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For the first time ever, I got the opportunity to try making my own juice with the new Fusion Juicer. Walmart sent me the Fusion Juicer to review for my blog to share how this appliance can help a health-conscious cook in the kitchen. Since it is my first time trying a juicer, I am excited to share with you my review of the Fusion Juicer that is available at your local Walmart store.

Is Assembly Difficult?

This juicer is simple in construction and assembly for putting it together and taking it apart when making your juice. The lever on the front can be pulled up to pull everything in place, or pulled down to disassemble the juicer for cleaning. The back contains a receptacle for all of the pulp leftover after juicing and the front contains an extra large feeder for feeding your fruits and veggies into, a clear receptacle where you can see your juice actually being made, and a non-drip spout where you can comfortably rest a cup underneath for your juice.

How Do You Clean It?

All the pieces can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy washing unless you have a dishwasher that runs extremely hot and are concerned with warping, then you may want to wash these pieces by hand.

How Well Does It Blend?

I gave a new juice recipe a spin in this juicer and pictured here is exactly what I fed through my juicer. I did not peel my carrots or celery, but did peel my ginger and lemon, and cored the apples before putting them in the juicer, ¬†as was recommended within the manufacturer’s booklet. All of these items blended beautifully in the juicer. What was most surprising to me about this process was how quietly the juicer ran and how easy it was to feed these items into it.

The spinach was the only thing that did not, perhaps, all get blended in, but I think it is more of a trial and error user error, because it is recommended to chase these greens down with a juicier fruit or veggie to help the greens really juice well into your juices.

The booklet that comes with the juicer really helps to break down what order to place these items in as well as what is recommended for leaving the skin on or what you should cut before placing it into the juicer.

What About the Pulp?

After juicing all of my fruits and veggies, this is what was in the back of my juicer. For the frugal chef looking to really maximize her grocery budget, you can use the juice pulp to incorporate into other recipes. As someone who is always looking for ways to make her grocery dollars stretch, I love that you can use this pulp in a variety of other recipes.

How Does the Juice Taste?

I was able to get these two glasses of juice from my recipe (coming soon over on The MotherLoad) and the juice was perfectly blended and delicious. Overall, the most impressive features about this was how easy it was to clean up, the simple assembly process of the juicer, as well as the quietness of it. I can’t speak to the longevity factor, but as a first-time juicer, this was so easy to use and created impressive results for the price!

Suggested Retail Price: $119.00

Available At: Walmart



  1. 52
  2. 53

    I was wait more than 1 month ??? when juicer finally arrived. Is it not good advertise for Fusion.C I think the better name will be UnFusion..
    I hope it will work at least I did not try yet.
    Prepare to send them back.


  3. 54

    The is the worst product do not order this machine it sucks. When I called customer to return the girls was rude.


  4. 55

    I was researching juicers and found that there are many, and they do different things. The fusion looked perfect!! But before buying it I check out the omega which is the one I wanted. My husband suprised me by buying me the fusion stainless steel etc, with the bonus blender 6-week etc. it was around 250.00 before he was done, then it said free shipping well I live in Maui, Hawaii and they wanted over 100.00 to ship it to me so my husband had it sent to him then he had to pay separately 50.00 to ship it to me. when I finally got the juicer, it was okay at first I then realized that it does not even when you follow the directions with using spinach work the spinach just tears up and other greens as well. I used it for awhile then stopped as it started to leak around the lid. I put it away and just got it out again today. Again as I juiced tangerines I peeled them, the juicer leaked around the top of the blender and leaked down into the black base bottom, I want to send it back and get our money back I went on line to customer care you can only check on your order. you have to call them to talk to someone. Im really not happy about having to pay to ship it back to them nor was I happy to pay for the shipping when it says free!!!! on every advertisement. NOT A HAPPY FUSION JUICER CUSTOMER


  5. 56

    We ordered the juicer and had hopes to better health. I haven’t as yet made the juice, i am still reading the book and surprised they have you cut things take the skin off and prepare the items. On the infomercial they showed the guy putting the fruits etc in whole. This is false advertising! I am wondering i should just send it back and save myself the trouble of cleaning it first. So tired of this kind of misleading money grabbing bs!


  6. 57

    My husband has cancer so when he was up during the night he saw the infomercial and decided to order it. Weeks later it came. He couldn’t understand why I was spending so much time cutting fruit / vegetables up so it could fit in to opening. He said the guy put everything in without cutting anything. Used it for a little over a month and it stopped working. Called CS and the fellow was a little hard to understand but he walked me through how to disassemble and assemble it (like I didn’t know how to do it and must have been doing it wronge for a month!) so I did what he said and it still did not work. He explained the return policy ending with once they received my broken fusion they would then ship another one out…so I asked him how long it would take becaused it took a long time to get the original one…and can they ship it out next day air so my husband could continue juicing. He said, no…. so I asked to speak to a supervisior….I was on hold for 5 minutes and she wasn’t very helpful even when I told her my husband has cancer. She wouldn’t go for the next day air method. She told me she would email me a call tag and after going back and forth with her making sure she had the right email, I was disconnected and I waited for her to call me back since when you do make a call to them they make sure of who you are by your telephone number…. never got the email and waited for her to call me back since she had my number…called back and asked for a supervisior…Got someone else and she said the email could take 24 hours to get to me and when I asked her why the other supervisior didn’t call me back after being disconnected she told me they couldn’t make calls out…..called back the next day when I still did not receive email and spoke to someone else who said he would send it and would “call me back in three hours” that never happened. Their CS sucks big time and now I am packing the fusion up and sending it back for a REFUND.


  7. 58

    This product puts more of the vegetable in the disposal container than in your glass. I have 2 other juicers and I had to use a lot more carrots in the fusion juicer to get one cup of juice. Not good.


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