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I have confessed before and I will confess again that I am a vacuum junkie. After our recent review of the Shark Vac then Steam, Bissell reached out to me to see if I might be interested in giving the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner a spin.  My original steam cleaner happened to be the original Bissell Steam Mop and  I really loved it so I was excited to see what new features were now made available through this newer model.

As the name implies the Bissell Steam & Sweep offer both the steaming feature and the sweeping feature. What makes this model stand above the rest is that the steam and sweep features that are offered are done simultaneously rather than doing these two activities separately. What could be better than being able to get your floors cleaned & steamed at the same time with one tool?

As always, we offer our pros & cons list with this steam mop!


  • The steam mop pads are easier to the put on then my old Bissell Steam Mop. This model offers Velcro pads that are easy to attach and detach from the steam mop. The model comes with two mop pads and washed up beautifully after using them on my floors.
  • The cord on this model is generous and I can do almost my entire kitchen and hallway using the cord without having to unplug and relocate.
  • The vacuum function on this model does a surprisingly powerful job. The rotating brush brings in hidden debris and was particularly great in hidden corners of my home and the edges of the room where debris is gathered.
  • The tank on this model is generous and enough to easily do two rooms without refilling. There are no extra parts to keep track of for refilling (like funnels and separate pouring containers) which mean you have fewer pieces to keep track of.
  • The biggest pro with this model is the fact that the vacuum and steaming can be done simultaneously. With a flip of the switch you are steaming and sweeping your floors at the same time.  For busy moms, this one feature alone makes it an ideal model for those of us that want clean floors, but don’t have time to drag out two separate vacuums to get the job done.  It does a very impressive job at both functions!


  • As with past models of Bissell steam mops, this Steam & Sweep has a trigger to release the steam. While it offers more control over how much you steam in certain spots, if you are steaming for awhile it can be tiring on your trigger finger having to hold it down to release the steam.
  • The steam mop pads are very thin so the steam does come through at full blast which can get your floors very wet as you get towards the end of your steaming. Because of the thinness of the pads, it also makes it more cumbersome to push when the pads are wet. A thicker pad would definitely remedy this small issue.

Other than these two small gripes, I was really impressed at what an effective job this model does at getting your floors swept and steamed simultaneously. This would make a fantastic holiday gift for any mom that is burdened with the care of tile & hardwood floors.

Suggested Retail Price: $152.77

Website for More Information: Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner

This product was received as a review sample. The thoughts and opinions expressed will always be honest and heartfelt and no reflection on receiving a sample copy.  We promise to always do our best to also give away each of these products to our readers because it is always better to give than to receive!  Want to know more about how things are handled here at MomAdvice? Be sure to read our Disclaimer which clearly states how things work and know that we will always offer only the best reviews to our readers.



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    I am excited about the fact that you can sweep and clean at the same time. I have 2 cats and a 1 year old daughter and hardwood floors throughout. Between the 3 of them, my floors are always a mess. Sometimes I even have to sweep the floors, then mop, then sweep the floors again to get the cat hair…such a pain :)


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    I want this soooo bad!!! I have all harwood floors, two dogs and a cat. A broom & mop just doesn’t convince me my floors are totally clean.


  6. 156

    I love the fact that you can sweep and steam at the same time. Doing two jobs at once definitely leaves more time for other, more enjoyable things.


  7. 157

    What a time-saver! I love that it will sanitize with the steam, without having to use chemicals. Plus I can use them on linoleum AND hardwoods.


  8. 158

    Ok, so I have been researching steam cleaners for a couple of months now. I have a 10 month old that is all over the place! It’s very important to have clean floors! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the review!!!!


  9. 159

    I love that the mop and bucket can be retired! This looks so much easier! And washable pads-wow! I’d love to win one!! Pick Me!!!


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    Thank you so much for your review on this and the Shark’s version. I was trying to figure out which to buy for my sister and I’m now sold on the Bissell! PLEASE keep up your informative reviews – they are GREAT!


  12. 162

    I’m a 53 yr old single mom/college student/ with 2 dogs. I’ve been looking for a way to stream-line cleaning and the Bissell Steam and Sweep looks the product to help me do that. Thanks for a great review. I’d sure like to win this product!


  13. 163

    The Steam and Sweep is not a good product. It leaves streaks on my hardwood floor and they have no solution to offer. Don’t buy this.


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    This is on sale on…if you call quickly, you can get it for $120, broken into 3 easy flex-payments of $40!


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    I have to say this product is worth every penny I spent on it. I have 2 cats, 1 dog, a 4yr old boy and 3 month girl. One thing I can never get to is the floors. I have found that if I sweep the floors first I get the best results from this machine but overall it is great! My floors have never been cleaner. I also use a clorox wipe to get the corners or spots it can’t reach and I’m happy with that too. The only way to get cleaner floors is to get on your hands and knees and scrub. One problem I have found is that you cannot leave the machine in one place after you steam otherwise it will discolor your floor. Otherwise I’m very happy with it.


  18. 168

    I was not really sure that i wanted one.but after reading all the reviews I made up my mind.I was one who used the mop and bucket and that dirty .water.I have pets and it would b nice to pull out the steam and clean to clean up any little mishap that. Might happen. (I can’t wait to finally own one).


  19. 169

    I thought at first this was a good product but must say it is not so great. I does leave steaks on hardwood and I had to clean the floor a few more times after using it.


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