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Sorry! This giveaway is now closed! I would like to congratulate LynnMarie (Commenter #354) on winning this fabulous giveaway from Bissell! Thank you all for your entries and many more contests are coming soon!

Hurray for another giveaway from MomAdvice!  As a steam cleaning junkie, I could not be more thrilled to be offering another opportunity to win a steam cleaner for your floors than I am today. This week we have a fabulous Bissell Steam & Sweep Floor Cleaner to share with one very lucky reader.

The Bissell Steam & Sweep clears hard floors of dry debris and steam cleans all in one pass. Now you can thoroughly clean your hard floors while saving time. This steam cleaner provides powerful and trusted sweeping technology with the natural power of steam for a total one-step, time saving complete clean.

As the name implies the Bissell Steam & Sweep offer both the steaming feature and the sweeping feature. What makes this model stand above the rest is that the steam and sweep features that are offered are done simultaneously rather than doing these two activities separately. What could be better than being able to get your floors cleaned & steamed at the same time with one tool? It is the perfect tool for today’s busy mom!

Today we are offering one lucky reader a Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner to make cleaning your house a little easier and a lot more fun!

Leave one comment for each item that you complete to enter:

  • First Entry: Take a peek at our review of the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner and let us know what is one feature you love about this product and why you need to add it to your cleaning tools arsenal.
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One winner, chosen at random, will receive the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner . Please submit your entries by Tuesday (11/16) at 8PM EST.  Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



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    I love that it is one item that I can use to both vacuum and steam. One thing to store and the ability to get 2 jobs done quickly sounds wonderful!

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    I like that the velcro pads are easy to add/remove from the steam mop and it comes with 2 so you have an extra one.

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    My favorite feature is the Bissell’s steam…it will definitely help me keep the kitchen and eating area cleaner than I can without it now!

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    My floors get so dirty – with three not so little boys. It would be great to vacuum and steam them at the same time! Thanks!

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    I love the fact that it does two jobs at one time cause I love multi-tasking tools. Makes life easier.

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    I’m a huge fan on Facebook!! Between the hair from 2 dogs and 1 cat, this would be perfect!!

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    I have been wanting this steam & sweep so bad. I rent & my floors never come clean i just shine up the dirt. we are planning on buying a house w/ hard wood floors & i think this is a neccessity

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    I love that the vacuum and steaming can be done at the same time! That would save some time!

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    I love that you can sweep and steam at the same time. I have always wanted a steam cleaner and with two kids and two dogs I would get a lot of use out of it!

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    I like that you said the vacuum function is powerful. The vacuum that I use now does not have good suction and I have to end up going over the floors at least twice.

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    Good timing on your review! I have been looking at various ones in the stores but do not know much about the. I love my mini vacuum for bathroom and kitchen floors but what a pain to clean them. Mops do not get them clean and it takes a long time to do it by hand. This is just what I need!