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Giveaway Results: $35 Gift Cards to Jiffy Lube (Free Oil Change!)

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Sorry! This contest is now closed! We would like to congratulate Angie (Commenter #103) & Stacy (Commenter #113) on winning this great prize! Check back next week for another great giveaway!

I love when I can giveaway a really useful item to a family and what could be more useful than giving someone a gift card to get a free oil change on their car? Few things, I would say!

Since so many families are keeping their vehicles much longer than they used to, maintenance and regular oil changes is essential towards helping keep those rides alive. Jiffy Lube offers a Facebook page where people can visit and join their new community dedicated to celebrating high-mileage vehicles and their drivers, called “Keeping My Ride Alive.” Visitors can cruise the site to browse photos and stories from other high-mileage drivers, and share their own stories and photos. If my readers are half as frugal as I believe you to be, I am quite assured that you all could make a valuable contribution towards that community!

Jiffy Lube offers the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change to address these needs of high-mileage cars, providing drivers with much more than just an oil and filter change. The service includes changing, inspecting, checking/filling and cleaning key vehicle parts and fluids and offers drivers a quick and convenient way to maintain their vehicle. The Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change is a convenient solution that can help drivers preserve the value and longevity of their vehicle.

Lucky for you, today we are offering two lucky readers  a $35 gift card to help them maintain their well-loved cars and to give them a free Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change!  There are three easy ways to enter…

Leave one comment for each item that you complete to enter:

  • First Entry: Visit the Jiffy Lube “Keeping My Ride Alive,” (feel free to give it a thumbs up if you like it!) and come back here to tell us what mileage category your car would fit under.
  • Additional Entry: Let us know you are a fan of MomAdvice and join the Fan Club today on Facebook.
  • Additional Entries: Subscribe to my feeds and never miss another thing on our site again! We have a landing page where it makes it easy to subscribe to our blogs. For each one you subscribe to, leave one additional comment.

Two winners, chosen at random, will receive a $35 gift card as a special gift to spend towards keeping their ride alive thanks to Jiffy Lube. Please submit your entries by Tuesday (07/27)8PM EST.  Our winners will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



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    My car fits in the over 50,000 miles…almost the 100,000 mile category!

    I am a fan of yours!

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    I am proud to have 2 vehicles in the 100,000 plus category. My husband has his own and it is over 100,000 miles also! Juffy Lube saves cars!

  10. 59

    Our 2001 Subaru Outback fits into the 50,000+
    mileage category…’Well on their way’. We
    sometimes use JiffyLube anyhow,,,,this gift card could be a godsend to our car.

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    The car I drive now is in the newbie club (under 50,000) but that is bc I am breaking it in for my son (almost 14). Of course I am a fan of yours!!!

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    we are in the over 50,000 mile range but hope to keep this car for a long time.

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  26. 75

    I fall into the Impressive Performances…hahaha…I own a 1992 Toyota Camry and at 239,000 miles, It’s still going strong…hahahaha.

  27. 76

    I am a fan on Facebook!!! Thank a bunch!!! I sure could use a free oil change on my old beast…LOL!!!

  28. 77
  29. 78

    Oh I’m “in the club” already… good thing cars last so much longer these days!

  30. 79

    I’m AlReAdy a fan of momadvice on facebook– i love you guys that much to declare it on social networking. lol

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    my van just went past 100,000 miles. I love this vehicle because I have room to take my entire family on trips. I keep it running smoothly with regular oil changes and Lucas oil treatment. Hoping I win an oil change from JiffyLube.

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    My car would fit in the well on your way (over 50,000. We try very hard to keep the oil change up to date. This card would be helpful.

  43. 92

    I have been a fan of the MomAdvice club on Facebook for some time it is very helpful to see update right on Facebook when I am on there.

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  45. 94

    I get the Motherload feed on my iGoogle homepage very useful right at my fingertips when I sign on.

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    My car would be in the 50,000 to 100,000 mile range. Just became a fb fan of mom advice!

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    I am well into the over 100K category, but not quite to 200K yet. I’m sure I’ll see 200K though, since we tend to keep our cars as long as is financially feasible.

    I’m a happy subscriber of the Motherload blog, and have been for several years.