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I am a huge fan of steam cleaning products because of their eco-friendliness and the streak-free shine you can get by not using a lot of products on your home.  I have had a Bissell Steam Mop for a long time and really loved it for my hardwood floors. My only caveat with having the steam mop though was that I had to get out the vacuum and then get out the steam mop when I was done. I wished that there was a product that I could use that would combine the two for storage space and to make the process easier.

Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam is just that. It is a quick vacuum and it also contains the steam mop in one product. I was intrigued how effective this would work, but it is actually very smartly designed. The base of the vacuum has magnetic pieces that line up to the steam mop attachment and it grabs the mop attachment when it is time to switch from vacuum to steam mop without a lot of effort.

With a house full of laminate flooring and tile, I wanted to share with you the pros and cons of this product!


  • The steam mop pad stretches the entire base of the vacuum and is attached with Velcro to the head of the vacuum. There is no need to stretch or try to fit the steam mop pads over anything which has been my biggest gripe with my Bissell Steam Mop. It comes with two pads and the pads are reusable and can be thrown in your washer and dryer to clean.
  • The cord on this model is generous and I can do almost my entire kitchen and hallway using the cord without having to unplug and relocate.
  • The functionality on the vacuum is smartly designed for ease of switching from the vacuum to the steam mop. Two separate switches are designed on the panel so you know which one to switch to for cleaning your floors.   You operate the vacuum without the base attachment for the steam function and then when it is time to steam, it magnetically grabs to the bottom and you are ready to go.
  • The steam mop functions beautifully and with ease. It takes roughly thirty seconds for the steam to heat up and then you lean the arm of the vacuum down and push across your floors to steam them. You don’t even have to hold down a trigger to start the steam function; it automatically goes when you have switched to the steam mop.  The steam is not a heavy steam and the steaming is pretty consistent throughout without bubbling or any wet spots on the floors. With heavier spots, it might require another once over, but for the most part the steaming works very effectively!


  • The steam mop comes with a separate container and funnel that you use to pour the water into the reservoir in the back. I really did like the separate tank  that my Bissell had because I didn’t have to keep track of extra parts. The reservoir is not very big too, but did do a surprisingly good job with a very little amount of water used. It only took about half the tank to get my entire kitchen and hallway clean.
  • The vacuum is not great- it is definitely a quick vac. This will work beautifully in areas with lesser debris like your bathrooms and maybe a quick vacuuming after the kids are done with lunch, but it seems to struggle picking up larger debris.  I wish it was cordless too because a vacuum like this feels like a charging base would be more ideal for the quick vacuuming under my kitchen tables and requires a bit more effort when a cord is involved.

Other than those two cons though, I am really impressed, particularly with the design of this product. It would make a wonderful addition to your cleaning tools and if you haven’t tried steaming your floors before, I swear that you will never go back to those expensive one-use products!

Suggested Retail Price: $149.00

Website for More Information: Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam

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    I have wanted one of these for a long time! My house is about 75% wood floor, so it would make it so much easier for me to clean!


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    i love that you can go directly from vacuuming to cleaning.. with the same piece of equipment.. i have a small apartment and need all the space i can get for all of the baby stuff that i have! i would love to have one of these


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    I tried over and over again to subscribe to the other two feeds (motherloot and aldi queen) but it will not allow me. I tried all the options (and I dont want to change my homepage to google or yahoo) and I cant. Is there a way to live bookmark feed it?


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    I love this product. I need it to steam my carpets and clean them. I have dust allergies and need it to clean carpets to be free of all dust and allergens.


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    love my shark, but i’ve always wished it would pick up the little things my broom misses. i love that it has a vacuum function!


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    Hi! What I would give to have this…I have a daughter with asthma and I am a SLAVE in my small house… having to clean (REALLY clean) almost everyday to keep her from wheezing. This would help me out so much…at least with the floor part of it :) …did I mention that I have a 3 year old that loves to ROLL???!!!!!!


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    I would love to have this! I had a shark steam mop when they first came out and it was awsome, only lasted me for 8 mons. This looks much improved.


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  27. 127

    I have 3 children, 2 dogs, and 2 birds. I need something to make cleaning our floors easier! I love the fact that you can vacuum and mop with the same tool! It cuts down on the amount of sticks around the house…broomstick, mops…etc!


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  29. 129

    I need a vacum cleaner so bad. Going through a tough divorce and have to buy all again by myself. This looks easy to handle, light but powerful.


  30. 130

    i would defiantly love the long cord so that you do not have to keep plugging and unplugging all thru the house. steam is wonderful! “liked” momadvise on facebook!!


  31. 131

    I clean my 89 year old grandma’s house and have to be sure the floors are completely dry, so she doesn’t slip and fall. This would make my job so much easier!


  32. 132

    I want one of these so bad! I love that it is ecofriendly and it combines a mop and a vacuum. This would make my life so much easier!


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  34. 134

    I have 3 children if you include my husband lol! Plus a dog. This would really help give me some leisure time by cutting on cleaning time. Help a stay at home mom out!!!!!


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  36. 136

    I love the sound of this product. Would be super useful in cleaning the house with many kids and pets running around!


  37. 137
  38. 138

    I like that it has a super long cord. I hate having to unplug and re-plug my vacuum when cleaning the floors.


  39. 139

    This looks awesome and would love to try it out. With 3 toddlers things get pretty messy and as a mom on the go Im always looking for a quick clean up.


  40. 140

    I could use this for our summer home which is always filled with kids running in and out of the house with their bare wet feet!


  41. 141

    I’ve been dreaming of the Shark vac for a while like most commentators here. I actually use my clothing steamer on places that need a good sanitization on my floor and then finish the sweep up with my Swiffer Wet. It’s not a perfect system, but it finishes the job. I love the idea that it has a washable /green friendly pads. Very cool.


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    I love the fact that all-natural steam is doing the cleaning and that vacuuming doesn’t have to be done with a different piece of equipment.


  44. 144

    I saw this being advertised and wished I had one. It would be nice to have everything together in one package. Get things done quicker and know that it is cleaner than if I did it by hand. Thank you for the opportunity.


  45. 145

    I love the fact that it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals which is great with Kids who love to crawl all over the hardwood floors!


  46. 146

    I LOVE my Shark Floor Vac – it is perfect for cleaning up the ‘after dinner’ mess around the table. The added benefit of being able to steam the floor as well would be great!!


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    I love this because it comes with two pads and the pads are reusable and can be thrown in your washer and dryer. This would be a great way to clean floors and stay environmentally friendly.


  49. 149

    I actually just bought the Shark Steam Mop and I really like it…I didn’t know they had a 2 in 1…:( I would love to have this is my arsenal of cleaning gadgets. Who likes to do floors? Not me…and this makes it so much easier.


  50. 150

    I have a sister that has one of these. I tried it & loved it! It was easy for me to use I have hodgkins lymphoma (cancer) & had a triple bipass/ It is hard for me to use regulare mops. & this product made it alot easier on me! I just wished I could afford one but right now I am unable to work


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