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I am a huge fan of steam cleaning products because of their eco-friendliness and the streak-free shine you can get by not using a lot of products on your home.  I have had a Bissell Steam Mop for a long time and really loved it for my hardwood floors. My only caveat with having the steam mop though was that I had to get out the vacuum and then get out the steam mop when I was done. I wished that there was a product that I could use that would combine the two for storage space and to make the process easier.

Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam is just that. It is a quick vacuum and it also contains the steam mop in one product. I was intrigued how effective this would work, but it is actually very smartly designed. The base of the vacuum has magnetic pieces that line up to the steam mop attachment and it grabs the mop attachment when it is time to switch from vacuum to steam mop without a lot of effort.

With a house full of laminate flooring and tile, I wanted to share with you the pros and cons of this product!


  • The steam mop pad stretches the entire base of the vacuum and is attached with Velcro to the head of the vacuum. There is no need to stretch or try to fit the steam mop pads over anything which has been my biggest gripe with my Bissell Steam Mop. It comes with two pads and the pads are reusable and can be thrown in your washer and dryer to clean.
  • The cord on this model is generous and I can do almost my entire kitchen and hallway using the cord without having to unplug and relocate.
  • The functionality on the vacuum is smartly designed for ease of switching from the vacuum to the steam mop. Two separate switches are designed on the panel so you know which one to switch to for cleaning your floors.   You operate the vacuum without the base attachment for the steam function and then when it is time to steam, it magnetically grabs to the bottom and you are ready to go.
  • The steam mop functions beautifully and with ease. It takes roughly thirty seconds for the steam to heat up and then you lean the arm of the vacuum down and push across your floors to steam them. You don’t even have to hold down a trigger to start the steam function; it automatically goes when you have switched to the steam mop.  The steam is not a heavy steam and the steaming is pretty consistent throughout without bubbling or any wet spots on the floors. With heavier spots, it might require another once over, but for the most part the steaming works very effectively!


  • The steam mop comes with a separate container and funnel that you use to pour the water into the reservoir in the back. I really did like the separate tank  that my Bissell had because I didn’t have to keep track of extra parts. The reservoir is not very big too, but did do a surprisingly good job with a very little amount of water used. It only took about half the tank to get my entire kitchen and hallway clean.
  • The vacuum is not great- it is definitely a quick vac. This will work beautifully in areas with lesser debris like your bathrooms and maybe a quick vacuuming after the kids are done with lunch, but it seems to struggle picking up larger debris.  I wish it was cordless too because a vacuum like this feels like a charging base would be more ideal for the quick vacuuming under my kitchen tables and requires a bit more effort when a cord is involved.

Other than those two cons though, I am really impressed, particularly with the design of this product. It would make a wonderful addition to your cleaning tools and if you haven’t tried steaming your floors before, I swear that you will never go back to those expensive one-use products!

Suggested Retail Price: $149.00

Website for More Information: Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam

This product was received as a review sample. The thoughts and opinions expressed will always be honest and heartfelt and no reflection on receiving a sample copy.  We promise to always do our best to also give away each of these products to our readers because it is always better to give than to receive!  Want to know more about how things are handled here at MomAdvice? Be sure to read our Disclaimer which clearly states how things work and know that we will always offer only the best reviews to our readers.



  1. 51

    I have 3 small children which means lots of little messes and not a lot of time to clean them. This would be perfect!


  2. 52

    WOW I have been looking at this online and praying about it – I would love it after doing craft or after a party at the home to clean up quickly. Best feature would be going from vac to steam! Thanks for the chance to win.


  3. 53

    I would really like one of these products. My entire house is wood floors/tile and it would be a great addition to my cleaning tools.


  4. 54

    I like that the mop pads are washable. I crocheted a pad for my swiffer mop and I love that I save on not having to buy pad refills and I can just throw it in the wash.


  5. 55
  6. 56

    I have wooden floors and a dog that sheds badly!! I would love to try this to say time from sweeping then changing to mop!


  7. 57

    I would love to own this, with a family of six
    I have to clean,mop,vacum two to three times a day.This definetly would be a life and space saver.


  8. 58

    I love that it is 2-in-1! I have Fibromyalgia and usually can’t vacum AND wash the floors, it causes too much pain. This would work perfect for me! I also love being green!


  9. 59

    I love cleaning with steam and hate having to drag out the vacuum first. This product would allow me to throw out my old vacuum. I want it!


  10. 60
  11. 61
  12. 62
  13. 63

    I would love this product! I make all of my own cleaners, not only to be more environmentally friendly, but for the safety of children. I would love to have something like this that can clean and sanitize the floor and still would be safe for my children to be around. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!


  14. 64
  15. 65
  16. 66

    I have been looking at these for a while now, especially given our interest in adding hardwoods throughout our downstairs. The ability to vacuum and then steam in one is awesome!


  17. 67
  18. 68
  19. 69

    I love that you can just throw the cleaning pads in the wash!! You don’t have to buy pads for it like the Swiffer!!


  20. 70
  21. 71

    I live in an apartment with almost no storage space. Anything that can combine two appliances into one gets my vote any day!


  22. 72

    This Item is very ideal for our house. I have seen it around the stores but never looked into how great it maybe.


  23. 73

    I would love this with our house full of tile and laminate flooring. I’ve wanted the regular Shark Steam mop forever, but this might be more effective for us.


  24. 74
  25. 75
  26. 76
  27. 77

    I like that it can switch between duties quickly and that it can be used as a light cleaning tool. I have an all hardwood home and I find myself sweeping several times a day. I use the swiffer wet jet and I just do not like how hard it is on the floors.


  28. 78
  29. 79

    I saw this in the sunday paper! I’m putting it on my Christmas wish list! I love how it’s a 2 in 1! I have a Dirt Devil stick vac & I love it! My house has mostly hard floors and takes a lot of upkeep! (Especially w/ a house full of boys & 2 dogs!)


  30. 80
  31. 81
  32. 82

    I have a shark steam mop and I love it, but hate having to get out the vacuum first. Anything that cuts down on time spent cleaning so I can concentrate on my kids would be wonderful!!


  33. 83
  34. 84

    No more buying and throwing my money away with one time use pads!!


  35. 85
  36. 86
  37. 87

    I love the idea of being able to vacuum up all the debris from my children and then steam cleaning the floor to keep it clean! I am not a great mopper so this would be a huge asset to our home.


  38. 88

    This would be great for my kitchen. I have a small dog and the chemicals you use on your floors can be very harmful.


  39. 89
  40. 90

    Love the idea of vacuuming and immediately cleaning, instead of pulling out two separate apps. Thanks for the chance!!


  41. 91

    I have laminate floors that I sweep first, vacuum second and mop third! If I’m in a hurry, I use the swifer we jet, but I get frustrated because it pushes missed dirt into the corners and edges. I NEED this steamer/vac! It would make my life a lot easier!


  42. 92
  43. 93

    This sound really great. I would love to have one of these. It would be great to have one tool to do the vacuum floor and steaming all om in one product. I small about conventions.


  44. 94
  45. 95

    I love the ball head! I can get all the crumbs around the legs of chairs that my son magically drops there! Love to try it!


  46. 96

    STEAM BABY, STEAM, DISCO INFERNOOOOOO…. (is that how you spell it??) LOL All I have to say instead of burn baby burn. I will steam my way to a cleaner home while dancing and shouting because I won! Stay at home mother of two teenagers who is trying to start her own business could sure use this tool.


  47. 97
  48. 98

    Ok this is my chance of a desire I have had…I have been telling my husband I NEED oh my God Need a new vacuum for cleaning after my 3yr old and 20 month old..this would make my year!!! To be able to vacuum and steam clean would be an answer to my prayers…the babies can get messy with snacks, etc so my fingers are crossed and this looks like a handy dandy tool for me!!! Good luck to all!!!


  49. 99
  50. 100

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