (coming soon over on The MotherLoad) and the juice was perfectly blended and delicious. Overall, the most impressive features about this was how easy it was to clean up, the simple assembly process of the juicer, as well as the quietness of it. I can’t speak to the longevity factor, but as a first-time juicer, this was so easy to use and created impressive results for the price!

Suggested Retail Price: $119.00

Available At: Walmart



  1. 1

    I order this fusion juicer, wait for two week, so exited when it arrived, i put one apple in and make some juice try to make one for my wife and the machine is dead, i called customer service and to get pre paid postage, but they said i have to pay for the cost of ship back, bottom line is do not buy the machine, not good i m very upset to pay over twenty dollar for one apple juice.


  2. 2

    My only issue is that when the shoot is up and juicing, that juice comes out the sides. I have had it for 2 days now. Juice is delciious and I feel it is doing good things foer my body. i DO HATE LOSING THE PULP AND WILL TRY THE PULP RECIPES.


  3. 3

    The ad on TV states not available in stores. However this juicer is available at walmart, Im like really!


  4. 4

    I just orderd this only cause I read your review, I’m hoping it works as good as the commercial says it is. Thanks for your help making up my mind. HERE’S TO JUICING! ENJOY????


  5. 5

    have you continued to use this juicer and found it to be as good as it was in your initial test?


  6. 6

    Having read your post and several others, I decided to make the jump and purchased this product from the company website, since it offered free shipping and came with extras (such as the Fusion Booster, an allegedly $40 value). The infomercial does not match the instructions in the User’s Guide, since they demonstrate the unit juicing whole apples and lemons without extra preparation, such as peeling or coring. That is Warning Sign #1: User instructions that are counter to the way the product is demonstrated/advertised. The 6-week Jump Start plan and the “Raw Remedies & Juice Recipies” books contain recipies that require the use of a separate blender. Since my order included the Fusion Booster (a personal blender-like device), one might assume that this would solve that need…but one would be wrong. Most blenders are capable of crushing ice, for instance. The Magic Bullet can, the Ninja Master Prep can, most low-cost blenders like Oster can, and even my 15 year old Thunderstick Pro hand Blender can…but not the Fusion Booster. It’s instructions specifically warn that it is not suitable for crushing ice. So, if you want your juice as a smoothie, you’ll have to use a true blender product. For that reason alone, I very nearly shipped the whole package back the day I received it. Since I own a Ninja Kitchen System 1200, I may have been better off using it for “Total Juicing” and simply strained the resulting slurry for the juice. However, since I have not actually used the Fusion Juicer as yet, I cannot comment on its actual performance. Given the disappointment I’ve felt from reading the operating guides and the recipe books, I’m hesitant to discover that I’m going to be less than pleased with the Fusion Juicer


  7. 7

    I order my Fusion Juicer on the on 5/26/13 received the Juicer without the books and travel bottle,contact the relevant persons about the missing pieces and to date i am yet to receive the items,keep getting the run around after making at least six calls to costumer care and was promise from day one that they would be shipped to me priority shipping but i am still waiting for the books to start my six weeks turn around almost six weeks later,every one of the agent tell’s me oh i am so sorry i am going to get it to you but after two Supervisor and four other Agent and six promises i am still without the books and Booster bottle so i think its time for the Better Buesness Buro


  8. 8

    How difficult is it to hand clean the Fusion Juicer? My parents are in there 80s and don’t have a dishwasher.


    Amy Reply:

    Roy- I have washed mine by hand and it was easy to do! The pieces all come apart easily and it would be easy to clean with a scrub brush! I hope that helps!


  9. 9
  10. 10

    I have had my juicer for a month and have tried to juice daily. I wish I had spent $30.00 more and bought a different brand from Amazon! This juicer is not as efficient as advertised, I have to run the pulp back through or else I loose half the juice. My machine leaks at the bottom too. I would not recommend this product to anyone, it is a cheaply built Chinese knock-off of a good juicer…..


  11. 11

    According to price it’s a centrifugal type of juicer. Am I right?I didn’t understand from Walmart. The problem with such type of juicers is that vitamins may be lost with high rpm speed because of heat. This type of juicers also produces less juice than masticating juicer for example. But I think it well worth it’s price, if you said it’s quiet and easy to clean and assemble. This is very important too. Masticating juicers are much more expensive (twice). And you can use the pulp after that.


  12. 12

    Despite some bad reviews, I decided to try the Fusion Juicer. Ordered 1 and got a special offer to get a second one for $30 off. Decided to get a second one and the link wouldn’t work. I called and they told me I had to wait 6-8 hours. In the meantime, while checking out their webpage, if you try to leave, they offer you $20 off. Well, customer service was closed 6 hours later and I forgot the next day so I called the day after that. The lady told me my order had already been shipped and she couldn’t give me any discounts. I would have to refuse the package and have it returned to them in order to cancel it and then re-order with the discount.
    Ok, so a little annoying and a waste of money on their part (since I found out it wasn’t actually shipped until 2 days later, just the UPS label had been ordered) but I really wanted the better price. So, instead of waiting, I ordered 2 more and got $20 off the first one and $25 off the second one.
    2 days later, I got an email saying my 2nd order was cancelled. I just called and they said my credit card was declined. Yeah right! It’s my bank card and they just got money out of it so how was it declined? I told them I was done with them and would be returning the 1st juicer when it came.
    Poor customer service (from the calls, sounds like it’s overseas anyway so not even American supported) and too many hoops to jump through just to get their special offers. Never again!


  13. 13

    Loooove this juicer! We are new to juicing and are very impressed with the ease and wonderful concoctions we make!
    It is a great product. We have used it every day at least 3 times a day for a little over a week now.
    We are investigating possibilities for using all the good looking pulp left over! I give it 5 stars out of five stars.
    Oh we damaged the blade trying to clean it- our fault!! We called customer service they were helpful and responsive; and have a replacement part coming in a few days
    We can’t wait to get back to making delicious healthy juices!


  14. 14
  15. 15

    I am happy with the juicer – love the juice itself. But there are a few things, I heard there is a site to give recipes for the booster, but haven’t been able to find it. I was interested in the 6 week turnaround – but it is not as straight forward as it seemed on TV. I haven’t tried any of the pulp recipes.


  16. 16

    I purchased the fusion juicer from tv. If you get it from tv you get the additional booster for making smoothies. I am pleased. I have had juicers in the past and they were hard to clean. Clean up is easy and the juice is fantastic. I have only had it for about 4 days but I have been using it daily and started a juice fast. I also purchased the additional warranty because you never know. I am loving it so far and hope it lasts:)


  17. 17

    The only drawback that I have is the clean up afterwards. Do not have a dishwasher therefore cleaning is a pain.


  18. 18

    I’m so glad I searched for review before placing my order. The infomercial also does not show us where the pulp was going. I assumed it ended up in the glass of juice. The pulp is good fiber. I have the Vita Mix. I’ll stick with that since I can drink the pulp with my juice. I was considering the switch because it looked so easy and it was quiet. One more thing, my Mom had a juicier a long time ago that had that metal tray that grinds/smooshes the fruits and vegetables to separate the pulp/juice. That piece got dull fairly quickly. Thank you for the reviews.


  19. 19

    Thanks to all the reviewers, most especially Scott & Paulette. Hope you can get your problems resolved, and that there is some comfort in the fact that you have saved others from the same. Me for one. Thank you again.


  20. 20

    I’m surprised that the booklet recommends coring the apples, etc. because the infomercial clearly promises the opposite. Also, I thought part of the beauty was that we get the fiber with the juice. I’m anxiously awaiting my delivery and my journey into juiceland!


  21. 21

    I ordered the fusion juicer and received it in lest than a week, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to use it. It work well I loved the way the juice came out no problems at all. I bragged about the juicer so much that my sister and my coworker ordered one. Well my sisters came with the spout broken I told her to call fusion and have them send her another. An hour on the phone with customer service being hung up on three times the reps were rude to her and she was told o well there nothing we can do just send it back once received we will send out a replacement. One rep offered her a $50. Gift card for her troubles he then transferred her to a line where she had to sigh up for something to receive the gift card…basically there customer service is horrible!!!! My co worker never received hers. Even though I’m enjoying my fusion, I will not recommend it to anyone else


  22. 22

    Hello searched until I found a web site containing reviews. Most are negative.
    Motherloot, thanks for the review, others rely on you to make a good judgement call. I do not thinks you did your best on this product. After reading comments I will continue to search for a good product. Anyone have a suggestion on good juicers, I have the jack la lane,(not Good)

    sorry to say, I liked him very much


  23. 23

    I ordered the fusion juicer July 22, 2013 and I paid for it in full with priority shipping…the juicer did not ship until Aug 9, 2013…today is Aug 14, 2013 and I still have not received my priority shipped juicer…I used the tracking number supplied for UPS and guess what….my juicer will not arrive until Aug 19, 2013…A whole MONTH after paying for priority shipping. THIS is CRAZY!!! This is also why I am on this website looking for other experiences with this company and it’s product…sounds like it going to get bumpier so stay tuned. I revisit after the 19th if it should actually arrive. :(


  24. 24



  25. 25
  26. 26

    ive just received my Fusion Juicer and Booster. I just have no idea what to do with the Booster. Can anyone help? and maybe give me some ideas on what to put into the Booster? Thank you


  27. 27

    Hello I have a question re the pulp. Where does the pulp go. That is what is so important. I use a
    Nutri Bullet and you end up with everything the fruit or vegetable has to offer down to the cell. When you throw out your pulp or you have to take it and put it in a different receipe. You’re losing. He did not speak.about this at all. I think it is a disservice. The pulp helps your digestive system. If you want a thinner smoothie use ice, coconut water or almond milk. The juice looks great, but how good is it for you.There is no substance.


  28. 28

    I bought the Fusion Juicer after watching a TV commercial. They offered me a $50 Walmart card just to try out this Shopping Club for 30 days. They insisted I could cancel the day I got the Juicer but that turned out to not be the case. The next day the shopping club info came separately. I pulled out the Walmart card information and learned that I had to sign up for free magazine subscriptions on top of joining the shopping club.

    What a L I E !!!

    I went to programstop and immediately canceled the shopping club crap. I also hung up on the idiotic magazine sales person. I understand not her fault but also not mine and she kept interrupting me to say I won a Bahama vacation.

    Juicer seems to work ok.


  29. 29
  30. 30

    Pay no attention to comments above that say apples have to cored. Only a recipe or two in the entire Fusion Juicer recipe book says to core the apple first. It takes apples whole and juices them perfectly. My only complaint about the Fusion Juicer is that the pulp mostly stays in the lid and never makes it to the pulp collector in the back. I don’t keep the pulp, so it really isn’t a big problem but I do wish it would send the pulp to the pulp collector. I wonder if this is because I have the stainless steel top instead of the plastic one? The juice is fantastic! I also do not have a dishwasher and it is very easy to rinse clean. I have found that a new toothbrush helps clean around the rim of the filter/blade.


  31. 31

    Man, there’s hardly any real difference between the Breville, the Jack LaLanne, and the Fusion Juicers. Why do manufacturers waste their time and money producing mere copycat “knock-offs!”It’s so stupid! You know what I’m thinking about doing? I’m thinking about taking these flawed juicers, EXAMINING their short-comings, and producing a juicer that has NONE of those flaws!!! It shouldn’t be all that hard to do, as the flaws are embarrassingly simple to fix! The centrifugal blades should have TWICE as many teeth, and they should be somewhat taller! The mesh screen should be somewhat less “dense” so as to allow more juice to pass through! If I did that, man, I’d make all the “copy-catters” look butt-stupid!!! I’m sick and tired if juicers that have all been dumbed down due to corporate mass production!


  32. 32
  33. 33

    one thing i can tell that fusion juicer its crap did not work out of the box day 1 horrible cust. missing what the hell . cust serv. dont speak english well u can not understand them at all.


  34. 34

    Well, I just gave this juicer a try and then took all the discarded pulp and put it through my Hurom juicer. I got a half a cup of juice from the discarded pulp from the Infusion Juicer!! Actually, my parsley went through the Juice Infusion juicer whole. The only reason I gave this juicer a try is because my basket had cracked on my Hurom and thought I would try something different. Even with the cracked strainer I still got more juice from the pulp that came from the Juice Infusion. Now that I have tested both juicers, Juice Infusion has some nerve comparing it to the Hurom Juicer.. Yes, the Hurom is lots more expensive, but now I know why. This is just my opinion!


  35. 35

    Just tried Fusion juicer today. Cleaning is a little time consuming and the basket inside the appliance is difficult to remove the pulp. I used a plastic bag for pulp which helped in clean up. There are 3 things I don’t like. One thing that really bothers me is the water that gets trapped between the basket blade and the plastic that surrounds it. I have no way of drying it out. I’m afraid mold might develope.. There are screws at the bottom of the basket but I’m not going to risk unassembling it to get the water out. My other complaint is they don’t have a toll-free number for customer service. And lastly we ordered Red and received stainless steel that looks as tho it has been used before. I would not order this product over the phone or by their website. Does anyone have a solution to the water that gets trapped below the plastic bowl?


  36. 36

    Uses for pulp (fiber) from any juicer

    You can use the fiber (pulp) for your compost. Pulp, coffee grinds and shredded leaves, you’ll have rich compost in a few weeks. Use for soup and salad recipe’s. Add to rabbit, bird feed. If you have a dog add it to their food it has some nutrients left and is fiber rich, especially for older dogs.


  37. 37

    I received my juicer after waiting almost two months. I have an old juiceman jr that works but has a very small chute and can heat items to quickly to compare it to. I would say to remember to clean it frequently as items tend to gum up underneath the cover really easily. It’s pretty quiet and unlike the commercial, the book says to peel or core certain fruits and veggies. I did juice whole lemon that I sliced thinly. I have juiced dragonfruit, apples, carrots, celery, kale, parseley, rainbow chard, tomato, orange, lemon, and lime with good results. I got the extras Booster but haven’t used it yet. The capacity on that little blender is two servings of liquid. I wish I’d been able to purchase from WalMart as it would have saved countless emails and calls to customer service.


  38. 38

    I will search out every web site that debunks this juicer. I am an avid juicer. I juice 16-20 oz per day. I am 50, weigh 116 lbs and am in excellent health and physical fitness! I ordered this because of its guaranteed output. This machine is a piece of crap. It is stealing from the environment, it does not macerate, it mushes. Please don’t leave piles of much behind when you juice. Your output should be very, very dry – not mushy and still filled with vital nutrients. I am so upset because I have loved Dr. Ferhman – from the Dr. Oz show – but his is a rip off first class. Please don’t order. I don’t know why there is not more information out there about how bad this is. I hope this saves you the trouble I am having. Guilty in Texas!


  39. 39

    I ordered the regular fusion juicer with the “free” extras. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. I don’t mind coring my apples and such as well as peel my oranges ( per instruction book). The basic model is good for light juicing, using the fruits and vegatables they reccomend. The added “blender” is really nothing more than something to stir protein powder into the juice you made, or for a regualr protein shake. As stated by others, it will not crush ice. For the price of about $100 for everything, it is a decent enough product. They do offer a heavier version ( which may be the one used in the infomercial for about $50 more. As I tend to just want frsh fruit juice, this product works well for me. Cleanup takes about 5 minutes and it is very quiet to use. I alos bought the extended warranty for $15.


  40. 40

    This product does not work as advertised!!! On first glance cleaning appears to be easy but on closer inspection you will see that water is retained in the chambers where the juice flows froml Also, food collects around the edge of the strainer both on top and on the bottom. I had difficulty cleaning this area with a vegetable brush, direct spray and even a toothpick. To me this is an area of concern do to the possibility of bacterial or other pathogenic growth. Customer Service is a joke, I was not allowed to talk to a supervisor when requested. When I asked for a return authorization #, I was offered a $20.00 credit if I would keep the machine, but they would not authorize any credit toward shipping the device back. I would not advise purchasing this product.


  41. 41

    The Fusion Juicer is an utter joke! The only goal that these people had when making this machine was to make sure that the production and part costs would be as cheap as possible. About two years ago I bought my dad the $300 Breville Juice Fountain Elite. A solid built machine that was powerful, loud, never got stuck, took a pinch of an effor to force the veggies down and pulp was nearly dry. For the first time in my life I was out of town for three months and when I cameback I noticed this abomination on the countertop and the Elite Juicer gone. To make the story short, for the first time ever, I heard my father shout,”I hate this F*****g juicer.” “Never in my life I hated juicing so much.” Sometimes I barely get out of bed and I him cursing because it takes to much effort to put in the veggies and almost every time it gets stuck. Also, the pulp is WET. You people have no idea how angry I am with this machine. You know who bought it. My mom. Why did she buy it if we already had a powerful $300 juicer? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ON THE INFOMERCIAL SAID IT IS MUCH BETTER OPPOSED TO BREVILLE BY CREATING LESS HEAT WHILE JUICING. That’s it….. THAT IS IT! I can pick up the same juicer for $50 that is less powerful and GUESS WHAT?…… IT WILL CREATE NO HEAT BECAUSE OF ITS WEAK ENGINE AS WELL. Do you people see what I’m saying here. It’s the same piece of junk that they sell in grocery stores, only more expensive. Now again, I have to buy another good machine so that way my father’s blood pressure doesn’t go up. By the way, all you people that are talking about how the juice tastes good from the fusion juicer, just be quiet. The juicer that you taste is what you put in and depending by machine how much pulp you will get, that is all. My dad and I plan on making a YouTube video and show what a real joke this is. Not only to review but I want to show a big middle finger to that company for misleading people. That’s all I have to say.


  42. 42

    My Hubby ordered the Fusion Juicer. He read all the instructions then he spent nearly 2 hours trying to make juice. He got less that 8 oz of juice! He had to quit trying after the motor stopped. Together we used the Fusion Booster. It worked well but not when you consider just paying $119. As we cleaned up the Juicer in order to pack it back up and return it, we found it difficult to clean all the fruit and veggie products off the fine strainer portion of the juicer. The same for some of the groves on the outside of the machine. If we were to keep the product, I would alway worry about it being not very sanitary. As for the leftover pulp, if you just wanted to make some juice and were unprepared to use the pulp in a recipe, the pulp would go to waste. Overall, we were very unsatisfied with this product.


  43. 43

    Warning to anyone that is considering ordering the “RED” juicer. It isn’t red at all… not even close. It’s more like a pale mauve color.
    Also dealing with customer service is a nightmare. This is without a doubt the worst customer service dept/system my wife and I have ever dealt with. We have spoken to 7 different agents from the official website and most of them were rude and not very helpful at all. I suggest to everyone who would like to purchase the Fusion Juicer that you go to a Walmart or Target. They sell them there. That way if anything is wrong with the product you don’t have to go through what my wife and I have.


  44. 44

    This juicer is not good at all. I received the juicer that was NOT WORKING. I requested full refund. However, they told me that they can not give refund, only provide me with a replacement. Otherwise, i will be responsible for the $45 to $60 shipping cost and that is their policy. Their quality dept and their customer service is very unprofessional. They refused to give me credit and are forcing me to keep their item. PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU BUY THIS ITEM.


  45. 45

    First short coming, as stated above, ALL types of blenders, incliding my 15+ old Stick blender, crushes ice.
    I’ve avoided the ‘Juicers, for many years, because if the pulp cleanup/waste, price, room temp juice. and noise. Also, there were so many different types as to what is best. I have several Ninja’s, including, the 1500 Mega Kit. Recently brought the NutriSystem, trying to get less pulp chucks. Most of the $350- $600 blenders also make soup…which is not worth the extra cost to me.
    The infomercial points that sold me was quiet (Non-Heating), whole fruits and free shipping even on the extras.
    Bothersome was the durability and longevity of the unit not mentioned. Also, I’m glad to see a 90+ person upright and mentally aware; However, the teeth…check him out. Also, like Jack LaLane, the skin/muscles.
    So, I took advantage on the 6-pay plan since I knew I didn’t want to shell out $120 right now. I ordered it on the 24th and surprisingly it was on my doorstep by noon on the 27th. The only upcharge they tried to sell me was the steel and 2 extra mugs.
    The ones that bothered me was the cleanup not mentioned, guarantee obscurity and durability, how dry was the pulp.
    The manual(s) quickly answered SOME of my questions. The blender can only run for 3 min max, doesn’t crush ice, and only SOFT fruits. The Juicer: Recommends peeling/prepping, can get clogged, and motor can overheat…all of which can shut down the unit for 10+ minutes AFTER the situation is cleared { ever get a paper jam in your printer? } can imagine the same nightmare.
    Finally, like most of the blenders, except the ones with non-removable blades, their made of plastic…which will stain, scratch and cloud up over time. ALSO, the manual said they ARE NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.
    I noticed some of the higher priced juicers come with several strainers for pulp…a nice thought.
    Also, juicers in general, and this is no exception, has a large footprint. Also, like party bowls with spouts, will have to sit up higher for your glass or hang off the edge?????
    So, since my Ninja’s have a 54/72 ounce capacities and can crush ice to make cold; I might just pour the outcome thru the FusionJuicer instead of trying to strain the old fashion way


  46. 46
  47. 47
  48. 48

    Thanks all for the “Words of Wisdom”. I liked the specs. so I purchased one online yesterday. THEN I read these reviews. I will follow up when I get it.


  49. 49

    Before using it I read book. It would not do what I wanted it to. There were certain things you had to do that was not mentioned on tv . Called for a refund after 3 days and the guy that answered said he was in New Jersey. He was no more there than I am. New Delhi maybe. Anyway he said no refund since I got 1 payment removed after seeing add that said 5 payments. So just try to get a refund if you do not like it . Just try. Anyone want to buy it for $80.00 ?


  50. 50

    Eight weeks later, I am still waiting for my Fusion juicer. It took 25 minutes to place the initial order because the reps kept trying to sell me one more thing. I called to check :the status of my order, they substituted the back -ordered stainless with a black juicer. They at that point tried to get me to subscribe to more bs offers and then 3 days later, i received an email simply stating my order was cancelled. No reason listed. Frustrated!!!!


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