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Giveaway Results: Vtech V.Reader (Valued at $59.99)

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Sorry! This contest is now closed! We would like to congratulate Trica (Commenter #72) on winning this great giveaway! Check back here soon for another great giveaway and thank you all for entering!

Hurray for another giveaway! I am so excited to share this giveaway with you because I am such a fan of great reading tools and anything that can get your children excited about reading.

Today we are giving away a Vtech V.Reader that I have had the fun opportunity of sharing with my own family. If you want to learn more about what we thought about it, you can read our review of the V.Reader here.

Here is some information about the V.Reader that we will be giving away today:

Animated Storyteller:
Stories come to life through vivid animation, narration, character voices, graphics, sounds and music. Young children engage with stories by watching, reading and learning. They follow their favorite character’s voice, play reading games and use the story dictionary.

Downloadable Fun:
With a rich download library, more than 100 additional stories will be available via a download library located on the VTech Web site (, including some free titles, more themes and avatars to customize their e-readers. V.Reader is compatible with a PC or Mac computer.

Track Progress:
Parents can join in on the fun and learning process with the features that include progress reports and reading certificates.

Lovable Characters:
Children’s favorite licensed characters come to life and help them learn with 11 software options (with more titles to be added in the near future).

Touch and Read System:
Kids have two play options – listen and follow along to the story as read by animated characters; or touch the screen and play reading games to learn each word or sentence.

Reading Skills:
Your child learns the necessary building blocks to grow into a fluent reader. V.Reader teaches reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics and word building, along with a story dictionary that describes word definitions in a manner that’s easy for them to comprehend.

V.Reader will be available exclusively at Target June 20 and nationwide in August at all key retailers and online at

Today we are offering one lucky reader a VTech V.Reader (valued at $59.99) to encourage more fun reading this summer! There are three easy ways to enter…

Leave one comment for each item that you complete to enter:

  • First Entry: Leave a comment and let us know what feature you love on the new Vtech V.Reader or why this would make a great addition to your reading tools!
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One winner, chosen at random, will receive a VTech V.Reader. Please submit your entries by Tuesday (06/06)8PM EST.  Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone!



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    This would really be helpful to increase the reading skills of my twin sons who have Autism and learn best to a variety of instructional modalities.

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    I subscribe to MotherLoot blog on my igoogle homepage so I can catch up on the lastest posts everytime I log in.

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    I subscribe to MotherLoad blog on my igoogle homepage and go straight to any sites that are highlighted in the lastest posts.

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    This would be great for my 4 year old grandson who is learning to read and write.

  15. 165

    I also like the touch and read feature. My children love to go to the library for story time and to get new books each week. My 3 year old daughter already knows the sounds of the alphabet, but this would really help her learn how to put sounds together to learn how to read words. Great learning tool for all kids!

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    First off, I am a fan of yours on Facebook. Secondly, I love the vtech reader because of its size and the whole concept of the toy. It is not just a toy but a educational toy.

  18. 168

    I have a two yr old that loves letters and numbers. I would love to get this for him so he could type out his name on the touchscreen. Magnificent. My 7 year old could also use a new toy to peak his reading interest a little. Thanks for the chance.

  19. 169

    I “liked” you on FB. Couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it before now.

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    I love the either listen or be able to read and the parents can get a progress report. Thats pretty neat! WOuld love to win!

  21. 171

    I have a six year old and a four year old. The six year old is a new reader and the four year old is just learning to read. Both would get a lot out of using a V-Tech V.Reader… They have used V-Tech items in the past, and these products have always been so well designed for childhood learning!

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    I like that it has a touch screen for kids to play reading games to learn each word or sentence

  27. 177

    I love the touch and read feature. Also, that you can download so many books is wonderful.

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    I love that they can touch the screen and learn words and interact with the story

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    my grandaughter.ashlyn would be thrilled with this v tech.i have bought them a world globe…they all loved it……..

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    I LOVE the idea of the Touch and Read System. I Home school my daughter and she gets bored with reading REALLY easy so something like this would be a GREAT addition to our reading tools!! Thanks!

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    I really like the d/l feature…it’s great to keep my kid interested when he’s …”I got nothin to read, moooommmmm!”

  39. 189

    My 4 year old realy wants to learn hoe to read but i cant seem to figure out how to help her learn how this probly would help alot.

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    There are so many great features, but as a mom, I really appreciate the screen protector! I also like that there will be some free downloadable stories for the V. Reader.

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    I think giving children a variety of modes to learn to read is so important! We have several already in our home, but nothing like the reader. :)

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    The Touch and Read system would be a good thing for my 3 year old Autistic son. He loves to touch thinkgs that make sounds, and musical toys. this would be great for him!!

  48. 198

    I like the tracking feature so that I can see what my child is accomplishing.

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    My girls love to read and this would be perfect to keep then entertained and continue with their love for reading.