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Giveaway Results: $50 Bonefish Grill Gift Card

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Sorry this giveaway is now closed! We would like to congratulate our two winners-Commenter #45  (Jennifer) & Commenter #247 (Wendy) on winning these great gift cards. A huge thanks to Bonefish for making this giveaway possible! Please check back next Tuesday for another great giveaway!

One of our favorite spots to visit when we have a date night is Bonefish Grill. A little known fact is that they have some really great drink specials for $5 that often include a delicious sangria, a wine selection, and martinis every night. If we want to keep the evening budget-friendly, we opt for awesome drink specials and a set of appetizers to split. The appetizers are so filling and there is nothing like a little Bang Bang Shrimp to make a girl’s night complete.  Between the appetizers and their yummy bread, we keep our date night under budget and still have a fantastic night out at a beautiful restaurant.

When the waiter encourages you to get another martini though,  just say no. You aren’t in college anymore and one drink is PLENTY…but I digress.

In the spirit of all things great about Bonefish, I wanted to share with you the new series that Bonefish is offering that shares the fascinating history of Rum Running. With a new and exciting series of Webisodes, premiering this month, Bonefish Grill is sharing the Rum Running experience and history with you and would love for you to check out some of their great Webisodes to learn more!

In honor of their Rum Running series, they wanted to offer a special night out for two of our readers. They are offering two lucky readers $50 in Bonefish gift cards that can be used on your next night out! I can think of no better Mother’s Day gift for you then for you to have a delicious night out, free of dishes and free of the bill, then this!

For more information and sample menus from Bonefish Grill, visit You can also find them on Facebook and become a fan! (

To enter this giveaway please share one way you keep your date night under budget when heading to a restaurant.  For an extra entry, check out the Webisode below and share one thing you learned through this series!  Two winners, chosen at random, will receive $50 in gift cards to accomplish the ultimate in a frugal date night out- how about FREE? Tuesday 04/13) at 8PM EST. Our winner will be drawn at random. Good luck, everyone! Entries will be taken through



  1. 201

    I usually look for coupons but we also will order a large meal and then share it to help keep date night affordable. We also try to avoid desserts to help, not only our budget, but our waistlines as well.

  2. 202

    My wife and I like to have a “date night” fairly often so we try to keep it reasonable. We never order alcoholic beverages and rarely order a dessert. We like to find specials like two meals for $25 or similar and she uses coupons when she has them.

  3. 203

    We go alot of times to the early bird dinner,and use coupons.As well go when there running specials! We have a Bonefish Grill here in Savannah.Never been but I’ve been wanting to go.We love seafood in this house! Thanks for the giveaway…

  4. 204

    We like to go out together during the day. It works better for us. It’s easier to leave our kids with grandparents during the day and we eat the lunch menu so we save money there.

  5. 205
  6. 206

    We drink water and see if there is a certificate for where we are going to eat.

  7. 207
  8. 208

    My husband and I celebrate our anniversary each year using gift cards given to us at Christmastime.

  9. 209

    We don’t eat out much, but when we do, we use coupons or gift certificates and/or share an entree. We usually order water or coffee too – not soft drinks or alcohol. Drinks can add a lot to the bill.

  10. 210

    For our date night when we go out is to each get a drink and then share an entree. However, most of our dates are at home. Dinner on the grill of steak, potatoes and a fresh vegie. we also experiment and have a drink we have never had before. We have come up with some great combinations! It tastes so much better and then we don’t feel interrupted or rushed!

  11. 211

    I keep date night down by eating dinner early before the prices go up for dinner. We also love to go to the movies but this the area we live it is expensive to see a new movie, I found a web site that I can get discounted movie tickets we don’t eat at the movies and it keeps date night under 35 dollars.

  12. 212

    Going out to lunch instead of dinner saves us. A lot of places serve the same things at better prices during lunch!

  13. 213

    We trade babysitting nights with a friend and my hubby and I use a coupon or gift card for dinner, then rent from Redbox (usually with a free code). Just the two of us out to eat and no fee for babysitting!

  14. 214

    To keep our date night under budget we almost always use coupons. I will check and a local website like for deals. We also take advantage of happy hour specials.

  15. 215

    To keep our date night within budget we visit happy hour. Meals are regular size at a lot of places but the price is a fraction! Yum!

  16. 216

    We like to try out new restaurants and save lots of money by buying discounted gift certificates on We also have an entertainment coupon book for restaurants in our area.

  17. 217

    I use the website to get cheap deals on places we like to go ahead of time!


  18. 218

    To save money on date nights we just don’t have them as often as we used to, so when we do go out we splurge and get whatever we want!

  19. 219

    We look for places that we enjoy, that also give us rewards (Upromise, for example). We also use netflix for the movies, not going to a movie.

  20. 220

    My hubby and I each order our own salad and then share an entree and desert. We also try to go during happy hour if we want a drink or two.

  21. 221

    We always split an entree and only one of us orders any alcoholic drinks then the next time we go out the other one gets to drink alcoholic drinks. This way not only do we save money but we are also not drinking and driving.

  22. 222

    I learned that the reason he started making rum runners is because he had extra blackberry brandy and banana liqueur.

  23. 223

    I keep an eye open for’s deal where you can buy a $25 gift certificate for $2-4. It really helps us stay under budget at our favorite local spots!

  24. 224

    Many restuarants have special offers Monday to Thursday, so it often pays for us to take date night on Thursday.

  25. 225
  26. 226

    We rarely order an appetizer or dessert and usually do not order alcohol…but hey sometimes it is okay to splurge on ourselves! :) We would love to win this!!!

  27. 227

    I always check before we leave. You can get gift certificates for almost 80% cheaper!

  28. 228
  29. 229

    I usually check to see what restaraunts have advertised deals on meals prior to going out and then take advantage of the gret deals!

  30. 230
  31. 231

    We usually share/split an entree when going out. Most restaurant portions are insanely HUGE anyway and it saves a ton of money.

  32. 232

    We usually get coupons through email by signing up for emails from our favorite places to eat. Sometimes we get coupons in the paper. And of course wherever we go we drink water.

  33. 233

    To save on date nights we do 3 main things
    1. GO where we either have coupons or gift cards
    2. have a college kid watch our girls and provide them a home cooked meal/movie and free laundry instead of paying them per hour :)
    3. Order water with dinner and no dessert then go to a bookstore after for coffee/dessert!

  34. 234

    My husband and I will split an appetizer and an entre. I also look at the menu online before deciding on a resturant, so I know exactly how much we can expect to spend and won’t get sticker shock when we get there! We also drink water instead of a soda.

  35. 235

    We ask for an Entertainment Book (coupon book) for Christmas every year from our parents. They have great deals like- buy one entree get one free! Perfect way to keep dates under budget and helps us try new places we’d never try otherwise!

  36. 236

    Like others, we use Or we go to the grocery store and buy steak, shrimp, etc. and make a yummy dinner at home after DD is in bed. Hubby is an awesome cook. We get a delicious meal at the fraction of going out to eat.

  37. 237

    We like to use the certificates. We get to try “new” restaurants and it helps keep us under budget. We also do not order alcoholic beverages.

  38. 238
  39. 239

    We get water to drink, then usually split an appetizer and entree. And we have family babysit to keep those costs down as well!

  40. 240
  41. 241

    To keep date night within budget for us we use a combination of coupons and we usually get water with lemon to drink (can’t forget that lemon lol) instead of pop. I’ve never been to Bonefish so winning this would be a real treat.:)

  42. 242

    We have a standing date !fternoon, every friday. The kids are in school so no sitter cost. Meals are cheaper & so are the movies. My favorites are in the spring/fall, we take a canoe trip & have a picnic, complete with a nice bottle (or box) of wine

  43. 243

    We usually split an appetizer that we both like, an alcoholic beverage that we both like, and a dessert that we both like. We get to experience all parts of the meal but in moderation and for less money :)

  44. 244

    My husband and I always split our entree and just buy an extra salad or soup. Usually, there’s bread too, so we get just enough food and can splurge on drinks if we want to =)

  45. 245

    My husband and I usually go out to our favorite spots that we already know the menu and food selections so we know how much to budget for dinner etc.

  46. 246
  47. 247

    All of my date nights with my husband for the last couple of years have been with gift cards. We’ll usually get one of two for our birthdays, and I’ve used our credit card reward points as well. For chain restaurants, $50 is usually more than enough because we don’t really drink, and we usually don’t get dessert!

  48. 248

    My husband and I enjoy cooking at home, and taking our pennies out to find a romantic coffee or dessert shop afterward! We get the best of both worlds: frugal, delicious suppers and romantic, pampered desserts!

  49. 249

    Me and my husband have a change jar that calculates how much change we have. We put all the change that we collect throughout the month in the jar. When the jar accumulates a certain amount, we choose a restaurant in that price range and head out with our 1 month old. And we only go to places that have deals like “2 for $20″ or “3 course meal for $12.99″.

  50. 250

    To keep date night under budget, we’ll use gift cards to help out with the total.

    We tend to forego drinks and just sip some water. We’ll skip apps (hey, you usually will get bread/chips & salad anyways with your entree), and skip dessert as well (b/c we’re too full!).