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I am a huge fan of steam cleaning products because of their eco-friendliness and the streak-free shine you can get by not using a lot of products on your home.  I have had a Bissell Steam Mop for a long time and really loved it for my hardwood floors. My only caveat with having the steam mop though was that I had to get out the vacuum and then get out the steam mop when I was done. I wished that there was a product that I could use that would combine the two for storage space and to make the process easier.

Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam is just that. It is a quick vacuum and it also contains the steam mop in one product. I was intrigued how effective this would work, but it is actually very smartly designed. The base of the vacuum has magnetic pieces that line up to the steam mop attachment and it grabs the mop attachment when it is time to switch from vacuum to steam mop without a lot of effort.

With a house full of laminate flooring and tile, I wanted to share with you the pros and cons of this product!


  • The steam mop pad stretches the entire base of the vacuum and is attached with Velcro to the head of the vacuum. There is no need to stretch or try to fit the steam mop pads over anything which has been my biggest gripe with my Bissell Steam Mop. It comes with two pads and the pads are reusable and can be thrown in your washer and dryer to clean.
  • The cord on this model is generous and I can do almost my entire kitchen and hallway using the cord without having to unplug and relocate.
  • The functionality on the vacuum is smartly designed for ease of switching from the vacuum to the steam mop. Two separate switches are designed on the panel so you know which one to switch to for cleaning your floors.   You operate the vacuum without the base attachment for the steam function and then when it is time to steam, it magnetically grabs to the bottom and you are ready to go.
  • The steam mop functions beautifully and with ease. It takes roughly thirty seconds for the steam to heat up and then you lean the arm of the vacuum down and push across your floors to steam them. You don’t even have to hold down a trigger to start the steam function; it automatically goes when you have switched to the steam mop.  The steam is not a heavy steam and the steaming is pretty consistent throughout without bubbling or any wet spots on the floors. With heavier spots, it might require another once over, but for the most part the steaming works very effectively!


  • The steam mop comes with a separate container and funnel that you use to pour the water into the reservoir in the back. I really did like the separate tank  that my Bissell had because I didn’t have to keep track of extra parts. The reservoir is not very big too, but did do a surprisingly good job with a very little amount of water used. It only took about half the tank to get my entire kitchen and hallway clean.
  • The vacuum is not great- it is definitely a quick vac. This will work beautifully in areas with lesser debris like your bathrooms and maybe a quick vacuuming after the kids are done with lunch, but it seems to struggle picking up larger debris.  I wish it was cordless too because a vacuum like this feels like a charging base would be more ideal for the quick vacuuming under my kitchen tables and requires a bit more effort when a cord is involved.

Other than those two cons though, I am really impressed, particularly with the design of this product. It would make a wonderful addition to your cleaning tools and if you haven’t tried steaming your floors before, I swear that you will never go back to those expensive one-use products!

Suggested Retail Price: $149.00

Website for More Information: Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam

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    this would be so great!…i have a one year old, a 3 year old and another on the way any day now…this would make cleaning the floors so much easier for me!


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    I love that it has the capacity to both vacuum and then steam sanitize hard floors! Sounds great for a home with 3 kiddos!!


  4. 154

    I have a shark steam mop and with two droolie labs I love the results on my house full of wood floors. I have to vacuum the lab hair before I can mop so a 2-in-1 would be great.


  5. 155

    This would be great to have around! I can never seem to get my floors clean enough with a regular mop, but it seems like a steam cleaner would work well.


  6. 156

    This product looks great. I have been wanting to try a “steam” cleaner for awhile! Its great that you do not have to use chemicals to clean…especially with my daughters twin boys around.


  7. 157

    I would love to have this mop. I definitely need a steam option for my floors because the time of having to mix cleaning product and get the bucket and mop out keep me from washing my floors as often as I’d like to. :)


  8. 158

    My 2 boys (ages 2+3) use “shark” as a verb since we always have to “shark up” our mess with our shark handheld vac. I’m sure I could get as much use from the Shark 2-in-1!!


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    I love the WHOLE thing! Just the fact that it sucks (not like- ugh, this sucks) and steams is devine! I currently lug around a 15 year old central vac with crimps in the hose that plugs EVERY time I use it and weighs 10,000 pounds (ok- maybe 5,000). I have used a fishing rod (shhh) to unplug it in the past. With new baby at home and needing to be more “domestic” the Shark 2 in 1 would be a dream. Fingers crossed!


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  15. 165

    would LOVE to have this so i could clean my floors in one easy step instead of having a million different things to do before my floors are clean.


  16. 166

    I love the fact that it has 2 cleaning tools in one thus taking less time to complete 2 tasks and won’t take up as much room in the closet as 2 different pieces of equipment.


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  18. 168

    I am interested in owning this product. We have recently inherited a dog and I am always sweeping, mopping and spraying lysol on my floors to kill bacteria before our grandchildren come and play on the floors.


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  22. 172

    With 4 kids and a dog…this is the perfect equipment in our house. We currently use the Bissell Steam Mop and a floor vac…which I too find cumbersome switching between the two. It would have to be Shark who came up with this brilliant idea!


  23. 173

    I have been looking into steam cleaners. Really enjoyed reading your reviews. L:iked the long cord and short “on” time for the steamer


  24. 174

    With a baby about to start crawling, I would love to try this. A couple of my friends have this and they love them! I love the fact that the pads are washable. Keep up the good work! :)


  25. 175

    Love your blog! Just found it and can’t wait to come back every day! :O) I was talking about the Shark 2-in-1 Steam Vac yesterday with my friend. We were saying how much we each wanted one! Thanks for this give away chance!


  26. 176

    I have a Shark floor steamer and I love that it cleans without harsh chemicals. Any cleaning tool that does the job with little effort, no additional dollars spent and no nasty smell, that’s the one I love. Yay Shark!


  27. 177

    It takes roughly thirty seconds for the steam to heat up and then you lean the arm of the vacuum down and push across your floors to steam them


  28. 178

    I’m glad to read good reviews on this. I JUST saw it on TV and love the combo aspect. I bought a steam cleaner but haven’t been very impressed with it and its useless now that I don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Must get this!


  29. 179

    The vacuum part of this device is way too loud and high pitched. I called their “help line” of course, Outsourced. The operator could only parrot the script on the screen and wasted 15 minutes telling me over and over to take it apart and check for blockages. I had already attempted that. It is brand new!!! Back to Macy’s it goes. I think I will stick with a steam mop only.


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  32. 182

    The Shark Steam mop is a great product for cleaning the floors, but it does not leave a shine on the floors. Unfortunately, after having it for a month, I noticed that is removing the paint on my borders, so please, don’t use this on painted tiles.


  33. 183

    I am my wifes caretaker, and having the Steam-Vac would make my day easier. I have very little time in a day to get all things done, (cooking, wash, shopping etc.). The Steam-vac would be a tremendous help.


  34. 184

    on tv they look amazing! all I want to know, is does it work? the rest is just frosting,,,,I want to know if it will such the slobber on the tile, or the clay my girls through in the grout and all the other wine I have spill in the nook and crannies. will this work?


  35. 185

    it appears as it does. But I waste money all the time and the end of in gargare sales. It the end of the day, I have enuf for some tea and disappointment.


  36. 186

    I have been dying to try this. I really like the idea of steaming my floors. No chemicals and all the product supplies always needed for anything else. I am hoping I am not disappointed.
    Thanks for all the reviews!


  37. 187

    Is this Shark 2-in 1 Vac then steam really okay for Laminate floors as well as Wood Floors? Has anyone tried it on the laminate?


    Amy Reply:

    I have laminate flooring and it works like a dream! The steam is light and not heavy- it essentially disappears before you pull the sweeper back. I hope that helps!


  38. 188

    Used it twice and it stopped making steam. We will see what shark says and how good the warranty is otherwise I will be back with a report!


  39. 189

    I have this and I love it..EXCEPT it leaves a terrible film on my laminate floors. I use distilled water in my tank..I called Shark after the first time I used it..They told me it was probally something on pads or the floor..Well I have used it often in the 2-3 months since and film hasn’t went away.If I hand mop with vinegar water my floors shine..But it is convenient and kills germs but I hate the film any suggestions on how to get rid of film?


  40. 190

    I read most of the posts…the very last one describes the problem I leaves a film on my hardwood floors. The manufacturer must be aware of this, so, I am waiting for a fix.


  41. 191

    I received my Shark Steam and Vac yesterday and went right to work getting started. First let me say that when we moved into our home the cleaning the builders did on the tile floors was horrible and I mopped these floors five different times and could not get them completely clean from all thr tile grout dust. I used my Shark Steam and Vac last night in the kitchen,dining room, living room an halls (all tile) they are fabulous! I took my time and vacuumed and then steamed these floors and then ran my already owned pad mop over them and they were totally clean! I am thrilled….and so relieved because i feel the grandbabies can now crawl around and not be getting exposed to all I was not able to get up before. No cleaning products…all ECO!!!! I did use the Fresh Breeze on the pad and it was very refreshing. I also used the the Shark Heavy Duty pad for this cleanup. Today I cleaned both bathrooms with the All-purpose pad and they, too, are great! Thank uoi for such a great product and easy to use! I can’t wait to use my Shark Hand Held Steam Scrubber on the showers and counter tops.
    Extremely Pleased!!!!!


  42. 192

    I’m dissapointed in my 2n1 Shark ,it leaves a film on my laminate floors and even my wood floors.Does anyone have any suggestions? If I had the box I would send it back.I called Shark they said I had a build up of cleaner on my floors it might take a few times for it to get clear. Well I’ve used it 2 times a week for a month and NO change.


  43. 193

    I’m dissapointed in my Shark 2n1 steamer.It leaves a film on my laminate floors and even my wood floors.Does anyone have any suggestions? I called Shark and they said I had a buid up of cleaner on my floors and it would take a few times for it to clear, Well I’ve used it 2 times a week for a month and NO change. If I had the box I would send it back.


  44. 194

    I recently purchased the Shark Vac and Steam. It looks clean after steaming, but take a wet paper towel and wipe a section and see how much dirt is left behind. I even sprayed the floor first with a cleaner and went over it again with the steamer. Same results. Lots of dirt left on the floor. Info commercial shows wiping with a dry white sock. Try it with a wet one and see how much dirt is left behind. This product does not clean or sanitize. Even our laminate floors were filthy after going over them twice. The vac works good, but with no vacuum hose, it can’t get under anything. This product is not as they advertise. All it does is drag the dirt over floors. We will be returning ours.


  45. 195

    Complete failure as a vacuum. I’d fire their quailty assurance department (all of them) and never use the testers again. Does not live up to what you see on tv with steaming ease, however after about 100 strokes back and forth on one particular area, the steam does start to work. Works best if you’re bent over and being forceful when pushing… pulling comes back easily. It might live up to tv if you have just put down LAMINATES and no one has walked on them yet. Else, it fails in that department. Leaves streaks. Will have to use a second mop head after using the first one to get rid of the streaks. I would not recommend this product unless it drops in price to about 19.99… it’s actually pretty sad!!


  46. 196

    We bought this and tried it out. The suction seemed to work well, but the vac was heavy and really loud. When I was done with one room, my ears were ringing. There were too many parts for the mop, which you had to attach to use. I paralyzed my arm in an accident and am looking for a lightweight, easy to use 2 in 1. Unfortunately I brought it back before we tried the mop.


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