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Giveaway Results: The Learning Tower, Playhouse Kit, & Art Easel (Almost $300 Value)

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Sorry! This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Elizabeth (Commenter #78) on winning this prize pack. We are so excited for her family! Thank you all for your entries!

Today we are offering a HUGE giveaway for our readers that I just know that you are going to want to enter! It is just the type of product that I wish I had when my children were little and I am thrilled to get to give one away to you along with a few other accessories to make learning fun in your house! This giveaway is valued at almost $300 and is perfect for any mom with small children!

Little Partners, Inc offers a unique stool to help your children be at counter level without the risk of injury. It is called The Learning Tower and it provides a unique opportunity where adult activities are now accessible to little ones. With the innovative design, a child is able to stand at counter height without the risk of falling.  By providing a safe and sturdy step-stool that surrounds the child while he or she is standing a few feet above the floor, what was once an unsafe, desired task of a two-year old (washing dishes or making a pizza) is now a bonding activity between adult and child – free from the risk of injury. MomAdvice is all about getting the kids in the kitchen so we can’t think of anything better than a product that can help you do this with your children!

The best part about The Learning Tower is that it can not only be a functional stool for your child, but it has amazing add-ons that can be added to your tower for pretend play and a way to keep them entertained while you are busy in the kitchen! Your child can be creating art on the add-on art easel or they can be having a puppet show with the add-on of the playhouse kit while you can enjoy the sounds of sweet silence (or giggling) while you are finishing up the dinner preparation. With this product, the possibilities are endless!

Today we are offering one lucky reader a Learning Tower with the addition of a Playhouse Kit and Art Easel (valued at almost $300)  to encourage you to get your children in the kitchen safely…and have a little fun in the process! Who could argue with that?

Leave one comment for each item that you complete to enter:

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One winner, chosen at random, will receive The Learning Tower, a Playhouse Kit, & an Art Easel. Please submit your entries by Tuesday (09/21) at 8PM EST.  Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



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    Love the learning tower! We could really use one for my 2 year old who tries to climb up on everything and anything to see what is going on. I’m sure my 4 year old would love it too. Love that they have come up with additional uses for it as a playhouse and art easel.

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    I love that their products allow our little ones to participate in the kitchen safely. I really like the art easel attachment – I have 3 children & they would all LOVE it. My kids are just now getting into role playing & love playing “teacher”. This easel would be awesome for them. Thanks!

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    I love the learning tower. My boys love to help me with things and this is a safe way for them to be able to help.

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    They really seem to get the way children play and learn. The products are something that both keep the child entertained and safe, which is something all parents are get on board with!

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    I love that this is a natural product for children. It would be perfect for my 2 year old who is always trying to do things himself these days. It would give him a sense of responsibilty and me comfort that he is safe.

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    I love that this is multi purpose, I live in a small home, but still want to benifit from all the uses when I have my god daughter’s son staying with me! who dosn’t love a man that learned how to cook!

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    I love the playhouse kit for the tower-just makes it that much easier to have more fun! I also like that the platform adjusts so you can continue to use it for several years as opposed to many toys that only work for a certain period of time.

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    My son has recently started showing in interest in helping cook and clean in the kitchen. We’ve tried chairs and bringing things down to his level but haven’t yet found a great way for him to be more involved in these activities. The learning tower would be the perfect solution.

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